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News: August 2001

New European dates

August 31, 2001

Rammstein's fan area have confirmed new dates for Europe, beginning in November. This includes the make-up concert for London.

If you have a ticket from the June concert, you will need to return it and get a refund, or pay the difference and get a new one.

Thanks to: Herzausstein, Stuart Affleck, Paul Isaia.

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Pet Sematary on Ich will

August 29, 2001

Even though it does not say "live" on the flashcard, I have been told that it is not a studio version. It was recorded in Hannover, Germany on the first of June this year. As Clawfinger were touring with Rammstein, they also sing and play on the track.

Thanks to: Alex Becker.

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Tour dates

August 28, 2001

Almost all - if not all - tour dates for the Pledge of Allegiance tour have been confirmed by the Fan Area and are now posted in the concerts section.

Ich will flashcard

August 28, 2001

The flashcard is already online. The full tracklisting for Ich will; is given and can be found in the discography now. Interestingly, it says that Clawfinger recorded "Pet Sematary" (they finally spelled it correctly!) with Rammstein and doesn't say that it is live.

Thanks to: RammsteinNicCage.

Ich will video

August 24, 2001

The video for "Ich will" is finished and available to watch for Fan Area members. The story isn't totally clear, but it basically has to do with a bank robbery. The band walks in with masks on that are quickly taken off as they begin to rob the place.

Flake has a bomb tied around his body, which goes off at the end as his life (in the form of previous Rammstein videos) flashes before his eyes.

It seems as if their fans block the police from shooting them and even when they are in jail, they come out (chained up) to recieve an award and are greeted by their fans. They have a large picture of Flake (now dead) behind them and many fans are holding up the same picture.

It will begin playing on MTV and VIVA in Germany (and other parts of Europe most likely) this next Monday (the 27th). For those who have seen it, post your opinion in the opinion section.

Ad in Rockhard magazine

August 19, 2001

Here is an advertisement from the new edition of Rockhard magazine. According to this, there will also be a live CD-ROM track of "Ich Will" and a bonus track of "Pet Sematary" (That is how it is really spelled, I swear!). Whether "Pet Sematary" will be on the CD-ROM part or on the audio portion of the CD isn't know or whether it will be live or studio.

Thanks to: Christian.

New bootleg material

August 18, 2001

14 new bootleg MPEG videos have been added for the Bizarre Festival 1997 show, the horrible AVI file for the Velodrom show (5/19/01) has been replaced with a high-quality MPEG file, and the show from Gilford, NH (July 14th, 2001) has been added.

Thanks to: Teasy, V1p0n3, Tom.

More about the new Single

August 17, 2001

Here are scans, sent in by Torsten, of the promo CD for Ich will. Last time he sent in scans to me, they were essentially identical to the final CD, so that is what we can probably expect this time.

The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Ich will - Radio Edit (3:33)
  2. Ich will - Westbam Remix (3:34)
  3. Ich will - Paul van Dyk Dub Mix (6:37)

Thanks to: Torsten.

Ich will flashcard

August 17, 2001

Head on over to Rammstein.com and sign up for their newsletter if you aren't already signed up. They will be sending out a Ich will flashcard (a program with music and pictures) on the 31st to everyone who is subscribed.

Thanks to: Swag.

New tour dates

August 17, 2001

Several new tour dates have been posted on Shoutweb and Pollstar. I have added links to the ticketmaster pages for the shows that have gone on sale. If you are planing on going to one, make sure you check out ticketmaster on your own. Don't depend on me because you might miss it.

Thanks to: Betsy, Richard, Elke.

Paris bootleg

August 15, 2001

I just uploaded a bootleg from the last Rammstein concert in Paris (June 9th, 2001). An interesting bit: In "Zwitter", Till says "Wenn einer zu mir FUCK YOU sagt" as opposed to "fick dich". The bootleg can be found in the Multimedia section.

Another audio bootleg and a full video bootleg should be coming soon. I've had these for a little while, but the server wouldn't let me upload them until now.

Ich will video pictures

August 14, 2001

Sebastian from Rammsteinfan.de has posted the pictures that he took while at the filming of the new music video.

Tour mix-up

August 14, 2001

There was a date scheduled for September 17th in Denmark, but it seems that it will not be possible to make because of the US tour. The problem here is that the management has said nothing and the tickets are still on sale. From what I have heard, it will be moved to November, so if you were making plans to go to Denmark next month for this...reconsider.

Thanks to: Susie.

Another date

August 14, 2001

Shoutweb.com is reporting another date for the new tour, on Halloween. The venue is to be announced, but they say it will be in New York, NY.

Thanks to: Betsy.

Confirmed dates

August 13, 2001

Rammstein's Fan Area has confirmed all but two of the announced dates (Tacoma and Las Vegas). The dates are listed in the concerts section.

Ich will single confirmed

August 13, 2001

As if we didn't already know...The Fan Area also confirmed that the single will come out on the 10th of September.

Pledge of Allegiance tour dates

August 11, 2001

The first set of dates have been announced (according to Shoutweb.com) for the Pledge of Allegiance tour. The bands on the tour are System Of A Down, Mudvayne, American Head Charge and No One, with Rammstein taking 2nd position and Slipknot headlining. I am really disappointed with the tour lineup. I don't want to sit through that shit for Rammstein (if you disagree with me about the other bands, then good for you - don't e-mail me).

