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News: December 2001

Review of the Rammstein book

December 30, 2001

Well, there really isn't much news on Rammstein at the moment. Anyone who thinks I am just slacking off is wrong. This is not my job and I at least try to have a life outside of my site.

A review of the Rammstein book had been sent to me over a month ago, although I never got around to posting it. I'm putting it up now, so if anyone has had a hard time deciding if it is worth it, hopefully it will help you.

Rammstein. By Gert Hof.

160 pages of Rammstein history. So far. This book is mainly a visual journey displaying the rise to stardom for Germanys biggest export succes since Scorpions and Kraftwerk.

The story is told very much the same way we are used to see Rammstein presented. You get a taste of their presence. Nothing more, the rest is up to you. Well, if you count the pictures, you get more than just a taste. A plethora of pictures; some well known, some pivate not seen in the public eye before. If you count the words however, the taste is actually just a hint of a taste. Brief "interviews" with everyone except German Man of Mystery, Olli Riedel, explaining a little bit of the bands intentions and background. All as it's seen through the eyes of the bandmembers themselves. Gert Hof does a brief introduction, then leaves almost all of the rest to Till ("In the bass drum of my kit I kept a few live chickens...." -T.), Richard ("....basically, he looked like a stripy squirrel.." -T.), Olli (...it all started when Olli left the Inchtebokatables.."-P.), Paul ("I can be pretty annoying.." -P.), Schneider ("We pose onstage like fighting cocks.." - S.) & Flake ("Such a concert can be very long." -F.). Then to round it of, is an interview with Mikis Theodorakis, a greek muscician, who seem to like Rammstein. A lot.

In between this are all the pictures from past to -very - present, including stills from the videos (Du Riecht So Gut, Seeman, Engel, Du Hast, Sonne and Ich Will) and the "Beautiful sons with Mother" we've already seen on the Internet or in magazines. My favourite? The spoof pic of Rammstein in lederhosen, complete with Till making a silly cross-eyed face.

Also, you'll find "drafts" for the lyrics for a handful of songs, the drafts reading more like sweet poetry than the powerful lyrics that ended up on the records.

All presented with the contradictory aesthetics that are Rammsteins trademark. My only critic is, that the english translations aren't 100%. There are places were words less accurate than in german are used, and in some places, there are spelling mistakes. But hey, this is your great chance to learn german ;-)

In short, a must for fans, worth every penny.

"Hunger is the curse of man and eternally stronger than love for love is only a thin chiffon on the cold body of desire"

-Draft for Sehnsucht.

Susie, nov. 2001

Thanks to: Susie Hermansen.

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Photos from Russia

December 17, 2001

Here are some pictures of Till and Richard from when they were in Russia recently to play some shows. These are from Radio Ultra.

Thanks to: Hermelin.

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Concert reviews

December 15, 2001

Reviews through last year are online in the concerts section. Hopefully I'll get 2001 online soon as well as the 150 or so reviews that are sitting in my mail box.

Discography section

December 13, 2001

I changed the name of the discography section to "releases", mainly because it was no longer just full of things that come on a disc. I also added entries for the Mutter tour edition CD and the new Rammstein book.

Online Music Awards

December 6, 2001

Oh well, http://fans.gorillaz.com won. Obviously an official fan site wouldn't give anyone else much of a chance because of sheer hits alone.

Online Music Awards

December 5, 2001

Thanks to everyone who voted for Herzeleid.com. We'll know the results soon. Tomorrow they will be webcasting from Cologne, Germany at http://www.onlinemusicawards.de/.

Venue change

December 1, 2001

The show on Dec. 14th in Barcelona has been moved to Palau Olimpic because the first venue was too small to keep up with the amount of people.


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