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Preproduction of new album finished

November 5, 2008

After months of silence, the band has begun to surface! They have finished the preproduction of their sixth studio album in Berlin and are now gearing up to fly to meet in San Francisco where the band has rented a studio that they will be working in starting this Sunday. In fact, Schneider is already in Los Angeles to begin preparations for the drum tracks. They are working with producer Jacob Hellner (who has produced all of their albums so far) and his team, which currently includes Ulf Kruckenberg (who has worked with Clawfinger, Apocalyptica Emigrate, etc.) and Florian Ammon (Eminem, Elton John, Lifehouse, many more). Paul and Richard are set to fly there this week and I assume the rest will follow soon as they sequester themselves for the coming weeks.

By the way, no, the site hasn't been abandoned. There just hasn't been anything going on that was worth mentioning!

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