These have not been confirmed by Rammstein's management, but the dates are as follows:

9/14 - Chicago, IL - AllState Arena
9/15 - St. Paul, MN - Xcel Center
9/16 - Omaha, NE - Civic Center
9/18 - Cedar Rapids, IA - US Cellular Arena
9/21 - Denver, CO - Denver Coliseum
9/25 - Portland, OR - Rose Garden
9/26 - Tacoma, WA - Tacoma Dome
9/29 - Sacramento, CA - Arco Arena
10/1 - Las Vegas, NV - Thomas And Mack Center

Thanks to: Leevan Macomeau.

Ich will video and other info

August 10, 2001

Now that the video has been filmed, I have some information on it. First, here are some pictures that were sent in by my friend Falco 4:20.

Jan "TheGolem" Doerrenhaus writes in:

Hello there
i was one of the extras yesterday at the "ich will" filming, and i am gonna tell you what i know.

first, the video is about rammstein robbing a bank. i dont know the details, but looking at the scenes we filmed, this will be the story (more or less): rammstein rob a bank, flake dies (by self-killing himself with a bomb, it seems), they have the money, but then get caught by the police (despite us extras playing angry fans to protect them :) ) and go into jail. im not sure if they die or not, there WERE scenes of them getting shot, but no idea if or how they are gonna use them. another fact: they rammsteiners were all acting with little wounds. of course, those were all fake, but Paul had a burning mark over the left eye, Schneider had a grey eye, Till had a leg splint and was walking on a black stick with a silver knob in form of a skull, Richard was wearing a black glove on one hand... so my guess is that they get hurt either when the rob the bank or by flakes bomb.

in addition to that, me and some other talked with paul who told us a bit about their plans for the future.

paul told us, that, after "ich will" there will be another album single, which will be either "Spieluhr" or "Mutter". After this, they might release a single with an unreleased song, like "5/4" or "Ohne dich". I asked Paul about a new album and he said (quote): "Wie stellst du dir das denn vor, wir sind doch gerade erst wiedergekommen! Wenn du eine neue Freundin hast, dann haben wir ein neues Album! Sowas weiss man doch jetzt noch nicht..." (translation: "what on earth are you thinking, we just came back! when you have a new girlfriend, we will have a new album out! How would anyone know now..."). I reminded him of his radio goethe interview, where he said something about next summer. He told us then, that they would have a lot of GOOD songs left from "mutter", and that this would be why he said that it might go a little quicker this time than in the last years. He added that they would have some other projects right now. They would maybe release a classic-version of the Mutter-album. Not in Metallica-style, he added, just plain classic music. Another project would be the production of a punk-sampler.
About their iro-haircuts [Iro is German for mohawk]: Paul explained that Till had this idea for about 5 years now, and was always going on their nerves with "cmon, let get iros!". Flake didnt want to, and Richard and himself would look dumb with iros. Paul said that he would look like a "Bockwurst" (german sausage) when wearing an iro.

So, a few things I had known of seem to be a little more for sure (regarding the unreleased tracks).

Paintball with Rammstein

August 8, 2001

Rammstein played a game of "Psychogotcha" (paintball) with 20 fans in Mexico last Friday. The fans were chosen by the TV channel called Azteca and they played for prizes including concert tickets, posters, videos tapes (with music videos and live video). For more information, and pictures, check out the Official Mexican Fanclub site (in Spanish), click Noticias, then Rammstein ya esta en México, and scroll down.

Thanks to: Carlos, e_onfire, Miguel García, Gino Salinas.

Ich will video filming

August 8, 2001

The video for Ich will will be filmed tomorrow in Berlin from noon until as late as midnight (German time). No word yet as to what it is about, but extras were told to wear clothes with earth tones. I should have at least some information on it tomorrow, after it is done.

Mexican signing

August 3, 2001

Yesterday there was supposed to be a signing at the store called Mixup in Mexico City. Apparently it got way out of hand due to bad crowd management as over 4,000 people showed up (10,000 according to the record company). The band greeted the crowd from the roof and soon after, it was decided that it was too unsafe and the event was canceled.

Thanks to: Luy, e_onfire, Sorcerer.

Rammstein radio

August 3, 2001

Rammstein will be on Radioactivo in Mexico today at noon (Pacific time).

Thanks to: Luy.

Ich will video and Rammstein on TV

August 3, 2001

Paul and Schneider were on TV yesterday in Mexico on the show "El Mañanero".

Gino Salinas writes in:

In this program, Schneider and Paul really had fun, they sang "mariachi", said some words in Spanish, and the best: Brozo (the guy of the T.V. show, a clown), painted Schneider´s face! They converted him into a clown, called "Deutsch Brozo".

Also during this show, a video for Ich will was played. It was live, and supposedly recorded at the Velodrom in Berlin. Whether or not this will actually be the official video is not known yet.

Thanks to: Gina Salinas, e_onfire, Luy.

Mexican openers

August 1, 2001

The Mexican band called Hocico will be opening for Rammstein in Mexico.

Thanks to: Eric, Luy.

Video interview

August 1, 2001

There will be a live interview with Rammstein broadcast from Mexico this Friday at 6:00pm (Mexican time) on www.espectaculostvazteca.com.

Thanks to: Luy.


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