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News: June 2002

Next single

June 30, 2002

The next single will probably be "Feuer frei!" to go along with Rammstein's appearance in the move Triple X, as many people have guessed and was recently suggested by the Fanarea. Nothing seems to be set in stone yet, but there should at least be a video for it.

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Rammstein's show in Moscow

June 27, 2002

The following is posted on Shout.ru:

On June 19th band did not appeared on ULTRA 100.5 FM with promised talk to russian fans, but played live show on corporative party of «Bely Veter-DVM» computer company - so called Universal Rover Party, organized with support of Universal Music Russia and TCI. Banner «Sorry, closed for technical break» and locked doors were the best sign that the only guests of party were company personnel (serious businessmen, top managers and madams with their children-teenagers), plus some show-business stars moscow beau monde.

Although the show in Moscow was officially canceled, Rammstein still played. The show was not open to the public, but instead only for people on the guestlist. Read the rest over on Shout.ru (includes new pictures).

Thanks to: Alex Davie.

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New and old items in the shop

June 19, 2002

As of today, Herzeleid.com is partnering with Musicnonstop.co.uk to bring you more Rammstein items than ever before. There are T-shirts, stickers, hats, and even the Engel [Fan Edition] single with "Wilder Wein" and "Feuerräder" that had been out of print for so long. There's quite a bit more as well, so be sure to check it out!

New bootleg - Cottbus '96

June 16, 2002

A new bootleg is online from back in 1996. It features two songs from the Sehnsucht album -- but since it had not yet been released, they are somewhat different. The lyrics to "Spiel mit mir" are almost totally different (he wanted his sister and not his brother it seems) and Sehnsucht is arranged a little differently with a few musical and lyrical variations. The "Weißes Fleisch" version in the show is 8 minutes long with a really cool intro. Head on over and check it out! The sound quality on this one is great.

More info on Flake

June 15, 2002

A statement from the Open Air Gelände people can be found on their page (in German). Flake was just one of many people to contract Salmonella poisoning at the Dresden Symphony Orchestra in Dresden where he was a guest. 16 of the other people's lives are actually in danger. He lost 10% of his bodyweight, but is fine and will play again! The official cancelation can be seen here.

Rammstein Fanarea

June 15, 2002

The official Fanarea is finally back online. Those who already have accounts can login at either www.rammsteinfanarea.com (English) or www.rammsteinfanarea.de (German). Not everything is up and running yet, but it seems to be off to a good start and they will begin to offer e-mail @rammstein.com/de at some point in the future.

If you wish to join, head over to the information page at the official site.

More cancelations

June 15, 2002

The concerts in Moscow and Kiev have been canceled due the soccer violence of the last week. They are worried for Rammstein's safety. The following was posted on shout.ru:

Sad news... Concert agency TCI and management of Rammstein announced on June 10th that Rammstein show at Tushino Airdrome IS CANCELLED due mass outrage in Moscow on June 9th. As you know, more than thousand people crashed all around after loss of Russian football team at World Cup, one man was killed, around hundred people were wounded. Because of this, now Moscow Government do not allow any events with many visitors, especially so aggresive and young as most of Rammstein fans. So your only chance to see Rammstein live in Russia is concert in St. Petersburg!

You may want to read the official statement from TCI (in Russian) or check out some pictures of the riots.

So, that makes for 5 concerts that have been canceled on this tour so far.

Thanks to: Hermelin, Sue Dawson, Julien, Portnoff, Peter.

New reviews

June 15, 2002

35 new concert reviews have been added to the concerts section. Check them out and send yours in!

A few dates canceled

June 7, 2002

From the FanArea: "Flake Lorenz was hospitalized approximately a week ago. Although he was already released from the hospital, regrettably Rammstein had to cancel the concerts for this weekend (Austria, Vienna Neustadt: June 7th; Italy, Gods of Metal: June 8th; Ljubbljana, Hala Tivoli: June, 10th) following the medical advice last night."


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