North American Tour '99



1-JUN-99 Washington, D.C., "Nation Ballroom"  

From: Leanne Shaw <>

Ah! Hello, all. Well, here it is. My Rammstein concert review.

First off, let me just put the show into one word. WOW. It was spectacular! I don't want to go into the pyrotechnics because they did a LOT of new stuff, and I want you guys to be surprised. I know I was! Before the show I was talking to one of the bartenders about our boys and his face lit up. He told me that he couldn't wait to see their set and "you should see their background! I watched them set it up; you guys are really in for a treat!" And indeed we were. I won't tell you what their background was, but that it matches their outfits perfectly :)

They played songs from Sehnsucht and Herzeleid, and even played "Stripped," which I (and the rest of the crowd) was extremely pleased about.

I was about two people away from the stage, towards the left, right next to Paul. The crowd there (which was larger than I anticipated) was VERY much into Rammstein. Just about everyone sung along to all the words to every song played, which got a few grins from Till. When Till and the boys "ended" the show and came out and bowed, no one in the audience left. Everyone started changing "Rammstein, RAMMSTEIN!" until they came back out to do a couple more songs.

Some interesting highlights: Paul screwed up while playing "Tier". Basically, he was still playing while there was a break in the song. That got a few laughs from the audience and especially Paul himself. While playing "Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen Sehen," Till started making faces and pretended to sing the "scream" part which repeats in between lyrics in the song. The funny thing was, he almost made himself start laughing; I was waiting for him to laugh while singing, but it never got that bad ;) Also, during one of the songs (I can't remember which one), Richard and Paul were in front of the stage getting the audience to wave their hands around. While they were doing this, Till stood behind them making fun of their every move, which was funny as hell.

Ah! Bobo was there! At least I'm assuming it was Bobo. During "Engel" she appeared in a flaming cage (similar to the ones in the "Engel" video) to sing her part. It was excellent!

I'll give a quick run down of the songs played (I hope I can remember them all!) Sehnsucht, Tier, Du Hast, Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen, Engel, Weisses Fleisch, Spiel Mit Mir, Asche zu Asche, Bestrafe Mich, Bück Dich, Klavier, Du Riechst so Gut, Heirate Mich, Stripped, Laichzeit, and Rammstein.

I'm pretty sure that's all of them. All in all it was a fantastic show! I got a Herzeleid poster and managed to snag one of Till's waterbottles which he threw out into the audience.

Ah, before I forget. Soulfly put on a pretty decent show. I'm not really into their stuff, but I thought they did a good job. Skunk Anansie was a no show, which I didn't mind all that much. I was interested in hearing them play, but at least I was able to see Rammstein sooner.

Well, I'm off to bed now. If I remember anything more about the show (I'm pretty damn tired as I'm writing this--it's 2:30am where I am), I'll be sure to let you guys know. Good luck to all you guys going to the Philly show! You'll have a BLAST! :)


Hello again, all.

Having rested up a bit since last night, I remembered a few other things about the concert. A couple of things really freaked me out...But i'll get to that in a minute :)

While 'Asche zu Asche' was playing, most of the crowd sung along, especially on the chorus wherein everyone screamed "ASCHE!" along with Till. Apparently, a few people in the center of the crowd weren't saying 'asche' properly, because Till pointed at them and said "No, it's ASCHE!" They must've gotten it right after that because he gave a little nod, turned away (in my direction) and rolled his eyes. Probably thinking "damn these Americans!" ;D

Okay. The part that "freaked" me out. While 'Weisses Fleisch' was playing, I had the worst case of deja vu ever. It was during this song that they were kicked offstage at the Patriot Center during the Family Values tour I attended. Till walked offstage at that same point during the song and I found myself holding my breath until he returned. Also, later on in their set while they played 'Rammstein', Till walked offstage without continuing the last few verses in the song, which made me worried. I was afraid (again) that somehow the show was turning into another "Patriot Center" incident. Luckily, he returned for the next song. My guess was that there was a problem with his "fire coat". Nothing major, I'm sure.

Well, I think I've said all I can about that DC show. I still can't believe how incredible the show was last night! It was the first thing on my mind when I woke up this morning...

Take care, Leanne


From: Dan Silver <>


What a fucking unbelievable show, everything I expected and more. Rammstein put on the best show I have ever seen, even better than the small club tour in May of 98, it was awesome!! The stage is incredible, it looks like a US Battleship, their are cannons and pipes all over the place. I don't wanna ruin the surprises for you Rammstein Live Virgins, so I will just give the set list. Also, Bobo was there to sing in Engel, and Skunk Anansie didn't play for some reason, anyways,

here is the set list:

Spiel Mit Mir
Hierate Mich
Weisses Fliesch
Bestrafe Mich
Acshe zu Asche
Du Hast
Bück Dich
Du Riechst So Gut
Wohhlt Ir....

-Dan silver


2-JUN-99 Philadelphia, PA, "Electric Factory"  

From: christie ruggiano <>

I saw Rammstein at their June 2 show at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA and it was great. The show was excellent and I actually think a lot of the songs (esp. "Spiel Mit Mier") sounded better live. After the show I even got to meet Flake- I got his autograph, a picture of us, and two ok pix of him. I also saw them on the FamVal tour in Sep. at the Spectrum in Philly, which was another excellent performance. Live shows are their forte and it is obvious that they are very into their music


