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News: May 2001

Confirmed North American tour dates

May 31, 2001

The following tour dates have been just confirmed by Rammstein.com:

Fri, June 29 2001 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Selma
Sat, June 20 2001 - Smirnoff Centre, Dallas
(I believe that should be June 30th)
Sun, July 1 2001 - Journal Pavilion, Albuquerque
Tue, July 3 2001 - House of Blues, Las Vegas
Wed, July 4 2001 - The Palace, Los Angeles
Thu, July 5 2001 - Warfield Theatre, San Francisco
Fri, July 6 2001 - Roseland Theatre, