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Press: Rammstein Chat with Flake


Transcribed and translated by Jeremy Williams

Taken from the Fan Area
Dec. 16th, 2000


Flake: Links wird nicht die erste Single sein. Es geht um uns.
Flake: Links will not be the first single. We will decide.

Flake: ja, wir spielen auch alte Songs.
Flake: yes, we play old songs too..

Flake: we are with Limp Bizkit

Mikki: m friend wants to know if Till was nervous to sing Stripped in front of an English speaking audience
Flake: yes, his English pronunciation is also really bad

Flake: the next video will be for the song Sonne.
Flake: and it will be an older German farytale

Mikki: Really? Cool! Will that be the first single or will it be Der Boxer?
Flake: Der Boxer and Sonne are the same song
Mikki: you have a lot of names for one song, lol
Flake: the song went through numerous developmental phases

Mikki: any idea when a US tour might occur?
Flake: wir hoffen wir mit Tool mitnehmen können
Flake: The US will be in the summer

Jeremy: Flake, what do you think of Napster?
Flake: I like Napster

Pipsqueak: so what is made first - music or lyrics?
Flake: First the music is there.

Mikki: Why is Poland your favorite?
Flake: the nicest people live in Poland and the food is really good

Flake: I myself do not even have a computer

Kolla: Iceland, is that part of your tour?
Flake: We hope that we are going to Iceland
Flake: At the concert it is always really nice regardless of where we are.
Flake: the first time I burnt myself and had to jump around to put out the fire and then all thought that it belonged to the show which is why I now always do it.

Adelante: tretet Ihr mal wieder mit Witt auf?
Adelante: will you guys appear with Witt?
Flake: Mit Witt ist nichts geplant, weil er sein Tour schon fertig hat
Flake: Nothing is planned with Witt because his tour is already over

JoeHunter: What do you think of Rammstein's comparison to the group Megaherz?
Flake: We are happy when other bands find us so good that they attempt to imitate us.

Kolla: What is DER MEISTER about?
Flake: Der Meister is about God

Cindra: Flake> There was a post on your site's guestbook about you guys went to a Swedish erotic fair, did you guys really attend? ;-)
Flake: We were invited to an erotic fair as our music was played. Otherwise we had not have gone.

Mikki: are there any bands that sing in German that you would recommend, Flake?
Flake: Element of Crime and Einstürzende Neubauten
Flake: and die Aerzte
Flake: Die Aerzte are funny when one understands the lyrics

Pipsqueak: did you hear Blixa's coment about Rammstein- "Bands like Rammstein make me ashamed to sing in german"?
Flake: I do not believe that

Adelante: was haltet ihr von witt?
Adelante: what do you guys think of witt?
Flake: Witt is ok but not entirely my taste

JuckDoch: Flake was hälst du von In Extremo
JuckDoch: Flake what do you think of In Extremo
Flake: In Extremo ist lustig.
Flake: In Extremo is funny.

Kolla: Flake do you like GOTHIC?
Flake: Yes of course we like gothic

Flake: We would like to go to South America, especially to Mexico

Flake: Perhaps Das Modell will be available on video in the future.

QueenLanders: how many times shall I have to ask if kokain will be played in concerts?
Flake: We played Kokain two or three times live and it is a really hard song to put across live.

Susie: do you know any rumors about yourselves? Do you care?
Flake: We for the most part have to laugh when we hear rumors because they are so nonsensical.

JoeHunter: Since you are not up to the new bands, what do you think of Die Toten Hosen?
Flake: Die Toten Hosen were one of the most important punk bands in Germany and influence music history here tremendously.
Flake: We have also played festivals together with Die Toten Hosen.

Flake: I like Hendrix.

Susie: how come you ended up playing the keyboard?
Flake: A childhood friend of mine played the piano and so I also wanted to learn.

Zmagatha: will you attend the roskilde festival again? Saw you last time it was fucking great!
Flake: The exact festivals are not yet planned.

Diana: Have you ever thinking of splitting up?
Flake: We want to grow old and play music together.

JoeHunter: Have you ever thought of covering a Falco song like so many other groups seem to be doing lately?
Flake: We are not the biggest Falco fans

Diana: Do you play any other instrument except keyboard?
Flake: I only play keyboard and am not that good

Susie: Flake, how long have you played piano?
Flake: Since I was 7
Flake: At the beginning I was afraid of the people and didn't trust myself to play with them.
Flake: Now that I know everybody I have all intentions of staying

Connie: Flake, how did you get that nick name? What does it mean?
Flake: Flake is my proper name. It is just a name, it doesn't mean anything specific.

Flake: Und machen das Musik machen spass und wir schreiben keine Titel um in der Top Ten zu kommen.
Flake: And we make fun music, we write no songs for the Top Ten.

JoeHunter: During your little "Flake-Dance" during Weißes Fleisch, is that choreographed, or do you just do what you feel?
Flake: It would be really difficult to choreograph this dance

Susie: Flake, what's with the "Dr. Lorenz"?
Flake: I once wanted to be a surgeon.

JoeHunter: What do you think of the latest spread of the new "Links" MP3?
Flake: I have no idea

Sylvia: Flake was war damals mit Schneiders Ohren?
Sylvia: Flake what was wrong with Scheider's ears?
Flake: Schneider hat sich den Monitor zu laut gemacht und da nichts mehr gehört
Flake: Schneider had turned up the monitor too loud and couldn't hear anymore

JoeHunter: What is your favorite kind of beer?
Flake: I do not really notice the difference between the various types.

Flake: Tschüss bis zum nächsten mal. Bye, until the next time. Flake.

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