From: tim eckert <>

WOW! that about sums it up. it couln't have been more pleased with a concert. i'm going to share details, so if you want the concert to be a suprise do continue reading. first off, i snuck a camera in the E Factory. I just shoved it down my pants where i knew the guards wouldn't touch. one of the girls i went to the show with recieved a backstage pass from rammsteins roadie. i think they handed them out at random(i'll get back to this later). Since the opening band was a no show at D.C, another band by the name of Drop Zero picked up their place. They weren't that great. Soulfly put on a decent show. i got lots of pictures of them. Rammstein was purely amazing. it was my first time seeing them in concert and what an experience it was! pyro technics were spectacular. till used the flaming crossbow, flaming fingers, flaming jacket, and so on. there was just so much cool shit going on all at once, it was like overload in the brain processing. flake wore a disco ball type helmet on their opening songs(i forget what it was). tll wore the goggles that shot a laser beam into the crowd. i got some pics of till with the crossbow, i don't know if the pic turned out well. they also DID do the dildo bit at the philly show. he had flake bend over(during Bück Dich ofcourse)and they did a little visual act. it was pretty funny! when they finnished their set, they came out for an encore after about 10min. they played 4 songs and there were still plenty of pyro technics. as soon as i get my pictures developed, i'll send the good ones to the list for all to see. i almost had my camera taken from me after a bouncer saw me getting ready to take a picture. he told me to put it away or he'd take it. i was like "fuck no"! so i waited until he left to continue taking pic's. I spent $27 for a ticket and i had my doubts, but it was the best damn $27 that i've ever spent.

well, that's my story and i'm stickin to it!



5-JUN-99 Worcester, MA, "Worcester Palladium"

From: Lauren <>

hello all i just got back from the Rammstein concert in MA it kicked fucking ass guys i will say nothing as not to ruin it for other people, bc i know i had to avoid reading a lot of mail pass few days well then, i did get a camera in and i was DIRECTLY in front of richard and real damned close to till so i got some good shots, i hope i should have the pics tomorrow after noon, so if anyone wants to see them or hear any details, just email me privately, and ill send them to you as soon as i can, as we wouldnt want to piss off the list ( heaven for fucking FEND ) oh and for those wondering, yes i did get naked and i threw my shirt up on stage and shimmyed for the crowd ( strangly it was during Stripped ) richard and till saw me and pointed richard laughed then he gave me back my shirt after the encore i love it well, i gotsta go, i hurt everywhere but if ya want info or pics, email me ill be more than happy to give them



6-JUN-99 Montreal, "Metropolis"

From: Padington <>

First, I'm surprised that nobody else than me here attended the Montréal show: all the 3000 tickets were sold. The show was AWESOME !

The first part. Skunk Anancie and Soulfly did pretty well! Skunk Anancie's lead singer started to heat the crowd what she wonderfully did. Ppl on the first floor were already trashing and jumping. Then came Soulfly, the fun was already installed so we continued to have. well.. fun..

Then a black curtain came to hide the stage. 10 min later the curtain dropped and an explosion revealed each rammstein members. (Thats probably what happened at each show...) Then Till came out of a Drum with his laser glasses. And they started Spiel Mit Mir Then Engel, Du Hast then (hum.. I don't remember all the songs order..) And they used all the special effects they use normaly (fireworks ...,...) Then they came to Bück Dich with (for those wondering, yes their was the Bück dish scene with the dildo :) ) We were trashing like hell (I came back from the show with an entirely blue and green back so was my arms and legs, and my parents were thinking that it was a HipHop music show..)

So it was an awesome show... I'll return the next time they come to Montréal (Why the hell their was not an Halifax show ?)


7-JUN-99 Toronto, "Docks Concert Hall"

From: D Hunter <>

WELL...I Survived RAMMSTEIN..and for an OLD lady like me that's saying something...I will not go into alot of details about the set itself because it was identical to what many have already posted..with a few exceptions. The venue was fairly small and if there were a 1000 people there I would be surprised (1500 max) It felt more like a highschool dance in the gym then a rock concert...and this being the case there wasn't a bad view in the whole place...even if you had been stuck way at the back..the back is still closer then most people could hope to get to in a bigger venue...and for this reason..I (the one who had NO intention of fighting for a place up front) found myself RIGHT at the front at the security barrier off to the side where Richard was with plenty of space and not the least bit squished! I STILL can't believe it!! I'm also TOTALLY deaf right now as the huge stack of speakers was pointing directly at us... the pyro was wonderful...each members performance AMAZING...and the set list was very different from the one posted early ...NO Heirate Mich..NO Klavier..NO Laichzeit ..SORRY guys. Maybe they just decided to keep everything fast and furious for us Canadians...and Bück Dich DIDN'T have Flake participating but rather some unfortunate ( or FORTUNATE depending on your personal opinion) roadie-type guy in the BUECK position! The crowd was VERY responsive and I hope Rammstein go leave Toronto wanting to come back for more!

NOW for my personal note...I arrived at 5:30 (doors opened at 7 supposedly) and there was NO line-up..20 people at the not wanting to stand in the sweltering Toronto heat for hours my husband and I asked if there was a place we could go and sit and have a drink..the doormen told us to go around to the water side Dock where there was an open patio area and bar...we walked down the side of the building around the corner along the Dock and right into Till...he was just standing there admiring the Toronto skyline..NO security no crowds...he looked at us and I walked right up to him, held out my hand and said "Hi"..he said "hello" ..shook my hand ..and we asked if I could get a photo with him..he nodded "yes" husband took the photo and I mentioned that I was part of this list and that I'm sure that they would be pleased to see a photo of him...he smiled I said thanks and we nodded goodbye.He walked back towards the backstage area..and signed a few autographs for some other people who had spotted him. Later waiting in line Oliver and Flake came out to take look around..Oliver was video taping the view of the city and the crowd and Amelie (fellow lister from Quebec that I was lucky enough to have FIND me) and I walked right up to them (for some reason nobody else really did ) and I took the shot of her and Flake together...he was VERY nice about fact they were all very "shy" almost ...

