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Official Rosenrot press release

September 12, 2005

Universal Music published an official Rosenrot press release today. While rather long (and in German), it does contain some interesting information.

The song "Rosenrot" is based on Goethe's poem "Heidenröslein", as many had guessed by the lyrical fragments that had been previously leaked. However, it is combined with the story "Snow White and Rose Red", from the Brothers Grimm.

A line from the new song "Mann gegen Mann" was also included and makes it obvious the song is what was previously listed as "Schwulah" in the GEMA database: "In meiner Kette fehlt kein Glied / Wenn die Lust von hinten zieht / Mein Geschlecht schimpft mich Verräter / Ich bin der Alptraum aller Väter" (In my chain there's no missing link / When desire pulls me from behind / My gender calls me a traitor / I am every father's nightmare).

Finally, the Benzin single will contain remixes by Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys, Apocalyptica, and Meshuggah.

Thanks to: Rammstein Austria.

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