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News: July 2002

"Feuer frei!" video online

July 26, 2002

The video for "Feuer frei!" is now online at the website for the Triple X soundtrack.

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"Feuer frei!" video

July 25, 2002

It seems a video for "Feuer frei!" has been playing on some music channels. I have not been able to get a hold of a copy or see it for myself, but it appears to contain live footage and clips of the movie (Triple X), much like the "Rammstein" video for the Lost Highway.

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Off Limits Festival Canceled

July 25, 2002

As can be seen on the official site, the Off Limits Festival has been canceled, which means...Rammstein won't be playing.

New in the store...

July 25, 2002

Musicnonstop.uk has been able to locate a few more rare Rammstein items. First, the Japanese edition of Mutter which contains "Hallelujah" as a hidden track. Second, a special vinyl single called Westbam vs. Rammstein which was put out to promote "Links 234" as a single and includes another Clawfinger remix that has not been released elsewhere. Third, a variant of the Mutter single that contains only two tracks — "Mutter (Radio Edit)" and "5/4". Of course there is more, but you have to check the store to see.

xXx Soundtrack

July 14, 2002

Posted on Rollingstone's website is the following tracklisting for xXx:

Disc One (rock album):

"Feuer Frei," Rammstein
"Bodies (Vrenna XXX Mix)," Drowning Pool
"I Will Be Heard," Hatebreed
"Millionaire," Queens of the Stone Age
"Before I Die," Mushroomhead
"Get Up Again," Flaw
"Landing," Moby
"Adrenaline," Gavin Rossdale
"004," Fermin IV
"Technologicque Park," Orbital

Disc Two (hip-hop album):

"Stick Out Ya Wrist," Nelly, featuring Toya
"Look at Me," Lil' Wayne
"Truth or Dare," N.E.R.D., featuring Kelis and Pusha T
"Are We Cuttin'," Pastor Troy, featuring Ms. Jade
"Still Fly," Big Tymers
"Connected for Life," Mack 10, featuring Ice Cube, W.C. and Butch Cassidy
"Lights, Camera, Action! (Remix)," Mr. Cheeks, featuring Missy Elliott and P. Diddy
"I'm Okay," Postaboy, featuring Rashad
"Yo, Yo, Yo," Dani Stevenson
"Lick," Joi

Thanks to: Swag.

Slick Idiot Remix

July 13, 2002

As mentioned months ago, Schneider has done a remix for the band Slick Idiot (ex-KMFDM members En Esch and Günter Schulz). Their current release, DickNity, was released on their own record label called Itchy Records. As it is very small (only DickNity has been released through it as for as I know), distribution hasn't been that great. It seems the band has now signed to Cleopatra Records to rerelease it. Included on this rerelease are the remix track done by Schneider (Xcess) and the music video for Make Me Believe. This edition is due out in October according to Cleopatra's Slick Idiot page.

Richard lost a ring

July 13, 2002

Over on the Werchter site is a request from Richard to if anyone has seen a ring he lost to help him get it back. A similar message appears on the official Rammstein site. You can view the ring here. Any information should be directed to RichardsRing@rammstein.com.


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