So there you have it..I may have been the only person on the list who wasn't going to attempt to meet the band and I just sort of bumped right into them. As soon as I get the photos developed they will be scanned and posted ...and finally I have to thank my ALL my list-buddies who kept telling me to go to this thing..I wouldn't have missed it for the world! 2 in the morning I'm going to bed!!



From: Elizabeth Gerrow <>

Well it's now the day after the concert and WOW I'm still on a Rammstein high!! I *too* lived through the concert and am suffering pains in arm and neck (my first time moshing..haha! What a rush) but I'm still thrilled! Btw, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm am STILL kicking myself. I can't believe this...

Okay, personal story: my two friends and I went to the concert. We got there pretty early so we left my one friend to save a spot in line while my other friend and I roamed around the outside of the club. We went around the back where the buses were and just stood around. Then, we started walking back to the front of the place. All the sudden, I looked up and many feet ahead of us I spotted this *really* hot guy walking towards us. My friend saw him first and I saw him, thinking "he looks familiar!"...Go figure- it was TILL! :) My friend stopped him and said that she had a rose for him. His was so sweet- he was *very* surprised. :) He thanked her and went off smelling the rose...anyway, we ran back to the front and, while we were standing aside watching the water, OLLIE AND FLAKE walked behind us, only about 3 feet away. AND WE JUST STOOD THERE. I figure I wouldn't bug them and I was sort of in shock. :P Anyway, we missed that chance. But we found Till again and managed to ask him for his autograph. Then, inside, Ollie was about 2 feet behind me AGAIN but by the time I realized it was him, he was already leaving with quite a few people behind him...GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! We also found out that at 7:00 AM IN THE MORNING they had given out backstage passes!! *sigh* So. That was the misfortune.

However, the concert was awesome-- it's a shock to see the differences between Rammstein and their openers...Skunk Anansie (which I liked a lot better than Soulfly, surprisingly) had *foul mouths*. So did Soulfly...and here's our Boys, bowing and thanking the audience with Golden Manners. *sigh* Another reason to love them. ;) Anyway, the timing was terrible. The "openers" took so much time setting up! Rammstein didn't start until about 10? Anyway, I managed to get into the moshing area. Unfortunately, I'm short and so it was really hard to see the band while they played. *sigh* But STILL! I saw lots of stuff...

I'm going to say this now: Rammstein is a group where all the guys are GREAT actors. Trust me. They're amazing. I was watching their facial expressions all night...they had an amazing set. The beginning KICKED ASS. Actually, it was scary. They looked kind of "mean". *haha* But anyway.....It was great. Christoph's "oh no! I've no drumsticks! Whatever shall I do NOW?!?!" act was cute. And Till was doing his little telephone thing for DH. ;) I couldn't see Bobo's face, but she was there! And I was very surprised-- Richard & Paul sing a lot more than I realized! They also were whistling the beginning of Engel, which I thought was cool. All this time I thought it was Flake. Alright, so. They gave me a heartattack in the middle of the show. I expected them to play Klavier, BUT it was not THAT ballad which they played but-- guess what? Seemann. :o) And yes, Flake was there. In his little dingy. Haha! He passed over me. He's light....however, according to the news article which I found from the Toronto Sun this afternoon, there occured a horrible problem:: as soon as he got in the back, the dingy and Flake FELL! :( Aww. Well, he seemed alright...And we all cheered for him when he was doing his little "dancing".

Anyway, in all it was such a rush! I lived. Had a lot of fun. By the looks of it, so did the band! :) According to my friend, Till saw the crowd with hands in the air with the hand gesture that people use for "I love you" and then he looked at his hands, made the gesture and mocked all of us, smiling all the way. *lol* Too cute. I also saw someone that I thought was going to flash the band, but she didn't. ;)

My friend's still in shock over the fact that Flake, Ollie, and Till were just walking around the club like normal human beings. I figure that's great. :) They're also super nice guys-- at many times during the songs, Till had a bucket of water or something which he threw out onto the crowd and he threw out the water bottles. Etc, etc, etc. I'm not surprised. ;) Oh, and can't forget one last note-- during Soulfly, some kid jumped up on stage and just started singing!!!!! *lmao* The band just let him and even let him sing by HIMSELF. AGHH. Funny.



8-JUN-99 Detroit, MI, "The State Theatre"

From: Metelfrogg <>

Brutal!!!! I am thoroughly bruised and battered (and it certainly did NOT help matters that I broke my little toe the day before....). Set List: basically the same as shows after the DC one! We had "Seemann" (kein boot) instead of "Klavier". And the opening to DRSG was a total tease!!!! It began with that eerie haunted slow intro and just when you expected Till to start up with the talk-speak thing at the beginning of "Heirate Mich" the song does an abrupt 360 and jumps into DRSG. ARGGH - I really wanted to hear "Heirate Mich" and I felt I was being toyed with! The crowd: In the line-up outside the venue, which eventually snaked all the way around the building and down the block for quite a ways, there WERE lots and lots of fans in Rammstein t-shirts. I was so happy to see this as I did not want to battle a primarily Soulfly crowd. AND as far as the pit goes - "Der Wahnsinn", would sum it up nicely. The shouting, singing, moshing, crowd surfing insanity that began during Soulfly's set did not lose any intensity once it was Rammstein's turn! This was definitely a Rammstein crowd! Their set was incredible - everything I had hoped for and more! But what really blew me away was their encore. For me, it has ALWAYS been the music first and the pyro was just an added bonus. Their set encore of "Rammstein", "Laichzeit", and "Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen" is so high energy that you can't help but be totally exhausted when it's over. The majority of the pyro seemed to have been saved for the encore and it was spectacular! Oh, "Bück Dich" was performed in its entirety with Flake participating! I was standing to the far right, against the barrier, with the speaker tower maybe 3 feet away from me - and the paramedic standing just to my right - moved in a little closer to get a better view and during the sex simulation and ejaculating scene, was laughing uncontrollably! If I could put my finger on any kind of disappointment, it would have to involve the fact that Rammstein was not "loose" and playful as Lauren had reported at the DC concert. Their stage presence was back to it's stoic, tight, precision-like quality that we have become accustomed to. Another truly high point of all of this, was getting to meet Jess from Indiana and Kat from San Antonio! It is so nice to know that there are other Rammstein maniacs besides yourself! Metelfrogg>>>>>>1 down.....2 to go......Disclaimer: if any of the above makes little sense, blame it on way too little sleep, a toe from Hell, and a body that really hurts right now!


