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News: June 2001

New article

June 30, 2001

There is a new article that is basically Richard talking over at Mysanantonio.com. He talks about how they can't do the full effects for their shows in the US right now, but they want to come back again in October and do more shows so they can. The article seems to emphasize that Richard writes most, if not all of the songs.

UPDATE: They are not canceling the current shows. They are just going to come back and do more. Apparently the way I worded that was confusing some people.

Thanks to: Ed.

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Selma reviews

June 29, 2001

The two reviews that I have been sent are now up in the concerts section. The tracklisting and theatrics seem to be basically the same as in Europe. Interestingly...Till seems to now have a mohawk!

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Another Astoria statement

June 29, 2001

Oliver's statement regarding the cancellation of the Astoria show has been posted to Rammstein's official site. He reassures that the show will be made up in the Fall.

New pictures

June 25, 2001

Pictures from Iceland
Pictures with Rammstein and Clawfinger

Thanks to: Felix, AscheXL.

Downloads section updates

June 25, 2001

The amount of Winamp skins has tripled. That means there are three! There are six new wallpapers as well.

Musik Hilft Auction

June 22, 2001

Rammstein gave Till's stage shoes and a poster signed by all members to the charity organization Musik Hilft (Music helps). They are auctioning them off on ebay.de. If you have the money, bid. It is for a good cause!

Thanks to: Herzausstein.

Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre date

June 19, 2001

The date for the Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre, while not confirmed by Rammstein's management, looks pretty sure. Check out the concerts information and click the Information link by it for more information.

Thanks to: Tyler and James.


June 18, 2001

An information link has been added for almost all concerts (minus on that is unconfirmed and another Mexican one).

ticket This ticket scan was sent in to me earlier today. So yes, Rammstein is going to be in Mexico right after America.

On a side note, whoever can get me backstage at the Seattle or Portland shows will get a cookie.

Another contest

June 18, 2001

"Grand Prize: One lucky entry will be chosen at random to receive a Rammstein CD, video, poster & a pair of Anarchy sunglases. Runner Ups: Two lucky entries will be chosen at random to receive a Rammstein CD."

New poll

June 15, 2001

Finally, the poll has been replaced. Now you can vote on if you like the new setlist or not. For an idea of what they have been playing, check out the reviews in the concerts section from the current tour.

The favorite song from Mutter is Mein Herz brennt, with 1794 votes. The rest are as following: Sonne with 1785, Spieluhr with 1739, Links 234 with 1026, Ich will with 920, Mutter with 878, Zwitter with 873, Adios with 649, Rein Raus with 539, Feuer Frei! with 510, and Nebel with 442.

Band of the week and a contest

June 13, 2001

Rammstein at the Band of the Week at Artist Direct. No big deal really, but they are running a contest to win a trip to New York to see Rammstein play at the Hammerstein Ballroom on July 18th, and an autographed copy of Mutter.

Rammstein's statement

June 11, 2001

"Rammstein were unable to play their show yesterday at the Astoria in London due to significant restrictions to their stageshow and pyrotechnics. The band feel it would be unfair to their fans, to see a show that would have become highly compromised. If these issues can be resolved the band promises to return to the UK later in the year for live shows. Rammstein apologize for letting their fans down due to a problem which was out of their hands."

This can be read on the front page of their site now.

Thanks to: Stuart Affleck.

Astoria canceled

June 10, 2001

SpaceK0rd writes in:"Rammstein pulled their show at the Astoria in London tonight (just got back home) due to pyrotechnical fuck-ups. A rep. from the Rammstein party came out to inform us that they would be rescheduling the show, but when... we dunno! Loads of rumours were circulating that the venue itself told Rammstein at the last minute that they could not use their pyro's and therefore the band refused to go on stage even though they had informed them of what their set consists of. The story was that the Astoria miss translated the letter from Rammstein, therefore thinking that the set was not as what it is. But as far as rumours go..."

I feel sorry for you guys that were waiting at the door. Hopefully it gets rescheduled soon, but their schedule seems tight for the next few months.

Thanks to: SpaceK0rd.

Discography updated

June 9, 2001

The DVD and CD for Links 2 3 4 have both been added to the discography. Interestingly, "Halleluja" is not the same mix as the one that appeared on the second CD of the limited edition of Mutter. The intro is a little different (background noise was added), a new bass line was added, and little other things here and there.

Tour openers

June 9, 2001

Apparently Crossbreed and Godhead with both be opening up for Rammstein for their tour in North America.

More dates

June 7, 2001

These are unconfirmed until proven otherwise (just to be safe).

07/19/01 - Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
07/20/01 - Metopol, Pittsburgh, PA
07/26/01 - Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI
07/27/01 - Star Plaze Theatre, Merrillville, IN
07/28/01 - Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH
07/29/01 - Verizon Wireless Music Center, Indianapolis, IN
07/30/01 - Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
07/31/01 - Nation, Washington, DC
08/02/01 - El Escena, Monterry, Mexico
08/04/01 - The Pavilion, Mexico City, Mexico
08/05/01 - The Pavilion, Mexico City, Mexico

Thanks to: Alexander Montoro.

Hamburg bootleg

June 6, 2001

I recieved the show from the Sporthalle venue in Hamburg, Germany (May 15, 2001) today. It has been made into MP3s and uploaded for your listening pleasure. Download and have fun.

Two live performances

June 1, 2001

The entire Velodrom show from May 18th is up, including Flake singing "Pet Sematary" and the unreleased intro "5/4".

A show called Top of the Pops showed Rammstein played "Links 234" from the May 19th concert in Berlin (also from the Velodrom).

Thanks to: Robert Müller.


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