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August 17, 2009

Terrorizer.com has posted a run down of eight of the new tracks. Some of the new information: "Waidmann" is perhaps actually called "Waidmanns Heil" (literally "Huntsman's Salutation", used as a greeting among hunters), "Wiener Blut" seems to be about the Fritzl case from last year (perfect Rammstein song material), and another track title is mentioned: "B******". What does that stand for? Have a listen to the Metal Hammer podcast that was posted earlier today.

The Dutch rock magazine Aardschok has published a new interview with Richard. In it, he is asked if there is any song on the new album that he doesn't like, to which he replies that "Frühling in Paris" (Spring in Paris) isn't really his taste.

With that, I think we have all the song titles but one. Or maybe we know that one already too?

Thanks to: thegauntlet, Ein Kleiner Mensch.

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