From: "Maurice McKitrick" <>

I went to the Rammstein/Soulfly tour at the State Theater in Detroit a few weeks ago and I was impressed.

It's been about three weeks since the concert so I won't remember everything. They opened with Tier with very little pyro. it didn't get really going until the third song, Bück Dich and Till's very unique "hose." Du Hast was very entertaining with the flaming crossbow and exploding phone. They even performed Stripped which surprised me. They played all the songs off of Sehnsucht and a few from Herzeleid. They closed with Engel which included Bobo (their female singer) in a white negligee standing inside a flaming cage. For their encore they performed Heirate Mich, Kokain, Wilder Wein, and Rammstein which had Till standing in an flaming trench coat. Overall, I was impressed with everything including Soulfly about whom I know nothing, although Skunk Anansie sucked.

Note from Jobarr: the above encore is incorrect, neither Kokain nor Wilder Wein was played.


11-JUN-99 Villa Park, IL, "Odeum"

From: RaMmHrM <>!! Wow. I can't say much more that anyone hasn't already said. I've seen them twice before but niether time compared with this one.

I didn't really care for Soulfly or Skunk Anasie. Jess and I decided to try to brave the Soulfly crowd in an attempt to get a good spot for Rammstein, cuz the floor was filling up. We got pushed out by the mosh pit and ended up off to the side (I went up into the chairs). I was pleasently surprised when a bunch of people headed to the back right after Soulfly. I ended up -right- in front of Richard next to the speaker and there was only one person between me and the barricade. Got some -great- shots.

I'm almost completely deaf now, but man, it was sooo worth it. I didn't really get slammed like I thought I would, at least not until the encore. For some reason everyone seemed to get really agressive and I had to kinda fight to stay in one spot. Little stiff, little sore, didn't get bashed around too much and managed to avoid bodysufers. Guess I got lucky eh. :)

Sara <---- happy to have been so close in the first place


12-JUN-99 St. Paul, MN, "Roy Wilkins Auditorium"

From: "Matt Putnam" <>

Went to the June 12th show in St. Paul. MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE SUCKED. Soulfly kicked ass and ramms+ein of course ruled
1. Spiel Mit Mir- Till had the laser eye on
2. Tier- Nothing special
3. Bestrafe Mich - Till was using a whip on himself.
4. Weisses Fleisch- Flake did his goofy dance
5. Sensucht- Green flames nothing special
6. Asche Zu Asche- Mic stands on fire
7. Seeman- The raft
8. Riechst So Gut- Nothing
9. Du Hast- The Bow and exploding phone
10. Bück Dich- You know
11.Engel- 2 huge flames kept shooting u, Christoph used flaming drumsticks and a chick sung from a flaming cage I'm not sure if it was Bobo or not.
1. Rammstein- You know
2. Laichzeit- Nothing
3. Wollt Ihr Das Bett... Sparks shooting from his hands and then he brought out the flamethrower.


14-JUN-99 Denver, CO, "Fillmore Auditorium"

From: Kory Grow <>

I was at the Rammstein/Soulfly show Monday night at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver. First things first, it was an amazing show; I had never seen Rammstein or Soulfly prior to that show. I honestly went to see both bands, I've always wanted to see Max since the Sepultura days; I was lucky and got a couple Max guitar picks during the show, gave one to my friend who came with me. Soulfly did a great set, they got Snot's old guitarist touring with them now, and if you ever saw Snot he looks different but doesn't act different (which is cool.)

Before Soulfly, a band called Mindless Self Indulgence played . . . and they absolutely sucked cock. Absolutley no one liked them. They did thirty minutes. The bassist spat pepto bismal at the crowd, and some got in my eye which pissed me off, so I threw a bottle of water at the stage and came close to where their cameraman was (wish I could have got that camera and ruined his shit . . . it ain't cool to spit anything at the audience and if any band does this they should expect the same in return from the audience.) One more note about MSI, is that they did not play half the music that came through the PA, it was all previously recorded. It was a lot of synthesized sounds. I honestly wanted that thirty minutes of my life back. Anyone who likes this band should be beaten like a red-headed stepchild. All in all they sucked.

