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News: February 2002

Mutter single

February 23, 2002

I was just sent the cover and tracklisting to the new Mutter single that comes out next month. So far, there's no official word on this, but chances are it is correct. No sight of the orchestrated version sadly, but at least 5/4 (Fünf Viertel) is there!

Mutter Single

  1. Mutter - radio edit
  2. 5/4
  3. Mutter - Vocoder mix
  4. Mutter - Sono's Inkubator mix
  5. Mutter - Zend Avesta mix

Thanks to: Emilio Perez.

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More Tour Dates

February 19, 2002

Not confirmed by Rammstein's management, but it looks like they will be hitting Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester and London for the end of May, according to Metal Hammer. The Pinkpop festival announced that Rammstein would be playing on the 20th of May in Landgraaf, Holland as well.

Thanks to: Chelle, Deirdre, Samantha, Willem Jan.

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Russian Rammstein Tribute

February 19, 2002

Lia B attended a Russian Rammstein tribute concert, and sent me her thoughts.

Rammstein tribute in "Tochka" club 10.02.2002

After the foreign release of the album "Battery: Tribute to Rammstein" and their visit to Russia, all people have been waiting impatiently for what Russian musicians could do about that infatuation for German spirit. Hmm... we lived so long for that moment: on 10th of February there was that so-called "paying homage" to Rammstein. I couldn't resist the temptation and bought the tickets to that show.

Another reason for going there for me was the rumour floating over the Russian part of the Internet, that as a special guest there could be Till. Now I can set everyone's minds at rest - no Lindemann was there. It's typical.

With the very big and red letters there was written on the placard, that the headliner of the party is the well-known [in Russia] band Satarial. Lower, there were the rest names of the bands: Krysha (The Roof), Klochja (Tatters), M.C.D.ead, X, Kran-ty (untranslatable pun, something like Pan-you, or Close) and a couple of those I couldn't remember.

I was already amazed in the very beginning: there was a straight warning on the ticket that while Satarial perform there should be "bewitching rites with antichristian content and hard erotic show". It sounded very intriguing. The only thing I couldn't understand was the relation between all this and Rammstein.

I will not tell you about our entering the club. For not insulting... though it's usual for such shows, there's always the crowd. Standing near the entrance, I've heard some guys discussing their Moscow Rammstein concert experience. What a cuty sight, I should say!

While we were standing, there were some musicians passing by. Very interesting: they usually walk in bunch and always have such an expression on their faces that one wants to ask: "What a disaster happened?" But this is just to mention...

As the merchandising, all who wished could get many cassettes (Marylin Manson, Muse, Rammstein, The Deftones etc.), brochures (I can't say that those editions were the books) about Rammstein and some other bands, and much staff about Satarial. Sure, they were headliners, therefore...

So, after a short waiting, we saw a blond girl in black on the stage who declared the first band. The sound was disgusting, I couldn't understand the name of the first performer and could only guess.

The list of the performers:

Band #1 (I didn't hear the name)
X (or Iks, I don't know the spelling)
Band #4 (the same problem with the name)

In the breaks between the performances some familiar tunes, like "Rein Raus", "Zwitter" and "Mein Herz Brennt" were gingerly played, may be it was done to smooth over the bad impression...

So, the band #1 consisted of three or four horror-looking guys who shocked me with the music and vocals. I must affirm that I DON'T like black-metal. I came to the Rammstein tribute. And I expected to hear the cover-versions of Rammstein. Oh no, don't have any doubts, I've heard them! Listened very carefully and to my surprise, THAT was "Spieluhr". Excuse me, no details here, the only thing to say is that I was frightened to death.

I also should notice that all the bands played in general their own songs. Nobody played more than one Rammstein cover. May be, that's alright, but I can't agree to that...

The band called Krysha played for us, except their own songs (I couldn't listen to them carefully, the sound didn't let us hear any word), the cover of "Engel". Hmmm... from ALL bands playing there, the only one played Rammstein song in a very good German, and it was NOT Krysha. Which one it was - look up below. Those guys decided to have an easy work and sang "Engel" in English. Well, that's the way too.

Honestly, my shock was so deep that I mixed up every band which were playing before Satarial and don't remember which Rammstein songs they performed. The last ones were more distinguishable.

The tuning of Satarial was very long, there were some aluminum constructions with chains taken out on stage, and it was good that the instruments weren't forgotten. Then then band started the show. They began with the appearance of three naked girls in masks. This, probably, was that hard advertised erotic show. I didn't know the repertory of Satarial, so I could be only the outside observer.

The thing I wish I could do then, was the murder of one of Satarial musicians whose flute scraping made the music sound with a bit of paranoia tunes. I also still can't understand if he played the only one melody or they all were similar?

