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Press: Rammstein Chat with Flake


Transcribed by Jeremy Williams
Taken from Rammstein.com chat
November 2, 2005


Mod: Hi there everybody. Great that there's so many people here. Flake will be here in just a minute.
Flake: OK folks. It can begin.

morgalou: Other members of Rammstein have mentioned that you all play characters to some extent when performing on stage. How much do you feel your on-stage persona relates to your real personality?
Flake: I try to break the static feling of being on stage.
Flake: If I acted so serious on stage, people wouldn't believe it.

Vutnock: Hi flake why is your name always spelled "Doktor" Christian Lorentz on the credits of your CD's?
Flake: As a boy I wanted to be a surgeon.
Flake: Since I refused to go to the army, I wasn't allowed to study.
Flake: In East Germany, refusing to go was s serious infraction.
Flake: I lived illegally.
Flake: Any the only trade I could have was to be musician.
Flake: Luckily, I feel good as musician because I can help people.
Flake: We've received many letters from people who've written that we've saved their lives.

C Shaz: How many keyboards did you get through at the recent concerts andwere they really expensive ones?
Flake: I have one large master keyboard on stage.
Flake: I also use several small keyboards with MIDI connections.
Flake: This means that I only have to send the note values to the computer.
Flake: In the tune Los, I break a keyboard every gig.
Flake: This keyboard costs 70 euros.
Flake: I throw it into the audience.
Flake: There is also such a keyboard on the Segway.

raunio: What is your personal opinion about the very early Rammstein albums (Herzeleid and Sehnsucht) and what was the main reason to change the musical style to a "less heavy" direction after Mutter?
Flake: Herzeleid is my favorite album.
Flake: It's very raw and honest.
Flake: You can hear that we weren't thinking too much on this album.
Flake: We were jsut thinking.
Flake: We used many techniques on this album that we don'T use anymore because they don't fit to our style anymore.
Flake: It was the first time that we worked with a producer.
Flake: He was exactly as uncertain as we were.
Flake: We will never be able to repeat this type of album.

TdK: is amerika solo made by keyboard?
Flake: I use a software synth called ES2 from Logic.

Robert: You have just said your music has saved many lives. How so? Which messages in the music did they specify help them?
Flake: Mostly it was people who very depressed.
Flake: For many people, it's important that they are not alone with their problems.

Dr_Worm: Do you like to always be the one who gets picked on?
Flake: I also don't play all the time , since we're a guitar rock band.

misayo: In Japan concert this June, you and Paul danced some strange dance in "Amerika", maybe because there's no Segway. Both of you seemed to enjoy dancing. Was it an ad-lib or did you two practice it?
Flake: Often we try out new movements out of over-confidence.
Flake: Sometimes we find a new show component this way.
Flake: Whether I wanted to or not!

alexm: Is that you singing in part of the Feeling B song "Dumdum Geschoss"?
Flake: I sing the intermediate parts in the Chorus.

Derek: Hi Flake, in recent shows and videos you are the suffering person or an outsider. Any sort of revenge planned?
Flake: I'm actually quite proud to be the one who is selected.

Necromusa: hallo Flake! Why have you done a song like "te quiero puta"? It's only my opinion, but i think this song is too "risky". kisses from Madrid.
Flake: We love the Latin American folk songs.

Apo: Why wasn't the "Delay-Lama"-VST used in the final Version of "Dalai Lama", like it was planned at the beginning and also used live?
Flake: Our manager was at a concert and told us that everybody went for a piss during that song.

Jeremy: Will a German-only version of Stirb nicht vor mir be released?
Flake: I hope that we can release the German version.
Flake: The English version is not good, IMO.
Flake: I don't know how English speakers feel about it.
Flake: For me it's just embarassing.
Flake: In the German version, Bobo sings it.

funf: About your keyboards again: Is the instrument you use during Reise Reise live a keyboard with customized looks or is like a real accordian?
Flake: Yes.
Flake: That's a MIDI accordian from Roland.
Flake: I use it for Reise Reise and Moskow.

athina: ou have said you don't like TV, do you read a lot instead?
Flake: I grew up without a TV.
Flake: I still don'T have one in my apartment.
Flake: Sometimes, I watch TV in hotels.
Flake: I'm always schocked when I see what's offered.
Flake: Even MTV doesn't play music anymore.
Flake: I saw women inspecting toilets and introducing themselves to the men there.
Flake: Since then, I have no desire to watch.
Flake: A 12 year-old kid in the USA has watched 32,000 murders.

