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News: September 2005

Preview and preorder Benzin

September 30, 2005

Universal-rock-de has now posted previews of all four tracks from the Benzin single! RealPlayer is required.

  1. Benzin
  2. Benzin (Combustion Remix by Meshuggah)
  3. Benzin (Smallstars Remix by Ad Rock)
  4. Benzin (Kerosine Remix by Apocalyptica)

After taking a listen, head on over to Music Non Stop to pre-order!

Thanks to: Herz aus Stein.

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No tour for new album

September 30, 2005

According to the German radio station Fritz, Rammstein will take a break after releasing Rosenrot. Instead of touring, they will release a live DVD that includes footage from several different locations. Richard will work on his solo project (Emigrate) that has been a long time coming and hopefully release his first album.

If this is true, it is regrettable as Rammstein did not play in many locations for Reise, Reise, including North and South America and Australia. But, at least there is a new DVD and album to look forward to.

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Full Rosenrot tracklisting

September 30, 2005

Universal.dk has been updated with the missing two track names from the upcoming Rammstein album Rosenrot. The final tracklisting should read as follows:

  1. Benzin (Gasoline)
  2. Mann gegen Mann (Man against man)
  3. Rosenrot (Rose red)
  4. Spring (Jump)
  5. Wo bist du (Where are you)
  6. Stirb nicht vor mir (Don't die before me)
  7. Zerstören (Destroy)
  8. Hilf mir (Help me)
  9. Te quiero puta (I love you, bitch)
  10. Feuer & Wasser (Fire & Water)
  11. Ein Lied (A song).

The sixth song actually is listed as "Stirb nicht vor mir (Don't die before me)" on the site, so unless that is a mistake, the song might be partially in English.

The page also says that there will be a "super-ultra-limited edition" with a bonus DVD that includes: "Reise, Reise" (live in France 2005) / "Mein Teil" (live in Japan 2005) / "Sonne" (live in UK 2005). It will probably serve as a teaser for the upcoming DVD.

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September 29, 2005

The feature has been around since the last time the site design was updated, but very few of you are taking advantage of it! With the Herzeleid.com news feed, you can be updated immediately any time news is posted. All you need is a news reader such as FeedDemon (Windows) and NetNewsWire (Mac OS X). You can also use web-based feed readers such as Google's personalized homepage, My Yahoo!, or NewsGator. If you use either Opera, Firefox, or Safari as your browser, you already can read feeds. Once you have installed your chosen reader, you only need to supply it with the URL of Herzeleid.com's news feed and you're good to go!

Rosenrot source image

September 29, 2005

USS AtkaThe source image that Rammstein used for the covers of Rosenrot and the Japanese edition of Reise, Reise has been found. The picture was taken on March 13, 1960 at McMurdo Station, Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica. The ship is the icebreaker USS Atka.

Thanks to: Natashka.


September 28, 2005

Rammstein have been nominated for several awards lately and you can increase their chances by voting! MTV (click "Wähl" to vote) has nominated them not once, but twice this year for the MTV European Music Awards, in the categories "Best German Act" and "Best Video" (for Keine Lust). They are also up for the Krone award from Eins Live (click "Bester Liveact", then choose the band and click "Wählen") in the "Best live act" category. The MTV EMAs will take place in Lissabon this year on November 3 and the Eins Live awards in Arena Oberhausen on November 24.

Cover for Rosenrot

September 20, 2005

Rammstein - RosenrotRammstein's artists have been slaving away on the Rosenrot artwork for quite some time. Finally, the time has come and the official site has revealed the cover! I know what you're thinking — haven't I see that somewhere before? No, it's not Eisbrecher, they just reused the Japanese cover of Reise, Reise and slapped Rosenrot on it. Wow.

Thanks to: milbot.

Watch the Benzin video

September 20, 2005

For those of you who have not had a chance to watch the new Rammstein video, now you can. The official site of Uwe Flade, the director of Benzin, has now posted it online. You can also watch his other videos while there. QuickTime is required.

