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The German government is officially dumb

November 6, 2009

Hahah. The new album Liebe ist für alle da is a danger to children. The song "Ich tu dir weh" and the image of Richard with a woman over his knee are now on what is known as "the index" in Germany. That means that the album itself is on the index and can no longer be purchased by minors in Germany. It has been decided that the lyrics of "Ich tu dir weh" contain depictions of S&M practices that are harmful to minors and it was even ascertained that "Pussy" encourages unprotected sexual intercourse without regard for AIDS. Ain't them politikers smart?

Update (November 10): After tonight, the original version of the album will only be available on request in specific stores in Germany. I assume this means that a version without the offending artwork and song is forthcoming.

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