C alma: who is bobo?
Flake: Bobo is singer from East Germany.
Flake: She was the founder of Bobo and the White Wooden Houses and released 3 or 4 records with them.
Flake: Since Sehnsucht, she's the female voice of Rammstein.

Robert: When did you begin the piano/Keyboard? What originally got you into music, and then into the type you play in Rammstein?
Flake: I had a friend who played piano since grade 3.
Flake: I asked my parents to buy me a piano.
Flake: My parents wanted to know if I was serious.
Flake: They sent to me music school.
Flake: I began by painting the keys on a window ledge.
Flake: I practiced one-half year on the window ledge.
Flake: Then my parents bought me a piano for 100 East German marks.
Flake: As a boy, I became addicted to rock'n'roll.
Flake: I stopped my lessons and tried to play with my dad's jazz records.
Flake: When I joined my first band, I noticed that I couldn't play modern music.
Flake: I still can't!

krapuleo: Do you practise another instrument that the keyboard?
Flake: I used to have thing for mouth harmonica.
Flake: I wanted to be able to join the blues scene.

master: hi, i am a graet fan of you(of course)question:is it true that there is comming a new Rammstein DvD?
Flake: In January, a live DVD is coming out with the best scenes from last summer.

kitkit: What did you and band think of the Village People/Rammstein 'Mann Gegen Mann' picture given to you in London?
Flake: WE were having fun with it by sending the cover as it was to the record company and said that our new cover is finished!
Flake: We will receive the answer tomorrow. They'll probably accept it.

glasparmit: The DVD will be 'mixed' or just a single concert?
Flake: It will contain scenes from Japan, Birmingham, Manchester, London and the majority comes from Nimes in France.

Willow: is there anything from the days of the GDR that you wish you could bring back into our time and if so, what?
Flake: For me, the integration in BDR was a personal step backwards.

Kamuffe: Hi Flake. How do you feel when you look back to the 80's to Feeling B?
Flake: I was young. I was innocent.
Flake: I was infatuated with music.
Flake: I had many many friends.
Flake: I was satisfied!
Flake: But you can't always be 18!
Flake: With Feeling B, we were jsut as provocative as Rammstein in this country.

athina: Would you like to duet with Helge Schneider sometime ?
Flake: I would love to be his servant and bring him his peppermint tea.
Flake: But he helps many people such as myself to believe in evil. And to want it!

nick gozem: how did you get your unique style of music known to the public when you first started? did you play in clubs and bars? and who or what inspires you?
Flake: At our first concert, we played as the support band for my brother's band.
Flake: We weren't announced and we were allowed as friends to travel along.
Flake: During our first song, many people'S jaws dropped.
Flake: And they stayed down until the concert was over.
Flake: Nobody clapped!
Flake: But everybody had the feeling that it was something special.
Flake: My brother never invited us again.

athina: do you like gardening and what kind of plants do you like ?
Flake: I like to mow the lawn because it smells so good.
Flake: But nonetheless, I have the longest grass in town because I hate an army cut!
Flake: Some of my neighbours burn the grass beneath the fan with a blow torch.
Flake: I'm not that type of gardener.

Biz: When it comes to your career, is there anything you're not happy about?
Flake: I've achieved much more than I dreamt as a 14 year old. That's more than most can say.
Flake: I sent my grandma to buy my first r'n'r record when I was 10.
Flake: That was a record where Polish bands played Chuck Berry cover tunes.
Flake: When I heard a piano, I said to my Grandma that that's what I want to do.
Flake: Then it somehow became more.

Nuffe90: Dear Flake: Why arent't you in the rubber boat anymore? Don't you trust us fans?
Flake: I injured myself too often.
Flake: People during open air gigs tore off my clothes.
Flake: Then I had no costume any more.
Flake: I wrapped a towel around my waist.
Flake: Who wants to play in an industrial band with a towel around their waist?
Flake: We're not in the sauna.
Flake: The Beatsteaks managed to travel with a surf board across the fans.

funf: The "accordion" that you used during performing Reise Reise live, was it just a keyboard with customized looks or did you have to use it like a real accordion?
Flake: It was Roland MIDI accordion with a MIDI transmitter.
Flake: I can also control other sounds with this keyboard.
Flake: Sometimes it doesn't sound like an accordion.

TdK: what is that brown stuff that u have all over you on concerts.
Flake: That'S a secret that will be revealed now!
Flake: We smear instant coffee all over ourselves.
Flake: No makeup holds as long.
Flake: And no makeup smells as good.
Flake: In the beginning, we used normal coffee.
Flake: But I went crazy on stage because I had a caffeine shock.
Flake: That'S the reason why I shake so often on stage.
Flake: Later we used caffeine-free coffee.
Flake: Since then, our music has gone soft.
Flake: As you can hear now.

