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Press: Maternity Leave


By Robert Müller
Translated by Jeremy Williams

Taken from Hammer
September 2000


Rammstein fans must still have some patience. Like always, the motto is: "It takes until everything is finished", keyboardist Flake clears up. Since September of last year, they have been working intensively on the new album that will most likely be called MUTTER (Mother) and the way things presently are it will be released in February 2001.

Everything began with a four month stay in an old villa at Heiligendamm by the Baltic sea. The basics of most of the 13 songs were created there, the ones that formed the raw material of the album. The next months consumed Rammstein with the continuing development and the search for a suitable studio. "A beautiful ambiance, a calm place and the possibilities, every instrument, with the drum in a room to pick it up as well" - those were, said Flake, the basic requirements. Finally it was found in the form of a pure estate in a southern French Provence, where the real work began as soon as the weather was warm and consequently the cellar was dry enough.. Meanwhile all of the instrument tracks are recorded, spellbound; the reason for the hold up is that Rammstein still have not found a suitable mixer. Four songs have already been temporarily mixed, certainly Rammstein didn't approve of the work of the past producer Ronald Prent in Brussels this time. In spite of that there is a good chance that of these four songs an advance single will be chosen, one that can still be released this year. For the choice, among other things, is the supposed title song and a lavish song with the working title 'Klitschko', that Rammstein did as marching music for the boxer Vitali Klitschko for his first fight in America, that then had to be changed after his defeat against Chris Byrd in undetermined time.

For the time being it remains in the holy hands at the mixers. "Brendan O'Brian would be our absolute favorite", explains Guitarist Richard Kruspe. "Regretfully he doesn't have time." In the conversation are above all Andy Wallace (Slayer, Korn) and Dave Ogilivie (Skinny Puppy, producer of THE FRAGILE from Nine Inch Nails), but a final decision has not been made. Rammstein are and remain perfectionists, time doesn't matter. Also if mother normally only needs nine months to give birth...

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