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News: March 2002

Mutter single

March 26, 2002

The Mutter single was released yesterday, in case you missed it. If anyone has it already, please contact me with the copyright and catalog information for the releases section!

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KMFDM not to play with Rammstein

March 26, 2002

KMFDM has apparently canceled their European tour in order to get started on their American one sooner. American Head Charge will remain the only opener as far as I know for those UK dates

Thanks to: Nick.

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Mutter promo scans

March 17, 2002

I just got scans of a promo single for Mutter. Apparently "5/4" was not included.

Mutter Promo CoverMutter Promo Back Cover

Thanks to: Torsten.

Three new bootlegs

March 16, 2002

The shows for Copenhagen (Nov. 29, 2001), Frankfurt (May 29, 2001), and Rock am Ring (May 31, 1998) have been added to the multimedia section. The Rock am Ring show includes video!

Thanks to: Rfan.

New date

March 16, 2002

Rammstein seem to be playing the Quart Festival on July 4th in Norway.

Thanks to: Bowser.

UK openers

March 16, 2002

Along with KMFDM for some dates, American Heard Charge will be opening for Rammstein in the UK.

Thanks to: BDan Sausins, Mutter's Boy.

Resident Evil

March 16, 2002

"Halleluja" is not present in the movie Resident Evil, although it is on the soundtrack. Not like this is a new concept (same thing happened with The Matrix). In addition, a preview for the movie Jason X was played before it which features the song "Rammstein".

Thanks to: skylift.

Daniel and Geo Fuchs

March 14, 2002

As you probably know, Daniel and Geo Fuchs were the ones who made the pictures of Rammstein for Mutter and the subsequent singles. I just checked out their site again today and they have a whole section on Rammstein (and may have had one for a while). There are many more pictures from those photoshoots that have not been used yet, but you can see them now. Another picture of them can be found in their "Famous Eyes" section.

New gigs confirmed

March 11, 2002

Rammstein.com has confirmed the following new dates:

May, 14th 2002 Glasgow - SECC
May, 16th 2002 London - Docklands Arena
May, 17th 2002 Manchester - Evening News Arena
May, 18th 2002 Manchester - Evening News Arena
June, 10th 2002 Ljubliana - Halo Tivoli
June, 17th 2002 St. Petersburg - St. Petrovsky Stadion
June, 19th 2002 Moscow - Tushino Airfeld
June, 29th 2002 Werchter (Belgium)

Thanks to: HAS.

Bootleg Archive back up

March 11, 2002

And...It's back! I finally got a hold of the guy running it. The Bizarre Festival MPEGs are BACK ONLINE too! I'll probably be adding some more stuff now because I got access to the server again. You can see a big list of things I have and make requests in the forums.

Thanks to: Per Hedbor at Lysator.

Bootleg Archive down

March 10, 2002

Apparently all the files hosted on lenin.lysator.liu.se are no longer working. Now, more than ever, I NEED a new server. Please help out if you can!

UK Tour (update)

March 8, 2002

It turns out KMFDM will be playing with Rammstein for a few shows.

From KMFDM.com:

..first leg of the KMFDM tour is shaping up:
May 14 Glasgow SECC (w/Rammstein)
May 16 London Docklands (w/Rammstein)
May 17 Manchester Apolllo (w/Rammstein)
May 19 LEIPZIG Wave Gotik Treffen

Thanks to: Asche XL.

UK Tour

March 8, 2002

Kerrang.com is reporting the following new dates:
May 14 - Glasgow SECC
May 16 - London Arena
May 17/18 - Manchester Apollo

Tickets are priced at £20 for London, and £18.50 regionally.

Thanks to: Stuart Affleck.

Echo 2002

March 7, 2002

Rammstein just won the Echo award for the "Nu Metal/Alternative" category. But...they lost against No Angels for best music video. They won in the category they don't belong in, but lost in the one they should have won.

Thanks to: Hunter, Greg.

Mutter Video

March 7, 2002

The music video for the new single, Mutter, has been released to the Fanarea. It basically follows the storyline of the song (for once). There are scenes of TIll in his cage, rowing a boat, and floating in the green liquid.

Till getting food from his cage Till floating

Resident Evil update

March 1, 2002

The soundtrack to the new Resident Evil movie will be out on March 12th and will contain Rammstein's song "Halleluja" (not spelled incorrectly like previously reported). I do not know which mix it will be, as it was different on the 2-CD edition of Mutter and the Links 234 single. Either way, you can preorder it already at Amazon.com.

Thanks to: Omega 13, Jennifer.

Mutter single

March 1, 2002

The official Rammstein site has confirmed the Mutter single. The track listing posted on their site is slightly different than what I posted a few days ago. The Zend Avesta mix is missing tracks 2 and 3 were flipped. The release date is March 25 and it is Europe only.

If you sign up for the newsletter, you'll be able to see the new Mutter video on March 9th, and listen to "5/4" on March 18th.

Thanks to: Frank, HAS.


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