Dr_ Worm: Do you enjoy music that is heavy (like Rammstein/SOAD) or funny (like They Might Be Giants/Devo) ?
Flake: For me the best is no music.
Flake: When I listen to music, it's usually one band over and over.
Flake: MY current band is The White Stripes.
Flake: This band is so great that they give me goose bumps.
Flake: I'm probably the 100,000 person who wants to marry Meg White.

Biz: What do you think about fans getting tattoos with the band logo or band members' names?
Flake: Eight years ago, a guy showed us his Rammstein tattoo.
Flake: He was treated like a museum piece.
Flake: In the meantime, we have to ask: where is the tattoo?
Flake: Even I've been thinking of getting one.

Fritz: Thanks for making time for us Flake, we really appreciate you doing so much for the fans. My question: in the interview on the live aus Berlin dvd, some members say they really had to convince you to join Rammstein. Is it still something you do against your will? because that's how I understood it...
Flake: Yes. I do chat interview against my will.
Flake: But for my band!

lizzard: wich video clip was the most fun to make ?
Flake: Ohne Dich. We went climbing for the first time.
Flake: Even though I have a fear of heights, I climbed a steep rock face.
Flake: Later we went with the lift to a peak and climbed to 3,800 m to a peak that was not visited by humans.
Flake: Each step required as much energy as 10 normal ones.
Flake: We play as if we had to carry an injured Till, but we collapse under the weight.
Flake: But we really collapsed. That wasn'T fake!
Flake: When we were on the peak, we felt one with world.
Flake: Then we took the lift back down.
Flake: We were made up to look like injured and half-dead mountain climbers.
Flake: When we got down, 400 skiers were standing opposite.
Flake: All thought that it was real and that we had been up there for many days.
Flake: They took a step back out of respect.
Flake: We didn't explain anything.
Flake: That was great!

Phenobarbidoll: I noticed that in the music video Engel that the scene with the woman with the boa constrictor is really similar to the scene from the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn". Are all of you Quentin Tarantino fans? How did you feel when the lady put her foot in your mouth?
Flake: This scene is a direct quote from that film.
Flake: But unfortunately, our director was dumb as a donkey that he tried to stick the woman's foot in my mouth.
Flake: I was wet for hours all the way to my underwear.

Julie: My german isn't very good but I think I read that you were all naked in the "Mann gegen Mann" video. Is this true? I love the the new album by the way :-)
Flake: Yes. It was a great feeling being naked.
Flake: After one hour, none of us felt ashamed anymore.
Flake: We even left out the G-strings.
Flake: We were so use to being naked, that I wanted to go buy a snack naked.
Flake: We played with 50 bodybuilders who were schocked to learn that the whole thing was about homo-erotiscm.
Flake: We really had to convince them to stay.
Flake: I'm still naked!

alma: did you like Die Krupps,Kraftwerk , DAF usw?
Flake: I'm personally a blues fan.
Flake: Of the German bands, I like The Can.
Flake: And, of course, the NDW bands.
Flake: For example, 'Ideal', was one of the inspirations for founding Feeling B.

Miguel - Argentina: Who is the female voice in Te Quiero Puta ? Greetings from Argentina
Flake: I don't know.

Klinxor: Hi Flake, What do you think of Torsten Rasch son cyckle Mein Hertz Brennt?
Flake: I love the album.
Flake: The idea came from Sven Helbig and myself.
Flake: I'm really pleased with the results.
Flake: For the Rammstein fans, it may be a bit unusual.
Flake: It's not only for Rammstein fans but also for people who like modern classic.

wildchild: you said that tatoos is forbidden in rammstein but till have a tatto on is ass i read on a internettpage.
Flake: That's not true.
Flake: For Bück Dich, I personnally wrote with a felt tip marker on my arse so that Till would enjoy penetrating me.
Flake: And he really had to laugh!
Flake: To be certain, I always tape my ass closed.

maestro-zack: and... is there something hidden on the album covers(pictures)????? LIKE RAMMSTEIN LOGO OR SOMETHING ELSE?
Flake: Yes.
Flake: The message is:
Flake: Turn your bedsheets around so that the slot with the buttons points upwards, so that you don't get stuck while you sleep.

