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Frequently Asked Questions: Herzeleid

Why are there two covers to Herzeleid?

The original cover (with them in front of the flower) was accused of being a "portrait for the master race," which was totally stupid. That could be the reason, although it could be just because they liked the new cover more.

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Why are parts of the lyrics of the Herzeleid booklet in French?

The story goes that they did not think "Heirate mich" would go over very well, and by printing the lyrics to it in French then less people would care. They didn't want that one song to stand out so much so the put the songs before ("Das alte Leid") and after ("Herzeleid") in French as well. Whether or not this is true, I don't know, but it sounds probable.

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What is the song "Rammstein" about?

According to the band, this was the first song they wrote and is also where they draw their name from. Essentially it is about a bad flight show disaster. Check out this question for more information.

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