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Frequently Asked Questions: Live aus Berlin

What different versions are there?

There are two different versions of the CD and three of the video.

For the CD, there are 15 track and limited 18 track editions. The limited edition is 2 CDs and adds "Herzeleid", "Klavier", "Tier", and 3 video tracks for the computer.

For the VHS, there are uncensored and censored versions; "Bück dich" is missing from the censored version. For the DVD, "Bück dich" is not there either, but an interview, trivia games, and the music video for "Stripped" are.

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Who is the girl in "Tier" on the video?

Khira Li Lindemann, Richard's daughter. See this question for more information.

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How do I access the video for "Stripped"?

To gain access you must beat the trivia game on the computer. If you can't beat it or do not have access to a computer with a DVD drive, just go to track 23.

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What song played at the end?

It is called "Was hast du mit meinem Herz getan?" (meaning "What have you done with my heart?") from the CD Orrori Dell`Amore by Nicholas Lens. The woman singing is Claron McFadden.

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