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News: November 2006

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November 9, 2006

Only one week left until Völkerball is released! The new release will be available in a number of formats. Here I have summed up all available additions and included links for those of you who wish to preorder your copy (or copies!).

CD format
(CD-sized packaging)

Standard edition
Order online

Special edition
CD + 2 DVDs
Order online


DVD format
(DVD-sized packaging)

Standard edition
Order online

Special edition
2 DVDs + CD
Order online


Limited format
(Special packaging)


Limited edition
Book + 2 DVDs + 2 CDs
Sold out!

  • Standard edition: one live DVD (140 minutes), one live CD (75 minutes)
  • Special edition: one live DVD (140 minutes), one documentary DVD (90 minutes with "Anaconda in the Net" and "'Reise, Reise: The Making of the Album"), one live CD (75 minutes)
  • Limited edition: one tour photo book (190 pages), one live DVD (140 minutes), one documentary DVD (90 minutes), two live CDs (140 minutes)

The standard and special editions are available in two formats, CD and DVD. That means that the packaging is either the size of a CD or a DVD, the contents are the same. Please note that the DVDs are currently only available in PAL format, which is only playable in the US on computers and PAL-format or multi-format DVD players and televisions.

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