On to Rammstein, some bastard knocked my watch off so I know neither when they took the stage or left it. I was in the second row of people back for the whole show, so I could see everything quite well, as well as feel the heat from all the pyrotechnics, which is quite cool. They opened with a song I recognized but do not remember the name of. They then did "Bestrafe Mich" and Till had his cat o' nine tails. I don't remember the exact order of the songs after that so I'll say what I can about them (without saying too much as not to give it away for people who haven't seen them yet.) I will say that everything I have read about their stage show was accurate (especially for Bück Dich -- Bend Over) which I won't expound upon anymore than the whole audience was fairly grossed out. Although the audience soon warmed up to the band even after that. At one point Flake got on a raft and crowdsurfed to the back of the auditorium which was pretty cool. During Engel, the girl who sings the other part of the chorus was trapped in a cage that was on fire, which was pretty cool. Their costumes were all pretty cool, I was surprised that Flake and one of the guitarists (I'm sorry, I can't tell them apart by their names) kept shirts on throughout the show, because it was so damn hot! On to the other things, one of the guitarists used and Ernie Ball/Musicman Eddie Van Halen Model guitar, and the other used an ESP superstrat style body. Their amps were not on stage with them so I could not tell what kind those were but if anyone knows please feel free to e-mail me with the specs (I play guitar and am always curious.) The only other gear I saw was that Flake was using a Roland keyboard. The closing song, Rammstein kicked serious ass mainly due to the theatrics.

I thought their might be some protesting of this concert because of the Columbine thing that happened here a couple of months ago, but there was none. I gradutated high school this year and it's been pretty hectic in the schools in Colorado as well as with the concerts. KBPI the Denver hard rock station cancelled their birthday concert which had Marilyn Manson as the headliner. I didn't really care because I think MM sucks, but oh well. Then they were going to cancel the only Colorado date of the Slayer tour because of the incedent which is BS as well. I have a lot of compassion for what happened at Columbine, but I must say: "If music makes people do things, why don't we all love each other?" (-- Frank Zappa.)

All in all, Rammstein kicked ass and it's one of the best concerts I've been to. If they come to your hometown, be sure to see them. And if you think music makes people do evil things, Leck Mein Arsch.

--Kory Grow


17-JUN-99 Seattle, WA, "Paramount Theater"

From: Jobarr <>

I attended the Rammstein concert on June 17th at the Paramount. This was my first show and if all their other shows have been like this I wish I could have seen more by now! By the way, do not read this if you do not want to ruin some of the surprise you might get when you see them...

Alright, here goes.

I got out of school on Thursday and shortly after I got home my dad, my friends Lars, and my friend Josh, all left for Seattle since I live a little south right by Tacoma. Anyways, right as soon as you could see the main city of Seattle as you were coming up on the freeway, I began thinking to myself, "Rammstein is somewhere in there!"...A very exciting thought =)

We got to the Paramount about 5:20PM and there was pretty much no line what so ever. We all sat down in line (except for my dad who didn't actually go to the concert...) waiting. Somewhere around 10-30 minutes later as we were just sitting there, none other than Oliver himself came skateboarding by. By the time I snapped out of shock he had turned the corner and gone away. I had Lars stay and Josh and I went after Oliver.

We walked to the corner where he turned and went up the side of the building. This is where the busses and the back stage entrance was. We went all the way up the side hoping to catch some one. But all we found was a guy who was waiting by the backstage entrance who had 2 drum heads and Sehnsucht signed by all but 2 members (Till and Flake). He said that they had all just come by there.

So, we waited and eventually Paul came out. We got 2 pics of him (and they even came out, check them out in the pitures section) and an autograph. He was just sitting by the backstage entrance on some stairs, talking to the opening band (Mindless Self Indulgence), eating cherries from a bowl. He was the only member that we ended up meeting, but I sure am glad I got what I got.

Now, as for the show, Mindless Self Indulgence straight-up sucked in my opinion. I though they were alright musically but the singer mad all sorts of weird noises and such and was very annoying. After they left Soulfly came on. They were alright, but I am not a fan and have never really heard much by them so I didn't really enjoy their music. But, they were pretty good.

After they had finished I had worked my self to like 2 people back from the railing. They had put down a curtain, hiding what was going on behind the stage. After a little while a wind-like blowing sound started coming from the speakers. It was more a deep rumbling sort of noise than a high, whistle like one. Anyways, it kept going on and on, getting louder and louder..hightening the suspense....Then after you knew it had to be any second you saw two fuses catch fire on either side of the curtain. The fire climbed up and - BANG, an explosion. Then the curtain fell down to the ground and you saw the stage

You could barely make out the outlines of the band here or there but they were all crouched down. You heard some music and then an explosion and some light, and in the place where the explosion came from Flake stood up. The same was repeated for all the members, except fro Till, who was still missing when the opening song began. As the music to Spiel Mit Mir started you saw a bass drum start to catch fire. It was on top of what looked like some kind of barrel. After it had burned away Till was raise up and out of it. He got out and started singing the song with his laser goggles, walking around and half crouching, looking around as if he though some one was after him to some extent. You know that part in Spiel Mit Mir where you hear some one in the background (towards the end) go "la-la-la-la-la-lalala" or something to that effect. If not go listen for it in the song. Well, when they were playing Spiel Mit Mir up on stage Till suddenly stopped singing Spiel Mit Mir! at that point. He actually sang that high part. I was just suprised that he could sing that high! The stage and their clothes reminded me of some kind of post-apocalyptical war remnants...with a large fan behind Christoph and his drums and other strange thing here and there.

The rest of the songs were truly wonderful. As one point during Bestrafe Mich Till really gets into it and actually sings a lot better than in the song especially on the last "Deine grosse macht mich klein, du darfst mein Bestrafer sein..."---Almost unexplainable as to how it made me feel.

