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Press: Rammstein Chat with Richard


Transcribed and translated by Jeremy Williams

Taken from the Fan Area
Dec. 16th, 2000


Anne: Seid Ihr komplett fertig mit dem neuen Album feilt Ihr noch rum?
Anne: Are you completely finished with the new album, or are you still polishing it?
Richard: Wir sind 99% fertig mit dem Album.
Richard: we are 99% finished with the album.

Richard: Wir haben zur Zeit noch keine Möglichkeit gehabt um uns die Liveshow großartig zu kümmern. Kommen gerade aus Stockholm zurück.
Richard: We haven't had the possibility to concern ourselves with the live show presently. We'll come straight back from Stockholm.

Richard: The original ideas are from Till and we work on them.

Jeremy: Richard, what do you think of Napster?
Richard: I think Napster will have a wild impact on music. I do not know whether it is good or bad.

JoeHunter: What do you this of the constant comparison between Rammstein and the group Megaherz from München
Richard: Who are Megaherz?

Richard: 11 Songs werden auf dem Album sein
Richard: 11 songs will be on the album

Richard: Laichzeit means to have sex everywhere.

Diana: Does any of you have musical education?
Richard: I studied music for 4 years

Anne: Weihnachtsfragen….gut: Was wünschst Du Dir vom Christkind?
Anne: Christmas question….good: What do you want from the Christkind?
Richard: Ein Segelboot.
Richard: A sail boat.

Richard: Ich bin mit meiner Frau in der Schweiz Ski fahren
Richard: I have been skiing with my wife in Switzerland

Jeremy: Is there a date set for the album or single, other than the month?
Richard: Past experience has shown that it is diffuicult to keep set dates.

Angelique: Soll Rammstein wieder ein besondere Cover haben auf die neue CD? Sind die Foto's schon fertig?
Angelique: Will Rammstein have a certain cover on the new CD again? Are the photos already done?
Richard: Rammstein wird immer ein besonderes Cover haben. Fotos sind schon da aber müssen noch bearbeitet werden.
Richard: Rammstein will always have a certain cover. The photos are already done, but they must be worked on some more.

Metelfrogg: Is "Links" a political song or is it again "wordplay" meant to confuse?
Richard: Everybody can take from it what they want to understand us.

Jeremy: Richard, Kruspe oder Berstein jetzt und warum?
Jeremy: Richard, Kruspe or Berstein now and why?
Schatz: What is your middle name? Do you use the last name Berstein now?
Richard: Beides. Habe auch den Nach name meiner Frau angenommen. Klingt doch gut oder
Richard: Both. I have taken on my wife's last name as well. It sounds good right?
Richard: Yes, I use Bernstein.

Richard: We are definitely not a right wing band. We have said that thousands of times and it has been written thousands of times

Richard: Das z [in Richard Z. Kruspe] steht für Sonne.
Richard: The z [in Richard Z. Kruspe] stands for Sonne (sun).

Richard: Ja, wir haben mit meiner Tochter und Bobo zusammengearbeitet. Bleibt alles in der Familie.
Richard: yes, we have worked together with my daughter and Bobo. Everything stays in the family.

UteClaudiaSandra: Richard: Bobo gehört zur Familie? Oder habe da was falsch verstanden?
UteClaudiaSandra: Richard: Bobo is in your family? Or did I understand that incorrectly?
Richard: Bobo gehört mehr indirekt zur unserer Familie.
Richard: Bobo is in our family more indirectly.

Iloveyourguys: how many albums do you think you guys will make before you stop?
Richard: I think we will do 5 more albums before we die.

Dmetria: Schaust Du Dir auch schon mal die site "Rammstein behind closed doors" an? Wenn ja, was hälst Du davon?
Dmetria: Have you seen the site "Rammstein behind closed doors"? If yes, what do you think of it?
Richard: Habe ich noch nicht gesehen, werd ich aber schleunigst tun.
Richard: I haven't ever seen it, but I will look right away..

Christian: Welche Ziele und Wünsche hast Du noch mit der Band? Wird einer von euch mal etwas solo veröffentlichen?
Christian: What destinations and wishes do you have with the band? Will one of you go solo?
Richard: Der größte Wunsch ist, daß wir das schaffen soviel gute Musik wie möglich zusammen zu machen.
Richard: The biggest wish is that we create music as good as possible together.

Richard: Ich wünsche Euch alle ein schönes Weihnachtsfest. Macht viele Kinder und seid alle lieb und artig, denn ich könnte der Weihnachtsmann sein der an Euer Tür kloppft.
Richard: I wish you all a beautiful Christmas celebration. Make many children and be nice and well behaved, for I could be Santa knocking on your door.
Richard: Es sagt aufwiedersehen und goodbye, Euer Richard.
Richard: See you again and goodbye, yours, Richard.

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