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News: November 2003

Worldwide release dates for Lichtspielhaus (updated)

November 25, 2003

The worldwide release dates have now been confirmed by Rammstein on their newsletter webpage. More and more it is seeming like the NTSC version for people in North America came only as an afterthought. In any case, here are the dates:

PAL Format
  • December 01, 2003
    Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • December 03, 2003
  • December 08, 2003
    UK, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia/Montenegro, Slovakia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia (PAL + Cyrillic), Hong Kong
  • December 09, 2003
    France, Spain, New Zealand, Portugal
  • December 15, 2003
  • January 30, 2004
    South Africa
NTSC Format
  • January 13, 2004
    USA, Canada

That means, no DVD for Christmas for anyone in America, unless you import and can play the PAL version. You can still preorder it of course, but it will take a while unless you live in one of the countries which are getting it sooner!

Thanks to: Herzausstein.

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Amundsen, der Pinguin

November 24, 2003

Till will have a role in an upcoming TV-movie called Amundsen, der Pinguin (Amundsen, the Penguin). It will be broadcast on German TV (at least) twice:

  • Thursday, December 25, 1:35 PM - ARD
  • Monday, December 29, 1:00 PM - NDR-Fernsehen
Till and two others from Amundsen, der Pinguin

It is the story of a penguin who is brought to Germany from Antarctica. He apparently knows the way to some pirate treasure and is being kept safe by a girl. She was given the penguin by her uncle, a marine biologist at a station in Antarctica. Three shady characters (including Till by the looks of it) are after the penguin because they want the treasure. That leads them on a hunt for the girl and the penguin throughout Cologne, Bremen, and Bremerhaven.

It's basically an adventure movie for kids. But it should be interesting for Rammstein fans to see Till's acting! More information can be found online at Nordmedia.de (in German).

Thanks to: Joe Hunter.

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Latest newsletter from Rammstein

November 14, 2003

The latest Rammstein newsletter has been sent out which contained the official tracklisting for the upcoming DVD. As said before, it will contain every music video that has been released thus far, the making of several of them, some live performances, and various other extras. You can view the newsletter online on Motor.de (scroll down for English). There is also a very short trailer there for the DVD that you can watch (RealOne Player required).

In the newsletter they mention that there will be a limited edition version of the DVD. This will only be limited edition packaging -- there will be nothing different on the DVD itself. Ordering from Motordiscs.de will guarantee that it will be the limited edition, but watch out! Because of the differences in video systems in the world, people in North America require NTSC Video while people in Germany need PAL. Since this site is in German and based in Germany and there is no mention of the format of the video, more than likely they will only send out PAL versions of the DVD which will not work in NTSC countries (or any non-PAL country). The only site that I know of at this point that is taking pre-orders for Lichtspielhaus which lets you specify NTSC or PAL format is Musicnonstop.co.uk.

The given release date is once again December 1, 2003.

Thanks to: Herzausstein.

Hosting problems...

November 10, 2003

The site has been up and down during the last week, but it is up on a new server and everything should be working now. Hyperpipe.net apologizes for the downtime.

Lichtspielhaus cover and tracklisting

November 10, 2003

Yesterday I received a copy of the Lichtspielhaus cover in much higher quality than before. I have also updated the tracklisting. It seems that "Das Modell" will not be included as previously announced.

Thanks to: Hummel, Herzausstein.

More information on Lichtspielhaus

November 1, 2003

The Universal-DVD website now has Lichtspielhaus listed with what I assume is the final tracklisting. It is basically identical to what I had before, but Feuer frei! is no longer listed in the "Making of" section and Mexico (Kiss-Tour) '99 is not listed under the live material. The site also confirms the November 24 release date that I had mentioned last time. Apparently there will be some promotional TV-spots on the DVD as well. There will be subtitles in German, English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. In total it will be more than three hours long.

On the HMV UK site, the songs are listed for the live shows. Both sites now list the Stripped video as being included too. All of this information has now been incorporated into the Lichtspielhaus page in the Releases section!

Thanks to: Herzausstein, Digital-Plague, Piggtrad, X.


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