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News: July 2004

Rammstein's management responds

July 31, 2004

A statement from the band's management regarding Rammsteinfan.de has been online since yesterday. It seems several facts that had been posted previously were incorrect. The letter that was received was only three pages long with an additional three pages that Sebastian was to send back signed, stating that he has removed certain content. They did not demand that he shut down his website, only that he make several changes. The website had copyrighted images and audio files (ringtones) that were either not removed when asked, or were later replaced with others. The notice was sent by their lawyers, but only to give some weight to their demands, which they believe Sebastian had ignored - there was no actual desire to go through with a lawsuit. The 75,000 € mentioned was to show they were serious; no one would actually try to collect that much.

The forum and chat of Rammsteinfan.de will remain online under Rfan.de.

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Rammsteinfan.de threatened with a lawsuit

July 29, 2004

Sebastian, the owner of the Berlin-based Rammsteinfan.de, received a fourteen-page legal notice today — he must shut down his website and hand the domain name over to Rammstein's management or he will face a penalty of 75,000 €. If he complies he must only pay a small fraction of it.

The name "Rammstein" is legally protected, and therefore they can force him to transfer the name no matter what, but the reason given was the advertising on his website for eBay and an online T-shirt store. They claim he is capitalizing on the band's name because with a domain like that, it might not be clear to the visitors that Rammstein aren't promoting these things themselves. In the past they have ordered him to remove copyrighted pictures and ringtones from his site, and he has complied.

At this point it is not fully known what will happen, but the site will remain online until Monday. After that, only the chat and forum will remain.

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Mein Teil released

July 26, 2004

The new Rammstein single Mein Teil has just been released in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in two versions - jewel case (buy now) and limited-edition digipak (buy now). The only difference is the case; the jewel case is plastic, and the digipak is made mostly of paperboard. A third version will be released on August 9, a limited-edition "Pock-It!" single, which has only the first two tracks, is a mini-CD, and is cheaper than the normal editions. In various other countries there will be a 2-track edition that is a normal-sized CD, but is otherwise identical to the Pock-It! edition. A vinyl edition (buy now) with yet another tracklisting will also be available, though not through the normal channels as it seems it is intended for DJs only.

On the regular singles (jewel case and digipak) is a bonus program called the Rammstein Monitor. Each CD was manufactured with a unique ID number which can only be used once to register the program. Therefore, it can not be copied. The Rammstein Monitor contains news, information, pictures, and videos and will continue to be updated until the end of 2005 with new material. It can also be used as a screen-saver, displaying high-quality full-screen pictures of the band.

To go along with the release, the design of the official site has been updated with the theme of the new single.

View the Mein Teil video

July 15, 2004

The Mein Teil video was released to the FanArea a week ago and has been playing on television in Germany since the 9th. Now everyone can watch the video on Viva.tv. It is available in two formats and two speeds.

You can also view some new Rammstein pictures from the Viva website. Some seem to be inspired by Falling Down, and some are from the music video.

Update (July 19, 2004): The links have changed.

Update (August 20, 2004): The video links are down.

Thanks to: Rammstein-Austria.com.

Is this thing on?

July 14, 2004

Oh. Hello there.

Sorry for the downtime. Good thing nothing important is happening, like a new video or single. My host had some problems and everything had to be erased and reinstalled and reconfigured. The only backup was from 2 weeks ago. So, all posts in the forums made after that were lost. But please don't use that as an excuse to make up for lost time by posting more than normal!

The last few days have been pretty stressful, but everything should be working now. Hopefully it will stay that way.

PS: Buy Mein Teil, Rammstein's new single. You know you want to.

Mein Teil tracklisting

July 9, 2004

The tracklisting for the new single was revealed in a newsletter that was sent out last night. It is as follows:

  1. Mein Teil
  2. Mein Teil - You are what you eat edit // Remix by Pet Shop Boys
  3. Mein Teil - Return to the New York buffet // Remix by Arthur Baker
  4. Mein Teil - There are no guitars on this mix // Remix by Pet Shop Boys
    + enhanced part

You can now preorder the single in 3 forms at MusicNonStop.co.uk:
Jewel case, Digipak, and Vinyl.


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