Till used all the normal stuff in all the songs like the sparking boots and hands and the bow and arrow thing. And the microphone stands caught fire and Christoph used his flaming drum sticks. I am real glad that we got the boat during Seemann because it was real cool to see Flake get crowd surfed. It went real well too because he made it pretty far and back and was never dropped =) When he got back on stage he did a little bit of a bow and got back to the key boards. I loved how at the end of Seemann Till was kinda acting if he was trying to warm up his arms as he said "und mir ist kalt...kalt...kalt...". It was kind of strange to hear and see Till speaking English during Stripped but it was great...although I didn't see anyone taking his suggestion to heart =) During Du Hast Till said the chorus into the phone at one part and then threw it up into the air and it exploded, which was cool. For Bück Dich I didn't see the keyboard on fire or Richard playing the music at the beginning but they did do the thing where while the beat was playing whoever was on there would hit a key and the crowd would yell back that many times...The whole Bück Dich performance was great! I had never quite gotten to see what Flake wore during it before in pictures. He wore a kinda muzzle and a leash. For Engel there was lots of fire spewing up from the stage and during the chorus Bobo was in a cage that resembeld that of a bird cage except large enough for a person. The cage was on fire and looked great.

After Engel was finished they all came out and bowed and said "thank you very much, we love you, Danke" which I though was real cool....Then they left the stage. Right away people came out and were fiddling with things on stage and then no one was there. The crowd began to chant "Ramm-stein!, Ramm-stein!" over and over until they all came out again to do an encore. Flake was wearing a bizarre hat that resembled a disco-ball cut in half. It reflected back light and was pretty cool...After performing Rammstein with the burning coat and Laichzeit they did their last song of the night, Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen? . Till used the flame thrower in this and I can only imagine how hot it must have felt on stage because of the heat that I felt. After they finished up they left for the final time, leaving me in awe.

Here is the set list: Spiel Mit Mir Tier Bestrafe Mich Weisses Fleich Sehnsucht Asche Zu Asche Seemann Du Riechst So Gut Stripped Du Hast Bück Dich Engel

Encore: Rammstein Laichzeit Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen

I had managed to sneak in 2 disposable cameras and I used up all of the pictures. A few nice ones came out, including 2 of Paul outside before the show. The ones that came out good enough are in my pictures section!

Later! -Jobarr


From: Metelfrogg <>

We got Flake in the Boat!!!!!!!!!! Seattle was deemed worthy of properly behaving during Flake's boat ride and they allowed him to surf the crowd! I was standing in my favorite spot against the barrier to the right of the speaker tower. During the intro to "Seemann", two guys come running along the side from where I was WITH THE DINGHY! I could hardly believe my eyes! A more coherent review will follow tomorrow once I have come down from my Rammstein high! Metelfrogg........2 down.....1 to go!


From: Shannon Workman <>

Here is my review of the Seattle Concert at the Paramount Theater:

First off I must say that the renovation of the Paramount was excellent. I am very glad that it was restored, rather than torn down to make way for more parking. Okay, now on tho the concert.

I really liked "Mindless Self Indulgence", it is too bad that pretty much all the other people there hated them the moment that they took the stage. The behavior of the crowd made me really pay attention to them, and the more the crowd reacted in a negative way, the more I reacted in a positive way. Well anyway, my sister and I got to meet them, and they signed their cd cover. Also the drummer was totally awesome. Next came, Soulfly. They were okay, but I really don't care for that type of thing. Then, finally, came Rammstein.

It seemed like it took forever, but it was worth the wait. They really know how to get an audience all revved up. The way that they all "appeared" was great. They opened with "Spiel Mit Mir" and Till did the thing with the bass drum that catches on fire and he comes up behind it with the laser eye goggles on. I can't remember all the songs that they played, but they played all my favorites. I especially loved "Seeman" and Metelfrogg is right, Flake did the boat thing. And he went as far back as he could in the crowd, he kept on motioning for people to lift him farther back and when he asked to be turned around they did. It was just really cool. I think that both he and Till were very pleased with that.

I thought that the set was really great. It was nice that you could see Ollie, Christoph, and Flake because they were up on risers. Also Richard did the flaming keyboard routine before "Büch Dich" and that was neat. I am glad that the Seattle Fire Department isn't as strict as other cities. It seemed to me that none of the fire was taken out of the show. It was all in all the most awesome concert that I have been to in a long while. I think that this will tied me over until the live cd and video come out in August.


18-JUN-99 Portland, OR, "Roseland Theater"

From: Metelfrogg <>

Two words! HEIRATE MICH!!!!! Yes, Portland got the tweaked set list and I could NOT be happier. This IS the song I wanted most to hear - and I finally did! About the venue, they played at the Roseland Theatre. Sorry people of Portland - but this venue was not what I would call a theatre-type venue. It was plain and simply a Club. AND as far as Clubs go, it was a small, dirty, concrete, basement-type thing. For Rammstein to go from the previous night of performing for thousands at Seattle's beautifully ornate and opulent Paramount to this "hole in the wall" must has been quite humbling. But for me, I was simply pinching myself. To be able to see Rammstein in a true small Club atmosphere was unbelievable. The set list: Basically the exact same set list and order of songs as on the "Live at the Maxx" CD. They introed with "Rammstein" where on the two other shows I had seen on this tour the intro was "Spiel Mit Mir". "Stripped" was inserted into the main set. This show, "Spiel Mit Mir" was NOT played at all and "Heirate Mich" was inserted as the lead-off song in their encore. They did not play the full version, leaving off the final talk-speak segment at the end and the SCREAM of Till's. Oh, well at least I got to hear most of it. The pyro portion was probably cut by about 1/3, maybe more. The place was just too small and the ceiling just too low to accommodate a good part of the action. However, even with these constraints, Rammstein was awesome and the crowd very appreciative. The performance was spectacular and if they were miffed at playing under such circumstances it did not show. Till was every bit as animated as he had been the night before - even doing a little extra something at the end of "Bück Dich" which I had never before seen. At the end, when he's slapping that "puppy" down he gazes up into the air, screams "Oh Mein Gott" and "crosses" himself. I had seen the crossing thing before - but not the screaming! AND I also heard what Tina had mentioned in her review during set-up. Richard's guitar tech actually played the intro to "HERZELEID" - what a tease! That's about it guys! This was my final show this tour and I would just like to add the following: Best Moment - meeting Jess, Kat, and Jobarr. Biggest Disappointment: NOTHING! Biggest Regret: not being able to make it to Toronto (next time, D!). AND finally Most Bizarre Encounter: discussing Rammstein, remixes, Tiamat and Clawfinger for over an hour with a wonderful guy from the Czech Republic at 3:00 AM on the streets of Portland. Who'd of thought!