Thanks to: +Anne+.

Benzin mini-site

September 15, 2005

A new Benzin mini-site has been added to the official site which includes the tracklisting, the release dates in various countries, and several shots from the video. The tracklisting is basically what was previously reported.

  1. Benzin
  2. Benzin (Combustion Remix by Meshuggah)
  3. Benzin (Smallstars Remix by Ad Rock)
  4. Benzin (Kerosinii Remix by Apocalyptica)

The video was shot in August by Uwe Flade who has also done videos for Depeche Mode and Franz Ferdinand. It will premiere on Friday on MTV Germany at 4:00 pm.

Official Rosenrot press release

September 12, 2005

Universal Music published an official Rosenrot press release today. While rather long (and in German), it does contain some interesting information.

The song "Rosenrot" is based on Goethe's poem "Heidenröslein", as many had guessed by the lyrical fragments that had been previously leaked. However, it is combined with the story "Snow White and Rose Red", from the Brothers Grimm.

A line from the new song "Mann gegen Mann" was also included and makes it obvious the song is what was previously listed as "Schwulah" in the GEMA database: "In meiner Kette fehlt kein Glied / Wenn die Lust von hinten zieht / Mein Geschlecht schimpft mich Verräter / Ich bin der Alptraum aller Väter" (In my chain there's no missing link / When desire pulls me from behind / My gender calls me a traitor / I am every father's nightmare).

Finally, the Benzin single will contain remixes by Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys, Apocalyptica, and Meshuggah.

Thanks to: Rammstein Austria.

Benzin lyrics and translation

September 11, 2005

The lyrics and my translation for Rammstein's new single can now be found in the lyrics section.

Flake's got the mumps

September 11, 2005

It would seem that the reason for the recent cancellations has been revealed. Rammstein gave the reason as a sickness in the band, and now Yam.de is reporting that Flake has the mumps. Paul is quoted as saying "Flake's got it bad. He could lose hearing on at least one side." Let us pray that doesn't happen!

Thanks to: Ozelot.

Partial tracklisting for Rosenrot

September 9, 2005

Universal.dk has now added 9 of the track names from the upcoming Rammstein album Rosenrot:

  • Benzin (Gasoline)
  • Spring (Jump)
  • Rosenrot (Rose red)
  • Zerstören (Destroy)
  • Mann gegen Mann (Man against man)
  • Feuer & Wasser (Fire & Water)
  • Wo bist du (Where are you)
  • Te quiero puta (I love you, bitch)
  • Ein Lied (A song).

Several of the names should be familiar if you remember the big GEMA debacle of last year. It will be interesting to see which language "Te quiero puta" is in (Spanish or German)!

Thanks to: +Anne+.

Rosenrot release date and new live DVD

September 7, 2005

The official Universal Music site for Denmark has the new Rammstein album listed in their "Releaseplan" section. The release is set for the 44th calendar week and as CDs are usually released on Mondays in Europe, that would probably mean an October 31st release date. A limited edition with 2 CDs and a DVD is listed as well.

Lower down on the page, there is a listing for a live DVD in the 49th calendar week, or December 5th. The DVD must have already been recorded so it will be interesting to see which concert (or concerts) is released!

Update: Universal Rock has now added Rosenrot and Benzin to Rammstein's discography page with release dates of October 28 and October 7, respectively.

Thanks to: Zoffy.

Listen to "Benzin"

September 4, 2005

Motor.de is holding a contest where you can win one of five copies of the Benzin single. On the contest page, you can also listen to two minutes of the song itself.

To fill out the form, the information that they want is in this order: E-Mail, first name, last name, street + house number, postal code, city, mobile number. Once you have entered the everything, click "Abschicken".

That Motor.de is doing this is odd because Motor broke off from Universal Music last year and Rammstein remained with Universal. There is even a press release that was just issued from Universal stating that they have extended the contracts of five of their top artists, including Rammstein.

Thanks to: hunter, Rammstein Austria.


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