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Even more Völkerball

October 13, 2006

As if two versions weren't enough, Rammstein will be releasing a third version of their upcoming live release. Except it won't just be an extra disc or a Digipak, it's a book, two CDs, and two DVDs! The book will contain 190 pages of pictures taken by French photographer Frederic Batier. This limited edition of Völkerball comes with an additional CD that neither of the other two editions have. The two CDs together contain the entire concert (the single-CD versions only have part of the concert on CD).

So, to sum things up, here are the three versions of Völkerball that are coming out on November 17, 2006 (as confirmed by the official site):

  • Standard edition: one live DVD (140 minutes), one live CD (75 minutes)
  • Special edition: one live DVD (140 minutes), one documentary DVD (90 minutes with "Anaconda in the Net" and "'Reise, Reise: The Making of the Album"), one live CD (75 minutes)
  • Limited edition: one tour photo book (190 pages), one live DVD (140 minutes), one documentary DVD (90 minutes), two live CDs (140 minutes)

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