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Frequently Asked Questions: Videos

What videos are there?

To date: Seemann, Du riechst so gut, Rammstein, Engel, Du hast, Das Modell (never released because the band didn't like it), Stripped, Du riechst so gut '98, Sonne, Links 234, Ich Will, Mutter, Feuer Frei, Mein Teil, Amerika, Ohne dich, Keine Lust, and Benzin.

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Where can I see them?

Lichtspielhaus was released on December 1, 2003 and includes all music videos up to that point, the make of several of them, live videos, and more.

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Were "Engel" and "Du hast" based on something?

Yes, both are based on Quentin Tarantino movies. "Engel" takes its basic story line from From Dusk Till Dawn and "Du hast" takes its from Reservoir Dogs. The band are all big Quentin Tarantino fans.

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Why are there two versions of "Du riechst so gut"?

For whatever reason, the band wanted to re-release the song, barely changing anything. The good thing that came out of it though, is a much better video.

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Who plays "Snow White" in the "Sonne" video?

Joulia Stepanova. In a few parts, where she is towering over the band members, it is actually a very tall basketball player with her head pasted on.

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