20-JUN-99 San Francisco, CA, "Roseland Theater"

From: Der Filth Meister <>

not a review but just stuff...

they played the following if anyone wants to hear not in order but yeah

asche zu asche
hierate mich
weisses fleisch
wollt ihr das bett in flammen sehen
Bück Dich
Bestrafe mich
du hast
Du Reichst So gut

I touched pauls hand! heh..that's as close as I got to 'em...I expected flake in the boat....but paul got in..I helped it on it's way..and had to touch his hand while I could heh..I'm weird

I got the flamming guy sticker and the concert dates tee...was gonna get the poster but they sold out :-(

first time I've heard soulfly..they were pretty cool...for some reason I liked mindless self indulgence... I mean...I dunno everyone hated them(everyone at show..including my dad heh)...I liked 'em for some reason..once again..weird I am :-)

My dad used to think Rammstein was just he like likes 'em...he said they were more of a live band...I mean different experience live then on cd heh..I agree thought I like 'em on the cd too :-)

Der Filth Meister


23-JUN-99 Los Angeles, CA, "Shrine Autitorium"

From: Al Pavangkanan <>

I am in so much pain right now!

So I left home around 5 and arrived in the area around 6. I parked a bit of a ways off so i wouldnt have to pay for parking. I arrived to the shrine to realize i brought only $15! The line was too long so i waited in line rather than go find an atm.

I was carrying two signs: and
Spiel Kokain

The Spiel Kokain sign didnt get in. I never saw anyone from the list. I was wearing black boots, black jeans, black shirt, sunglasses. Anyone see me?

The concession stand had the typical stuff for sale. I got the little Rammstein sticker. Howver no Aus Berlin stuff. Sorry guys. =( No Sehnsucht poster either.

The insides of the Shrine reminded me of a giant gymnasium. Must have been at least the size of a football field. The three chandleiers gave it a touch of class. Some Goths in the audience, few nicely dressed, mostly your typical hard rock crowd of girls in t-shirts and shorts and BIG guys just wearing shorts. May have been different in the back of the Shrine.

I was looking at the light shine in from the upper windows (7:15pm?) when the Inchkotouchables (?) came out. They played a 6 song set that sounded Irish or Scottish. Weird considering theyre from Berlin. They had a cool drummer (center rear) in clown makeup, who kept up a good beat. I noticed he used headphones for one of the songs. Then there was a violinist in the upper left corner, a bassist in front on the left, the singer also had a violin in the center, and a guy on the right had an upright violin. The violinists often used theyre instruments as guitars, making for an interesting sound. I liked them. I noticed Cristoph was in the balcony with a skinny short haired brunette. Till came out towards the end.

Then Mindless self Indulgence came out. My initial reaction was, think David Spade saying this: "I liked them the first time, when they were called Limp Biscuit." They're drummer was in the upper back on the right, guitarist in the front on the left, singer had cool pink hair in the center, the bassist on the right. I liked how everyone but the guitarist had a color theme in their attire, like how the singer wore a lot of pink or the bassist wearing blue. The singer had a sign on his back saying "I asked for it." He kept inciting the crowd to hate him. He mentioned Seattle did a better job of throwing shit at them. After a while I started to like them. Man did they get ALOT of boos though.

Next up was Soulfly. They put up geurilla warfare nets around the stage and a Brazilian flag. Drummer may have used the same drum kit left over from Inchkotouchables. They had two guitarist and a bassist up front. There were a lot of people there to see this band. They spouted some "fuck MTV" stuff and a lot of political stuff. Then they started singing that Bob Marley song about fight for your rights or something. They brought out some guy named Mike, someone's brother?, for one song. At one point, everyone onstage had a drum and some black guy acame out too to play drums with them. Some sort of tribal thing they had going for that. I only liked a couple of their songs. Didnt really impress me.

By now it was around 10. Then most of the lights went out. Then there was this sound going thru the air. It was like you were in a wind tunnel or standing next to an airplane as it prepared to takeoff. The sound progressively got louder, it mustve lasted 10 minutes. Then a huge explosion. Scared they living shit out of me! Two sets of pyro made their way up the side of the stage, when they reached the top, the curtain dropped to unveil the stage. And there it was, a giant fan! It seemed more like the inside of a warehouse than a battleship as someone pointed out a couple of weeks ago. Maybe remnants of the Tempe fiasco?

Anyway, they opened with Spiel mit mir. With each part of the "drrrrr" oof the beginning of the song, someone would appear to rise up on the stage. Flake(keyboard, upper right) was out first. Then Paul (guitar left), Cristoph(drum, upper center), Richard (guitar right), and Olli(bass, upper left). They stood still as the roadies came out to give them their instruments, funny to see Paul and Richard jsut stand there as the rooadie put their guitars on them. They started playing and Till was nowwhere to be seen. I couldnt see him come out (damn being short!) but he had that laser eye thing on. It got into my eye at one point. Cool! It seemed like the songs verses were sung out of order, anyone else notice that?