C alma: the videoclip m-g-m will probally boycotted, don't you think??
Flake: Unfortunately, the world is such that things are not judged according to taste, but just according to economics.
Flake: MTV will probably play our video simply because we're Rammstein.
Flake: It's a shame but that's the way things are.
Flake: Any other band wouldn't be allowed to do it.

Kamuffe: Hello Christian. You said that you like blues. Can you play it?
Flake: The band was named Hilflos, named after the Neil Young song Helpless.

Senap: Have you guys ever considered to reliease a book or something that will tell any deeper meanings behind some of your songs? In some songs i really feel that there is a deeper meaning but its sometimes hard to understand it.
Flake: We will never be able to write a book together.
Flake: Because our opinions are too different.

Cyanide_2600: How often do you guys work with Clawfinger? Because I've noticed that they have done many remixes of your songs, and have you heard their new album plus what do you think of it?
Flake: Through them, we met our producer Jacob Hellner.

TdK: do you like metallica??
Flake: I was really impressed by the Black Album.

alexm: Do you use computers exclusively now, or do you still have any hardware samplers for your sounds?
Flake: Now, we only use a Mac G4.
Flake: We always have a spare because our stage is so dangerous.
Flake: There are huge currents that flow when the explosions go off.
Flake: With us, many things can go wrong.
Flake: My job is to play keyboards and act as if everything is really OK ...

Corbu`Alb: SALUT(hello) Flake !!! I`m from Romania, more preciously from Transilvania. RAMMSTEIN want to do ever songs about DRACULA and after a video based of this idea???
Flake: In the video for 'Du riechst so gut', the topic is vampires.

Camille: Ich habe eine andere Frage bitte: are you guys ever going to put your singles and some songs that haven't been released--such as Kokain,
Flake: We will probably release songs that are not on the album, jsut so they don't get wasted.

Biz: What are your passions besides music? How do you spend your free time? And thanks for joining the chat. Mike - Romania.
Flake: I jsut try to live.
Flake: I want to be a good father for my children.

Esme: In MTV Russia TotalShow you'be said thait your hobby was to make photos. Are you planning to publish them somewhere (e.g. in Internet)?
Flake: The photos were of house fronts in Berlin.
Flake: I don't know if these will be shown. It's just important to me to conserve the actual house fronts, bullet holes and all.

Bitch: Flake, do you have a favourite quote from Helge Schneider?
Flake: Translation: 'it smelled like snakes inside'.

Dutch_dude109: What's your favorite movie of all time?
Flake: There's little that's better than the Brother's Marx.

athina: How do you chose your collaborators ? By instinct or by reputation ?
Flake: Neither or nor.

orion_solaris: Flake your sound seems to keep on evoloving with each new album. Do Rammstein as a group purposely set out to sound better (at least in terms of mixing) with every ablum, or is it something that falls just falls into place accidentily? Also I would like to thank you for the awsome music that you have brought into the world.
Flake: There's no such thing as better or worse in music.
Flake: When we make a record, it shows the current phase of the band.

Keks: Each of your songs fall into many categories.. Creepy, funny, romantical, political.. Which of these sides do you like most?
Flake: We don't choose the categories.
Flake: Who puts all that effort into dividing our songs according to categories? And why?

kaio: Is the meaning of "links 234" that if you have to be politically classified, you are on the "left" side?
Flake: I understand that people might not correctly understand our German lyrics.
Flake: That song is an example that you can make 'evil' music without being a Nazi.

TdK: what books do you like to read?? what is the best??
Flake: One can't choose a single book as the best.
Flake: I've more than a 100 favorite books.
Flake: Without these, my life would have been less.
Flake: Each book that I've read has brought more knowledge and more joy.
Flake: Many of the protaginists in these books are my friends in the meantime.
Flake: With some of them I feel an affinity even though they're murderers.
Flake: Books have enabled me to discover the world.
Flake: There is no better feeling than entering the world of a new book.
Flake: I won't give any names.

Fido2412: First of all, happe birthday! (on sunday)
Flake: Unfortunately, the whole world thinks my birthday is on a different day than it is.
Flake: I'm still waiting for the day when they get my birthday correct ...

Dawn: I'm planning to go to Berlin next year, on holiday. Is there any place I might (accidentaly)meet you?Like a cafe or such?
Flake: WEll, don't tell anybody.
Flake: I love to go to Nemo.
Flake: You'll have to find it yourself!
Flake: It was a pleasure speaking with you.
Flake: Your questions were much better than what I usually hear!
Flake: When you want to, we can do this again sometime.
Flake: Ciao, Flake!

Mod: So, thank you all for joining the chat! See you again soon.

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