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News: October 2002

Feuer frei! UK version

October 9, 2002

In addition to the officially announced version of Feuer frei!, there seems to several others that will be available. Like Ich Will before it, Feuer Frei! will have a special 3-part UK edition.

CD1 will contain "Feuer frei!", "Mutter (album version)", "Kokain", the "Feuer frei!" video, making of and interview.

CD2 will contain "Feuer frei (Junkie XL remix)", "Mutter", "Feuer frei! (Rammstein remix)", the making of the "Sonne" video, interview, and a photo gallery with 7 pictures.

The DVD will contain the videos for "Feuer frei!", "Du hast", "Bück dich", interview footage, history, and more photos.

These will be released on the 28th of this month, but you can preorder them now: CD1, CD2, DVD, or all three together.

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