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Frequently Asked Questions: Reise, Reise

What does "Flugrekorder - nicht öffnen" mean?

It means "Flight recorder - do not open", something that would be written on a black box. For more information on this theme, see the next question.

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What is the "hidden track"?

It is the black-box recording from the crash of the Japanese airplane JAL123. The entire recording can be found here.

On the European version, it is hidden in "negative time" before the first track. This means, the table of contents on the CD tells the CD player that the beginning of the first track is actually later than the absolute beginning of the CD. If you hold rewind as soon as the first track begins to play, some players will let you rewind past the beginning to hear the hidden track. Other players ignore the table of contents and begin playing from the absolute beginning of the CD.

On other editions, it seems to simply be included right before "Reise, Reise" actually begins.

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Who sings on "Moskau"?

Viktoria Fersh sings the female vocals on the song. The band originally wanted the girls from Tatu to do the vocals, but talks with their manager went nowhere and an alternative singer was found.

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Why is the Japanese version so different?

Perhaps to avoid offending the Japanese, as the black-box recording was from a Japanese flight (which is not included at all). Most likely though, it was to give the Japanese a reason to buy it! Domestic releases in Japan are actually more expensive than imports due to government taxes, so many bands need to offer extras for the people to choose the domestic release over the import. Otherwise the band would possibly not even chart in Japan.

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