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Band Information

The Story

Rammstein was started by Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein. In 1989 he escaped from East Germany over the border between Austria and Hungary. He eventually ended up in West Berlin and started a band in 1993 (Orgasm Death Gimmicks). At that time he was very influenced by American music. After the wall came down, he moved back home to Schwerin where Till Lindemann worked as a basket weaver and played drums in the band First Arsch.

At this time, Richard lived with Oliver Riedel (of the band The Inchtabokatables) and Christoph Doom Schneider (of Die Firma). Richard realized that the music he had previously made was not right for him. He envisioned something with machines and hard guitars together. The three started working together on a new project.

Richard soon found it hard to write music and lyrics at the same time. He got Till to join them as he had often heard him singing while working. A contest for new bands was announced and the prize was studio time. The four of them recorded the first Rammstein demo and won. Paul Landers knew them all and wanted to know what they were doing. After listening, he agreed to join. At this point, all they needed for the machine-sound was a keyboarder. They tried to get Christian "Flake" Lorenz to join, as he had played with Paul before in the band Feeling B. Flake was not entirely thrilled with the idea at first and didn't want to join for a long time. But, he eventually agreed.

About the time the band was formed, they all had relationship problems which provided the foundation for their debut album Herzeleid (Heartache) in 1995. Since then, they have reached gold and platinum status for their music and have become Germany's number one music export.

The Name

Three Italian air force jets collided on August 28, 1988 at an air show at the US airbase in Ramstein, Germany. About 40 spectators died in the first minutes and several hundred were injured. In the next two months, the death toll rose to 69. In short, it was a disaster.

The name was all over the media at the time and just got stuck in their heads. They changed it from Ramstein (with one M) to Rammstein (with two). It is not a real German word, but literally means "Ram-stone". They chose it to provoke and because the meaning seemed to fit their music. Their first song, "Rammstein" was about this tragedy.

The Members

Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein

Richard Instrument: Guitars
Birth date: June 24, 1967
Previous Bands: Orgasm Death Gimmicks
Previous Job: Salesman

Till Lindemann

Till Instrument: Vocals
Birth date: January 4, 1963
Previous Bands: First Arsch
Previous Job: Basket weaver

Christoph Doom Schneider

Schneider Instrument: Drums
Birth date: May 11, 1966
Previous Bands: Die Firma
Previous Job: Telephone installation

Oliver Riedel

Olli Instrument: Bass
Birth date: April 11, 1971
Previous Bands: The Inchtabokatables
Previous Job: Plasterer

Paul Landers

Paul Instrument: Guitars
Birth date: December 9, 1964
Previous Bands: Feeling B
Previous Job: Boiler

Christian "Flake" Lorenz

Flake Instrument: Keyboards
Birth date: November 6, 1966
Previous Bands: Feeling B
Previous Job: Toolmaker

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