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Press: Knorkator Record Release Party


By Feuerräder
Translated by Jeremy Williams

Conducted at the Knorkator Record Release Party in Berlin
September 14, 2003


As the Knorkator release party was in Berlin today, I didn't only interview Alf Ator, but rather Paul was so nice and said "yes" to an interview right away. So, hold on:

About the new album
Paul said they didn't take a break for the whole time; rather they were in the studio the whole time and practiced new songs. That is why it was so silent the whole time. Now there are about 25 songs. Soon they will listen to them together with their friends and acquaintances and will decide which of them will be thrown out. 14 songs will remain. Normally there are only 11 songs. The rest will probably be released on singles, but they don't know yet exactly.

What are the new songs about?
Paul said the new disc will be fantastic! The album is about love. "Ohne dich" will be on it! Another song, which is called "Nein" at the moment, is about this "Cannibal is looking for someone to eat up" story (In Germany, some man found another man through the internet who actually wanted to be eaten, and did so with a camera running), which Till thought was so great that he made a song from it. This one seems to be a real firecracker on the record. Paul thinks the song won't keep the name "Nein", but rather something like "Schlachter" ("Butcher") or "Der Metzger" ("The slaughterman").

About the DVD
It will come out at Christmas and includes all music videos. Even the unreleased "Das Modell" video. As for live recordings, he couldn't say anything directly, but it seemed there would only be live songs for which there is also a video. Paul thought "Stripped" would be there since it was also relatively played so little.

When will the next tour be?
An important question as well. Paul thought they would play in festivals in the summer and that there would be a small tour in Germany in the fall. Whether or not they will have another Fan Evening where they present the new songs, is not set yet.

Which songs have never been played live...
Also a question which is often asked. "Alter Mann" was played live a few times but that number was thrown out because the song is so slow and the crowd didn't like it so much. They have never played "Eifersucht" live though! Paul thought they would certainly play it on the next tour; he thought the set list could do with something fresh and some new wind.

"Spieluhr" was also planned as a single first, but the song didn't come along like that with Rammstein. It became too slow and therefore they replaced it with "Halleluja", although that was already brave, as hardly anyone knew this song. The same applies to "Engel". They don't really like playing it because it is so slow live. It just sounds better in the radio and studio version.

About the "Jeder Lacht" / "Biest" story
The New Year's 94/95 party in the Saalfelder Klubhaus said something to Paul. And "Jeder lacht" definitely said something to him. He thought the song wasn't so great so they just used the lines "Nichts ist für dich, nichts war für dich, nichts bleibt für dich" for "Adios" later. "Biest" didn't say anything to him at all, but when I described he song, he thought it was the first version of "Tier", that they played earlier.

And all the set list names from the Saalfeld concert like "Ja und nein", "Rammstein 2", "Böse Leidenschaft", etc. are all total nonsense. Paul thought the songs never had such titles! That's why he couldn't even start with "Biest". It seems someone wanted to make this bootleg even more valuable, so they gave the songs fake names. Paul thought he would download the song soon from herzeleid.com and then would see what it is.

Another little related story from him:
The song "Herzeleid" originated when Till found a board in the loft, on which the phrase "Wahred einander vor Zweisamkeit, denn kurz ist die Zeit die ihr zusammen seid" was written. You normally hang such boards on the kitchen wall, but Till altered the phrase a bit, and so the song "Herzeleid" was formed.

And something more:
Rammstein have absolutely nothing against concert recordings, they find such things quite enjoyable. Only their label boss has something against it. Just to make it clear once again!

That's it. I didn't want to ask more questions because Paul surely had other things to do. I thought it was really nice of him to take the time and really tell the inside story.

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