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News: March 2003

Working with Tatu?

March 31, 2003

Although nothing has been confirmed or even suggested by Rammstein or their management, it has been posted on Tatu's official Russian website that Rammstein and Tatu are going to be working together on some sort of musical project. An English translation of the post is on Tatysite.net, a Tatu fansite:

Tatu girls are ready to record a song with Rammstein. This will be the most unpredicted project. Tatu's producer, Ivan Shapovalov, and Rammstein's management are now discussing the details. Perhaps very soon, Tatu will release a new song with a touch of the German sound manager's hand. Tatu's vocal, and Rammstein's music might turn out to be a great combination. Watch the news.

For those who do not know who Tatu are, they are a Russian pop group who has just started trying to make their way into the English-speaking world with a recent release of an English-language album.

Thanks to: Kirsten.

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March 30, 2003

Xeran Technologies will be moving Herzeleid.com to a new server today to reduce load and to hopefully increase responsiveness. If it is unavailable for a time, this is why. Just come back soon. It may take up to a day for DNS server to update with the new IP address.

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Rammstein surely staying together

March 8, 2003

Flake has stated that the band is staying together and is working on the new CD in the Fan Area. He also left the door wide open for future solo releases from the members for music that doesn't quite fit with the Rammstein sound.

According to Sputnik, the label has said that the new album will be finished shorty.

Thanks to: Sue, Herzausstein.

Rammstein to remix Marilyn Manson

March 8, 2003

On the Oracle section of the official Marilyn Manson site, Marilyn Manson himself answers questions posted by fans. The following was recently posted.

From hypermnesia on 03/04/03:
With the german influnce on the new album are you considering touring with a german band E.g Alec Empire,Rammstein

Answered by MM on 03/04/03:
The album's influences are equally French, American, German, Russian and Swiss. I believe Rammstein is making a remix of the mOBSCENE, however. Should be great.

So, there you have it. As soon as any more details come forward, I will post them.

Another interesting connection: Marilyn Manson is using artwork from Helnwein for the new CD. Rammstein have used him before as well.

Thanks to: Leitmotiv, ManBurning.

Break-up rumors and new album

March 4, 2003

As far as anyone can tell, they are just rumors, but Metal Hammer is reporting that Rammstein is on the brink of splitting up. The bit about Sascha of KMFDM has already been disproven by Pascale, a member of Herzeleid.com's forums. In a reply to her e-mail, Sascha simply said "first time i ever hear of it.... "

Rammstein are in preproduction for a new album as reported in the Rammstein Fan Area. Julien from PlanetRammstein.com spoke with Till at a signing last week and confirmed this. Till also said that nothing would come of Richard's purported solo project. He is just playing the guitar with friends for fun.

Other than that, not much is going on in the world of Rammstein. Just sit tight!

Thanks to: Pascale, Julien.


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