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German Music

Lyrics and Translations: Reise, Reise

Los (-Less [1])

Lyrics ©2004 Rammstein.

Wir waren namenlos
Und ohne Lieder
Recht wortlos
Waren wir nie wieder
Etwas sanglos
Sind wir immer noch
Dafür nicht klanglos
Man hört uns doch
Nach einem Windstoß
Ging ein Sturm los
Einfach beispiellos
Es wurde Zeit

Sie waren sprachlos
So sehr schockiert
Und sehr ratlos
Was war passiert
Etwas fassungslos
Und garantiert
Das wird zensiert
Sie sagten grundlos
Schade um die Noten
So schamlos
Das gehört verboten
Es ist geistlos
Was sie da probieren
So geschmacklos
Wie sie musizieren
Ist es hoffnungslos
Sie sind gottlos

Wir waren namenlos
Wir haben einen Namen
Waren wortlos
Die Worte kamen
Etwas sanglos
Sind wir immer noch
Dafür nicht klanglos
Das hört man doch
Wir sind nicht fehlerlos
Nur etwas haltlos
Ihr werdet lautlos
Uns nie los

Wir waren los

Unofficial Translation ©2004 Jeremy Williams.

We were nameless
and without songs
We were never again
really wordless
Still we are
a little songless [2]
Yet we're not toneless
You can hear us
After a gust of wind
began a storm
Simply matchless
It was time
-less [3]

They were speechless
So totally shocked
And totally powerless
What happened
Somewhat composureless [4]
and surely
understandingless [4]
That will be censored
They said groundless
Too bad about the music
So shameless
That should be forbidden
It's witless
what they're trying there
So tasteless
how they're making music
Is it hopeless
They are godless [5]

We were nameless
We have a name
We were wordless
The words came
Still we are
a little songless
Yet we're not toneless
You do hear it
We aren't flawless
Just a bit anchorless
You will become soundless
You'll never get rid of us

We were "-less" [6]

[1] This song has several puns or double meanings that just don't work in English. As a suffix, "-los" is the same as "-less" in English. As an adjective, "los" is more like "off" or "loose". As a command, "Los!" means "go".

[2] Another pun. The German saying "sang- und klanglos" means "simply", "unnoticed", or "without any ado or fuss". It comes from the fact that there is no singing (Gesang) or bell ringing (Glockenklang) at simple funerals. The word "sanglos" is only used in this phrase in German. The lyrics mean that they are one part, yet not the other, and therefore are not going to simply be unnoticed.

[3] And another. Because it is written and said apart, it can be seen as "Es wurde Zeit. Los!" ("It was time, go!") as well as "Es wurde Zeitlos" (It became timeless").

[4] Not a real word, I know, but it fits.

[5] "Sie sind Gott. Los!" means "They are God. Go!" while "Sie sind gottlos" is "they are godless".

[6] And finally, "Wir waren los" can been seen as "We were -less" or "We were off".

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Copyright © 1998-2009 Jeremy Williams