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Völkerball cover and tracklisting

October 21, 2006

The official site has now posted the cover and the full tracklisting for the new CD/DVD/book release, Völkerball. The live material is taken from France (Les Arenes de Nimes, July 23, 2005), England (Brixton Academy, London, between February 3 and 5, 2005), Japan (Club Citta, Tokyo, June 3, 2005), and Russia (Sport Complex Olympiski, Moscow, November 28, 2004). Because of the dates, most of the songs are from Reise, Reise and the rest are a good mix from the previous albums. However, there is only one song from Rosenrot ("Benzin"). The tracklisting is much to long too show you here in the news, so head on over to the official site for further information!

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