As for covers, from Satarial we were honored to hear "Links-234". And another time I was very glad that nobody of Rammstein were in "Tochka": if, for example, Schneider appeared there, he would have a stroke, and for the society of pure German pronunciation zealots it would be an irreplaceable loss.

Satarial were playing for the very long time (about an hour or more) and personally for me it was very exhausting. For those who were jumping near the stage with their fingers set in victory sign it was cool, I suppose. The girls, fluently twisting among the chains and constructions, without any doubt brought much enthusiasm. Though, I could see nothing concerning to the promised "antichristian bewitching". As for the "hard erotic show", the only thing I could name "hard" was that one of those girls had the artificial dick. Not much to surprise.

After the headliners, who found at least the strength to leave the stage, there appeared Klochja. They started with playing "Sonne". By the hollow voice the singer told us that "alle warten auf das Licht". Then the song was continued by the girl, who strangely was singing off key. This defect was compensated by the very strained throat of hers. Their German was... ohhh... (c Paul) Though the next songs were rather good, and in the whole I liked their performance.

The note in parenthesis: on the placard there was clearly written that the whole show would take time from 6pm to 10pm. I said at once that they should be some kind of crazy optimists if they thought that the show would end in 10pm. I was right. When the last band came on stage there was much later than that.

The last performers were M.C.D.ead. Decently, with "minus-one" [without the drummer], they appeared and began with "Alter Mann". And then I could be sorry about Schneider's presence - there still are guys in that country, who can sing the song in proper German and, to my joy, without any cribs, i.e. from memory. Some of the previous performers justified themselves that they just couldn't learn the words, no time, no education etc., and the crowd should sing along with them and help by that. The crowd sang along - but the impression was terrible.

M.C.D.ead didn't follow that way, and rehearsed thoroughly their contribution to the Russian-German relationships. Since I've heard that "Alter Mann" cover before (in studio variant) I can say that it's one of the most successful cover-versions of Rammstein I could ever hear, and the live performance didn't spoil the impression.

Further, M.C.D.ead gave the pleasure of hearing their own songs for those who still were in the club (in the break the guitarist showed his special, I suppose, action - the imitation of DJ scratch on his guitar), and I can only say that this band was the best on that so-called tribute. They were the only ones whose music made me dance. And then we finally saw that "hard erotic show". Who saw - that knows. You wouldn't let your sight out of this...

As I said, M.C.D.ead were the last ones, and thanks God they WERE, because if not, my mood would be finally spoiled. I couldn't expect that, truly saying. The impression was like I came to Satarial concert, with some strange supporting bands. And Rammstein name was mentioned just for better sales. A pity. And what were those pathetic: "Do you have fun?! Rammstein-party!!!" screams, let me ask?... But, in general, they did their best. ;)

© by Lia B

Thanks to: Lia B.

Autograph signing

February 18, 2002

According to the Fanarea, there will be an autograph signing on February 21st at the Knaack Club in Berlin, celebrating the Clubs 50th anniversary.

New single

February 18, 2002

The next Rammstein single will be Mutter, which will hopefully contain the yet-to-be-released orchestrated version of the song. The release date is March 25th, and can be found in Motor City on Motor's site. Here's is a screen shot from the virtual world.

Thanks to: Hummel.

Provinssirock Festival

February 8, 2002

Rammstein are said to be confirmed to play the Provinssirock Festival in Finnland which runs from the 14th to the 16th of June. More information can be found here.

Thanks to: Janne Liuhtonen.

Roskilde and Ich will

February 8, 2002

MTV.de is running a story saying that Rammstein will be playing the Roskilde festival this year. The festival runs from the 27th to the 30th of June. Also mentioned in the article is that the Ich will single will be released in England on May 13th.

Thanks to: HAS, Greg.

Echo 2002

February 8, 2002

From Rammstein Fanarea: Rammstein are up for two Echo awards this year, "best Nu metal/Alternative Rock national" and "best Rock/Pop single 'Sonne'".

Thanks to: Lil_Slim.

Resident Evil Sountrack

February 8, 2002

Supposedly Rammstein's "Halleluja" will be on the soundtrack for the new Resident Evil movie that comes out in March. The soundtrack should be out March 12th through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam. For some reason I have been seeing it listed as "Hellelujah". I don't know if this is a mistake yet or not, but I assume it is.

Thanks to: Leevan, ThePRP.

Battery Review

February 4, 2002

I got my promotional copy of Battery: A Tribute to Rammstein today from Joel at Dwell Records. I posted my review over at my other site, MusikNews.info:

I went into this scared that the covers would ruin the songs that I love so much. Rammstein's career is still going strong and they haven't been around that long to begin with, so I was confused as to why there was a tribute CD coming out for them so soon, by bands I had never heard of.

Read the rest now.

XXX Teaser

February 3, 2002

You can see Rammstein for a whole 2 or 3 frames in the new XXX teaser.

Thanks to: "Rammsteinfan".


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