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News: December 2003

Lichtspielhaus in North America

December 13, 2003

While Lichtspielhaus has been released almost everywhere in PAL format already, the North American release still has a month to go. Amazon.com has now added it for pre-ordering at a very low price ($8.39). If you live in North America, I recommend buying it there!

Thanks to: ramms+ein2009.

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Fanarea members

December 9, 2003

Within the past month or so, all Fanarea members should have received an email requesting confirmation of mailing addresses and T-shirt size. If you have not responded to the email yet - please do so immediately. All you need to do is send in an email to the Fanarea and include in the body of the email: your full name, complete mailing address, and T-shirt size. You can use the "member mail" option in the Fanarea forum or send it direct using the normal email address for the Fanarea.

Fanarea members are now being asked to do the following to update their address.

  1. Log into Rammsteinshop.de with your E-mail address and your Fanarea password where it says "Returning Customer".
  2. "View or change my account information" will allow you to update your E-mail address if it needs to be changed.
  3. "View or change entries in my address book" will allow you to update your address information.

It is very important that everyone in the Fanarea check their details through the the Rammsteinshop site to make sure they are accurate. If you are unable to log in, please contact the Fanarea directly.

Thanks to: Herzausstein.

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"Feuerräder" live

December 1, 2003

I just received a rare recording of Rammstein from 1996. It is the song "Feuerräder" live and much longer than the version on the Fan Edition of the Engel single. It is 7:40, while the released version is only 4:47. The extra length comes from some extended instrumental segments which should be quite interesting for you to hear!

Thanks to: Andrew.

Lichtspielhaus released

December 1, 2003

Rammstein's new DVD, Lichtspielhaus, was released today. For those of you who have ordered the PAL version online, you should be getting it soon. I got mine today because they shipped it early for international customers. So far it seems to have been put together very well. The menus look awesome. The sound and video quality is great and it has basically everything you could want. There really isn't much in the way of new material on it though; most everything can already be found on the internet. The real draw is that the versions on the DVD are much clearer, legal, and you don't have to spend forever download them! My only complaint is that it seems there are a few lines at the top and bottom of the screen during Seemann and Du riechst so gut that look like video distortion It is probably from the source video tapes as they are so old, but it really should have been fixed. Overall though, I can definitely recommend this to any Rammstein fan.

Newsletter and flashcard

December 1, 2003

In the latest newsletter from Rammstein there are links to a flashcard, a mini-advertisement for the new DVD. It shows some shots of the menu and gives an overview of what is on it. Most importantly, there is a chance to win a Rammstein bag by giving them an e-mail address of a friend to send the flashcard to.


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