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Frequently Asked Questions: Singles

What are "Feuerräder" and "Wilder Wein"?

Both were recorded in 1994 as demo tracks. They were released first on the Engel [Fan Edition] single and later on "Wilder Wein" was released on Live aus Berlin, re-recorded live.

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What is "Das Modell"?

The song was made by Kraftwerk, on their CD Die Mensch Maschine. Rammstein decided to cover the song and the released it as a single. Apparently Kraftwerk thinks it is horrible.

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Who is talking at the beginning of "Das Modell" and what is said?

Mathilde Bonnefoy, the same person who did the French translations on Herzeleid says "Mesdames et messieurs, nous avons l'honneur ce soir de vous présenter la nouvelle collection de Rammstein."

Translation: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the honor tonight to present to you the new collection of Rammstein. (Thanks to philC, Alexandre Beaulieu, and Joki)

This is in reference to a clothing collection at a fashion show (where models walk down the runway).

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Who sings in the background of "Alter Mann [Special Version]"?

A woman named Bobo (her full name is Bobolina). She has her own band called Bobo in White Wooden Houses. Some information can be found on the White Wooden Website.

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What is "Stripped"?

The song was made by Depeche Mode, on their CD Black Celebration. Rammstein covered it for the Depeche Mode tribute CD For the Masses, and was also released as a single. According to Till, Depeche Mode really likes it.

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Who sings on "Hallelujah"?

The "hallelujah" sample in the song is from Spectrasonic's Symphony of Voices.

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What is "Pet Sematary"?

It is a cover of a song from the Ramones, with Flake doing vocals! On the officially released version from the Ich will single, the singer from the band Clawfinger sings the last verse.

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What is "Schtiel"?

It is a cover of a song from the Russian band Aria done by Till and Richard, not Rammstein. It was recorded for Harley Davidson's 100th anniversary in Moscow. The song was only released on a very limited single in Moscow.

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