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News: November 2001

Slick Idiot remix update

November 27, 2001

I had e-mailed En Esch, trying to get some more info on the remix and this is what I got back:


I am not sure when the CD will come out, but I will post it when I know. Until then, check out Slick Idiot's CD. For those that don't know, it is the new project of Günter Schulz and En Esch, ex-KMFDM members.

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Paul on Russian MTV

November 24, 2001

While in Russia, Paul was interviewed on the show "Dnevnoy Kapriz Na MTV". During the interview he sang a song called "Pust begut neukluezche" from the Russian cartoon "Tscheburaschka". Check it out in the Interviews section.

Thanks to: Hermelin.

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Mutter font

November 22, 2001

Luiz Lavos from Brazil recreated the Mutter font from the CD booklet and sent it in to me. It is now posted in the downloads section.

Thanks to: Luiz Lavos.

Rammstein in a new movie

November 18, 2001

Tomi Havrilco writes in:

I've been to the Rammstein show in Prague on 12.10., but I've came home just today, so sorry about the delay. Anyway, before we entered the Paegas arena, a guy was giving ads with the following content:

Rammstein in January again in Prague!!! Do you want to go to another concert and get paid for it?

For the shooting of a new American action movie "Triple X" of the director Rob Cohen (The fast and the furious), staring Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction) and Vin Diesel (The fast and the furious), we are looking for a large amount of people for the shooting of a scene (concert) in which Rammstein will play. If you want to take a part of the action, come Friday 16.11. between 14.00 and 18.00 to register into the agency Extrafilms, Charles square 17. Come in the clothes you have on now, it will be to your advantage. If you can't come, but you want to take a part, call 02/ 219 86 219, or 073/ 73 00 00 1. We are also looking for men over 185 cm for the roles of bodyguards, we'd also welcome people with tattoos, piercings, extravagant haircuts and people with a sexy look. Any more questions? > www.extrafilms.cz

Although I got this up a little late for anyone to show up, you can still call in. It sounds interesting and seems to be real; a little blurb about the movie can be found at comingsoon.net.

Thanks to: Tomi Havrilco, EnDyMioN.


November 17, 2001

Apparently when MTV showed the EMAs, they cut Rammstein out although MTV2 kept them in. Last night's showing of it on MTV had them in though. No idea if any other reruns will have them or not.

Thanks to: Jennifer.

Rammstein book

November 17, 2001

I went to Borders Books and Music the other day and asked about my order for the new Rammstein book. They said that it wouldn't be released until the 20th in the US for some reason. Perhaps there's an official US release date, because it is already out in Europe. Either way, it should be shipping soon to anyone who has ordered one from a store in the US.

Rammstein on CSI

November 17, 2001

The song "Feuer Frei" was featured in a scene on Thursday's showing of the TV show CSI. In the scene, the investigators were in a brothel that specialized in S&M .

Thanks to: SinnerBoy.

EMAs again

November 9, 2001

MTV.de posted streaming versions of "Ich will" on their site.

Thanks to: HAS.


November 8, 2001

Rammstein played "Ich Will" at the EMAs as expected, but with a little "Sonne" intro with the flaming masks usually used in "Feuer Frei". Whenever the bootleg server starts working correctly again, I will upload the performance to it, but until then, v1p0n3 has it on his site. Just ignore those other "illegal" files...

Slick Idiot remix by Schneider

November 7, 2001

En Esch was recently quoted as saying that for an upcoming Slick Idiot (his "new" project) remix CD, Schneider from Rammstein has already contributed. You can read the whole interview here. This is not confirmed, but it seem very likely. The first time I heard Slick Idiot was back in July when I got into Rammstein's aftershow party. They had it playing on the stereo.

Thanks to: Nick Diak.

Rammstein at the EMAs

November 7, 2001

Just so no one forgets, the MTV EMAs are on tomorrow at 21:00 (9pm) GMT. It will be shown on MTV in your respective country or MTV2 (at least in the USA). For those in the USA, that means 3pm Eastern time and 12pm Pacific.

Happy birthday to Herzeleid.com

November 6, 2001

Two years ago Herzeleid.com was started although I had been working on an older version of the site for a little while before then. Anyway, I hope you like the new design. It is not finished, a few sections are missing (reviews, old news, and tabs) but they will be up soon.

Please let me know if you find ANY problems!

Vote for Herzeleid.com

November 6, 2001

If you like this site (and I hope you do), please vote for it for the Online Music Awards, presented by VIVA. Because of your nominations, it was entered and now you can vote. You must vote for all categories (sorry), just for best fan site.

Rammstein book

November 1, 2001

As of today, the book is finally out. I do not have it yet, but I have been told that it has many photos of the band (and some of their families), alternate lyrics to songs (like working versions), and is in both English and German. If your local bookstore doesn't carry it, it can be ordered at Amazon.com.

Thanks to: Hummel.


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