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Press: Neither Violent, Nor Negative


By Juan Carlos Garcia / Reforma Group
Translated / submitted by Eric Peña
Edited by Jeremy Williams

Taken from Reforma
March 1, 2001


Mexico City, Mexico. - (01/March/2001).

With a month until the band Rammstein puts its new Mutter album on sale, the members of the band consider that in spite of critics that catalog them as violent or negative, their music is international and worthy to be listened to.

The vocalist Till Lindemann, the guitarist Paul Landers, and the drummer Christoph Schneider visited Mexico City to address some aspects on their third unpublished disc, which was produced by Jacob Hellner, who participated in the album Two Sides, of the legendary group Clawfinger.

"Our music is not destructive, there are not subjects that urge the violence or which want to make references to being destructive, simply it is what we like to do and if there are people who like what we do, they are who we welcome", asserted Lindemann.

"In addition, every one is free to listen subjects that they want to, and if they want to put to Ricky Martin or Michael Jackson, they can do it ", added the interpreter of "Herzeleid ". [Probably a reference to Till]

The group has characterized itself as making sexual references, being sadomasochistic and aggressive in their shows, where they combine the pyrotechnics with the show, boasted to itself have an original concept. That is what distinguishes them, from their point of view.

"The new development in the show will be a scene designer, who will reinforce the fire spectacle, without forgetting the force that has the meaning of our songs", explained Landers.

Rammstein will bring their spectacle to Mexico in August or September, depending on the tour on the United States and the possible participation in Ozz Fest, commented Lindemann.

"Our work is for the ear and for the eye, when I saw Nine Inch Nails at a concert in Berlin, their music and what they did impressed me, it was a spectacle for the eyes and I thought that that had to go with my band", pointed the singer.

And although they left guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe, keyboardist Flake Lorenz and bassist Oliver Riedel in their home Germany, the musicians who were in the press conference indicated that their influences are similar, and that they are identified with those concepts.

"The Sex Pistols, Pantera, and some of Metallica were important as our musical influence, and Prodigy, although they are not so old", detailed Landers.
The third agreed in that they would like to be an influence to the new bands in the sense to motivate them so that they record in their own language and they should not think of English as a channel to the internationalization.

"We recorded two songs because the record company in the United States requested it, but in fact we did not like the final product [referring to the English songs, engel and du hast].

"The main influence is to sing in our language, to tell the bands that they can do whatever they want [in their own language], whether they are Russian or Mexican they should become attached to their language", indicated Landers.

For Rammstein, after being able to leave the underground zone of industrial rock, the following objective is to maintain the level that they have obtained in their spectacle and the thematics of their songs.

"We want to continue being happy, fuck the gringos and [we] will continue with our work, sometimes the coexistence of the six has been difficult, but we are very united", said Lindemann.

The Mutter album (that means "Mother"), will be on sale the 2nd of April in the American continent and the single that is on the radio at the moment is " Links 2,3,4 " and is appearing in the market months after they presented their live album, Live Aus Berlin.

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