Tier came next. After listening to Live at the max so many times its nice to hear the "acoustic" beginning. I cant remember what kind of pyro was used, but i did noticed someone was filming the show. I made sure to get my face in it. Benstrafe Mich came next. I noticed Till had the cat o' nine tails with him. No audience participation on this song like on Live at the Max tho. I noticed Flake doing a weird dance during the keyboard solo, I think Jobarr's site has a video of it. He played with one hand, was stomping with his foot, spanking his keyboard with his free hand, and had a goofy expression on his face the whole way thru. Weisses Feisch came next. I dont remeber what pyro has been used so far. I remeber seeing Till do that thing were he half crouches and pounds his kness and sahking his head side to side. Flake did a cool dancein the middle of the song. By now i saw where the mosh pit was and made my way towards it. Sehnsucht came next. For the opening drum beats, there were corresponding pyro traveliing accross the top of the stage. I found my spot in the back of the pit. You can see everything there but you fight so hard for your position. So many big guys got thrown into me at full speed. Not to mention the constant elbowing and foot stomping. Asche Zu Asche came next, I could barely see Till wearing his flaming boots as he came out for the beginning of the song. Paul and Richard's mic stands were on fire towards the end. finally Seemann started up. Time for a breather!

By now everyone was just standing there from exhaustion. It seemed Till was singing extra childlike for parts of this song. Paul got in the boat, smiling throughout. I came so close to getting my friend into the boat with him. Stripped came next. There were two huge flame set up in front of the drum kit that spouted from time to time. I first noticed that Till and Richard had their shirts off. Someone lifted this really cute chick up but she seemed too embarassed to strip. Towards the end Flake started to vogue rather than play, one key press and the whole song plays for him! Du Riecht so gut was next. Till had the bow, but the flaming arrow was missing. That bow is so spectacular to see live. Towards the end of the song, Richard was pointing towards parts of the crowd and shaking his head. Paul retreated to he back with Olli as Till took a mike stand and and started to wail away with it. Then He hit something on the far left and there was a big blast of pyro. Du Hast came next and got a huge response from the crowd. The crowd got real rowdy and my view got obscured. Till brought out the phone towrds the middle, I covered my ears for the impending explosion, which scared the shit out of everyone else. Bück Dich came next, Richard's keyboard was set up in Olli's area. I loved how at the end Till kept trying to make the dildo stop squirting. Olli was playing to the right of Richard i think. He stayed there for the next song, Engel. Now a cage was set up in the upper left. When it was time for Bobo to sing, the cage lit up with fire all around her. Cristoph's drum solo, with the sparkling drumsticks, got an ovation out of the crowd. Richard and Paul whistled the whole way thru. Flake's little thing at the end seemed off. The other five had left the stage by then. They came back on stage for their thank you's with a whole bunch of people. Girlfriends and crewpeople i think.

The wait for the encore didnt seem long. A whole bunch of noises began to crack. Thankfully someone turned up the air conditioning. Then things got real dark again. Then Rammstein started up. Till came out in the flaming jacket. That thing was more covered in fire than i thought it would be. The flames often came up to Till's head. Next came Laichzeit. I dont remeber if there were any pyro in use. At the end, Paul and Richard played the end notes slower and slower. Last time i saw them they walked around like soldiers in coordination. They faced each other from the opposite ends of the stage, walked towards each other til they met, then forward towards the crowd until they finished. This time, they walked in random directions, they seemed so disorientated too. It made me laugh. Finally Wollt Ihr.... started up. Till pretended to scream after each verse. Huge explosion inthe middle of the song caught me off guard. Then Till had these fire gloves that shot out sparks as he sang "sex ist eine shlaft!" (forgive my spelling) At the end of the song Till came out with a flamethrower. As far back as i was i could still feel its heat. Paul walked under the flames too.

Then it all ended. I mustve been crushed by 5 or 6 fat guys who came full speed at me. Elbows to the face and a stomach that felt like it was ripped in two. My opinion? the best fucking time I've had all year! I went to Denny's afterwards, anyone see me there?

I hope this review satisfies those who couldnt make any of the shows.

Al Pavangkanan


From: Warrior Princess <>

Well I suppose that it's my turn to tell all! I wasnt in the shrine when the inktouchables came on I went in when that other lame ass band mindless what ever came on.Didnt like them nuf said! Then came soulfly, Ive seen them before there not bad, it helps if you like sepultura,seeing as how the lead singer was from that band!

After their set was done which did not last very long a black curtain went up around the stage, but you could see in from the side. It certainly did look like some sort of battleship it was pretty cool.

I made my way to the right front of the stage of course to be blasted with the sound of tv static noise for around ten minutes or so.

Then when they began there was a loud explosion, the curtain drops, and one by one they began to appear out of a puff of smoke, then the roadies placed the guitars on Richard and Paul, then a bit later Till came up out of the floor from behind a bass drum that was on firewith the laser goggles on.

You know I feel really stupid I cant remember which song came next but I know that they did bestrafe mich I belive third. Then came stripped,oh my god I nearly died and went to heaven when Richard came out shirtless, he also had on one white blue contact in his left eye.

Im telling you everyone went crazy when they played Du hast ,engel, sehnsucht. Seemann was as of course always cool , but this time it was Paul in the raft ( the last time it was Flake at the Palace)

One thing that sort of disapointed me was usually when they play Rammstein Till would just come out on fire , but this time it ignited about 30 secs into the song and was not as intensely burning. Richard and Paul did the whistling part of Engel , for Du riescht so gut Till came to the right of the stage and sang to that part of the audience, it was so cute Richard sat on the speaker and played.

But of cousre there was the dildo for bück dich, I suppose I am haveing a hard time trying to remember all of the show considering I was behind a fat guy who kept whipping me with his nappy hair and being squeezed to death...If I remember more I'll write it.

But I really loved the show, they where great as always, Hey Tina next time you talk to them let them know it was a bitchen show!!!!