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Rammstein Book

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Taken from the back cover:
In the beginning, there was trouble.
Rammstein: a phenomenon that has left its mark on the German music scene unlike anything [sic] other band. In this book the country's most spectacular and internationally successful act reveals extraordinary views of a band that has never been one to tow the line. Containing exceptional live photograph, photoshoots and some very private moments this complex documentary unmasks the personalities behind the image - it creates and reveals the myths surrounding these controversial heroes.

Compiled by Gert Hof, long-time artistic adviser and responsible for the monumental live shows, this work is like Rammstein itself: controversial, enigmatic, entertaining and touchingly personal.
160 pages, full-color and black and white pictures, biographical information, old lyrics to songs, and more.

Additional Information

Released: November 1, 2001
Hardcover ISBN: 3-931126-19-6
Softcover ISBN: 3-931126-32-3

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