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News: July 2001

More Merrillville stuff

July 31, 2001

19 pictures from the Merrillville show have been added to the gallery section (most are before or after, not during). I got into the aftershow party because of an e-mail I got from some one who visits this site. MANY thanks to her.

I managed to get the setlist and schedule for the show.

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Herzeleid.com in the press

July 31, 2001

Over at the Doc Rock Show's website, Herzeleid.com was mentioned as a source for a small article about the New York Rammstein show. The picture they used for it was actually one that I took at the Seattle show.

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FAQ and lyrics updated

July 31, 2001

Since I was able to get a few questions answered (namely what Till says in "Adios" and what the song "Punk" was), the FAQ and lyrics sections have been updated accordingly.

Paul is still in the band

July 29, 2001

Paul was not at the show in Grand Rapids and some people have been saying he left the band. That is not true. He had to fly home for some family business.

Info from the Merrillville show

July 29, 2001

I just got back home from the Merrillville show (I flew out to it) and I got to meet the band and ask some questions afterwards. I posted about it in the forums.

Meet me (again)

July 24, 2001

I'll be at the show on the 27th at the Star Plaze Theatre in Merrillville, IN. I'll be handing out Megaherz postcards afterwards as well.

MTV sucks like always

July 23, 2001

There was nothing about Rammstein on today. Hopefully it will be broadcast but I have no idea when or where.

Cleveland without pyro

July 22, 2001

Apparently, Rammstein were denied a pyro permit for Cleveland and still did not cancel. This is the second non-pyro show this tour (the first was Seattle).

Guests at the New York show

July 21, 2001

Rammstein had several guest players at the show in New York. Marky Ramone and C. Jay Ramone (of the Ramones) as well as Jerry Only (of the Misfits) joined Rammstein on stage to perform the song "Pet Sematary" (a Ramones cover). Rammstein have been playing this as a closing song to their set for most shows since the beginning of the Mutter tour as a tribute to Joey Ramone, who passed away recently.

Film crews for MTV were present and recorded it. MTV will supposedly broadcast it next Monday at 6.30 pm (7/23). If you have the ability to capture video onto your computer, please contact me.

Mexican signing

July 21, 2001

On the 2nd of August, Rammstein will be signing autographs at Mixup Génova at 6 pm.

Thanks to: fko.

Ich will

July 21, 2001

Although I have not confirmed it still, Ich will is supposedly set to be released on the 10th of September with "special features".

Thanks to: Sebastian.

New reviews

July 21, 2001

Some more reviews have been posted.

Concert photos

July 21, 2001

Professional photographs from the German leg of the Mutter tour can now be purchased. Visit FansUNITED for more information.

Radio Goethe interview

July 15, 2001

Paul Landers was interviewed by Radio Goethe before the concert in San Francisco. Among the things discussed was touring. After the dates in the US and Mexico, they plan on taking a three-week vacation. They will then resume touring in Eastern Europe, Sweden, and Russia (all in small clubs) and then they will probably be back to the USA to tour with Rob Zombie. In December they will be back in Europe to play large venues.

You can read the interview here and their review of the concert here (both in German). Thanks to HAS.

Next single

July 15, 2001

Although nothing has been confirmed, Schneider was quoted saying that "Ich will" will be the next single in the Albuquerque Tribune.

When told radio has latched onto ['Du hast'], Schneider says: "Maybe that will change with our next single, 'Ich Will' (I Want); it's a track off the new CD."

There has been talk of a promo single in Mexico already, so hopefully something will be confirmed soon.

Thanks to: e_onfire.

Chat and menu change

July 14, 2001

Chat is back again. Now I'm running my own IRC server so there shouldn't be any problems.

Also, I removed the Forums section of the menu. In case you're frantically searching for them, I have a single link to the forums index under Services instead.

MTV Masters

July 11, 2001

There is a new interview in the multimedia section. This was recorded from MTV in Germany and has mainly Paul and Flake talking, as well as small things from the rest of the band. It is fully in German, but interesting to watch even if you can't understand it. The band's humor still comes through, and it has clips of their music videos, the making of Sonne and Links 234, as well as some clips of them practicing. And interesting thing they say is that the line "Wo das Meer das Land berührt" comes from a sign at the house they were staying at when they wrote Mutter.

Thanks to: Teasy.

New reviews

July 10, 2001

Some more reviews have been posted, including mine from Portland.

Seattle statement

July 10, 2001

The statement that was read before the Seattle show has been posted in the Fan Area of Rammstein.com:

"Good Evening, As you may have heard, The City of Seattle has prohibited RAMMSTEIN from using pyrotechnics at tonight's show. The band, the crew, and all production members are strongly opposed to the fire marshal's decision. RAMMSTEIN believes it to be unjust. RAMMSTEIN has made every effort to campaign against the decision and to get the fire marshal to reverse it. In similar situations in the past, the band has always cancelled its show. However, in this case, RAMMSTEIN refuses to bow to what it believes to be an arbitrary ruling. RAMMSTEIN feels it has an obligation to play to the sell-out crowd here at the Moore Theater. The members of the band are glad to be in Seattle and want to give the fans that came to tonight's show an evening to remember."

Seattle and Portland pictures

July 9, 2001

I got my pictures from Seattle and Portland developed and they are now in the gallery section. The Seattle pictures actually came out better. I didn't use the flash as much so it didn't reflect off of the smoke.

Rammstein without pyro

July 8, 2001

No pyroYesterday's show in Seattle, Washington was played without any pyrotechnics. Apparently the city wouldn't allow it. A flyer was handed out to people waiting in line, explaining what happened. It reads:

The City of Seattle has denied Rammstein's application for the pyro display at this evening's show. As a result, though the band wants to do their full pyro display, Rammstein will not be allowed by The City to use any pyro as part of this evenings performance. Every effort was made by the band, promoter and the theater to obtain the permit, but it was denied by The City. We apologize for any inconvenience."

As opposed to just canceling the show, like they did in England, they played without it. There was a guy who came out right before Rammstein came on and read a similar statement. He made it clear that Rammstein usually just cancels if they can't use their pyro, but they felt that they needed to play to the sellout crowd.

Special thanks to the guy who was standing next to me during the Portland show who gave me the flyer because I didn't get one!

I saw the shows in Seattle and Portland...reviews coming soon. Here is a preview: They don't need the pyro and I got a picture with Oliver (many thanks to Eric and his digital camera).

Guess what! New reviews.

July 6, 2001

27 total reviews are in for the US tour. Check them out in the concerts section.

BFD pictures

July 6, 2001

There are a few pictures up on KEGL's website of Rammstein in Dallas.

Thanks to: Kravin Brooks.

Meet Jeremy

July 6, 2001

Going to today's show in Portland or tomorrow's in Seattle? Well, if you want to say "hello", here is my picture and I will be wearing this shirt or this shirt. I should be in line at both shows around 6pm.

New reviews

July 5, 2001

Even more reviews are in for the US tour, at least two for each show so far. Check them out in the concerts section.

Their hair

July 2, 2001

I spotted this picture on KTEG's website (the radio station that set up last night's show). The picture shows Rammstein signing autographs. If you look, you'll see that at least three members have mohawks. It looks like it is Oliver, Till, and Christoph. It seems that Till's is the longest.

New reviews

July 1, 2001

Three reviews from last night's show in Dallas have been posted in the concerts section. Keep them coming in!


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