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News: May 2002

Concert reviews

May 24, 2002

All concert reviews I have for this year (so far) are online in the concerts section. Head on over to check them out and send in yours if you've seen a recent show!

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Rammstein Maximum

May 23, 2002

Many people have been wondering what this new CD is that has been showing up all over. I have confirmed with Rammstein's management that it is not an official release. From the looks of it, it will be an interview/biography CD released by another company. No new or old music will be on it.

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The new tour has started

May 23, 2002

Rammstein have gone through England, Scotland, and the Netherlands and will be hitting Spain next. Be sure to send in your reviews! The ones that have already been sent in will be up as soon as possible.

Ich will in the

May 23, 2002

In its first week since the release, the new UK single has already hit number 30 in the BBC Top 40, beating out R. Kelly, Jay-Z and others.

Thanks to: Steve Hill, Paula Wilson, sister666uk.

Ich will UK single

May 13, 2002

Released today is the 3-part UK single for Ich will. The covers are the same as the original with Flake aside from beng tinted red, green, and yellow. The tracklistings are as follows:

CD 1.

  1. Ich will (Radio Edit)
  2. Halleluja
  3. Stripped (Heavy Mental Mix by Charlie Clouser)

CD 2.

  1. 01. Ich will (Radio Edit)
  2. Links 234 (Clawfinger Geradeaus Remix)
  3. Du hast (Remix by Jacob Hellner)
  4. Ich will (Video)


  1. Ich will (Live Video from The Berlin Velodrome)
  2. 4 x 30 second video clips (taken from Live Aus Berlin)
    1. Bück dich
    2. Rammstein
    3. Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?
    4. Asche zu Asche
  3. Photo Gallery (10 Shots)
  4. 2 x Audio Tracks
    1. Feuerräder (Live Demo Version 1994)
    2. Rammstein

Thanks to: Féûè® Ëñgêl.

Forums back online

May 11, 2002

The forums have been uploaded and are working again. If your ISP's DNS server has not updated yet, they can be reached at Otherwise, just click the link on the menu!

New server

May 10, 2002

Due to the increased traffic, I have gotten a new (much faster) server hosted by Xeran Technologies. You should notice a definite speed up. Until the move is final, Herzeleid.com will not point to the new server; you will need to use (although there will still be a redirect on Herzeleid.com).

The forums are in the process of being transferred and will be online soon too. If you notice any problems, please contact me as soon as possible!

Everything should be working by Monday.

Official site back up, somewhat

May 10, 2002

A few things have started to show up on Rammstein.com and Rammstein.de. There are tour dates, and info on the Mutter single.

Confirmed dates

May 3, 2002

Rammstein's management has supplied me with a list of confirmed dates and websites to buy tickets for them. This information can be found in the concerts section now

The following dates have been confirmed to not be happening:

August 8 - Dresden - Elbufer
August 10 - Berlin - Museumsinsel
August 11 - Hamburg - Stadtpark
August 18 - Erfurt - Highfield Festival


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