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News: August 2005

Host needed

August 30, 2005

After helping me out for almost two years, my current web host is shutting down at the end of September. So, I need to find a new home for the site. Currently, Herzeleid.com has about 400,000 visitors (11,000,000 hits) and uses about 220 GB of bandwidth per month, though I expect these numbers to go up once the new album is released. For Reise, Reise, the visitors peaked at about 540,000 a month (with 16,000,000 hits). The actual site is less than a gigabyte. If anyone out there can offer me a good deal on hosting a site of this size, please contact me.

Update: Thanks for all the offers, I have found a new host!

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Benzin cover revealed

August 29, 2005

Rammstein - BenzinToday the official site revealed the cover for the upcoming single Benzin. Shortly thereafter, the cover and the accompanying news were removed. Whether this means the cover will change or not remains to be seen.

As for the release date, it seems the single willl be out the first week of October. The fourth had been floating around but now Amazon.de and WOM.de are showing the seventh.

Update (August 31, 2005): The image and news post have been added back to the official site. Nothing seems to have been changed.

Thanks to: hunter.

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More dates cancelled?

August 20, 2005

The South American and Mexican tour dates have now disappeared from the official site and Ticketmaster Mexico. No official statement has been made so if and why the dates have suddenly been cancelled is anyone's guess.

Update (August 26, 2005): The official site has now confirmed the cancellation of the tour dates and has given the sickness of a band member as the reason. As Till was not named, it would seem that his injury is not the cause.

Next album to be called Rosenrot; first single confirmed

August 19, 2005

"Rosenrot" was scrapped from the last album after being rumored to be its first single, but now it has become the title-track for the new album. Obviously it wasn't dropped because they didn't like it - it must be such a strong song they wanted to save it for the next time around! This information comes about two months after the official site had posted the working title of the next album, Reise, Reise (Vol. 2).

"Benzin" has been picked to be the fist single from Rosenrot. The video was just filmed and is in post production. Artwork is being prepared as well.

Tour dates in Mexico and South America

August 18, 2005

Rammstein have now announced 8 new dates in Mexico and South America. This will be the first time they have played in South America since 1999 when they supported Kiss; they were last in Mexico in 2001.

Shows in Asia cancelled

August 5, 2005

Till injured his knee in Gothenburg, Sweden at the show on July 30 and cannot play any shows for the next few weeks. This was to be their first time playing in Korea, but regrettably, the shows in Asia must be cancelled as they would not give Till enough time to get well. There is no word of a possible rescheduling.

Update: The website for the Summer Sonic festival in Japan has posted the doctor's report about the injury.

Thanks to: Hunter.


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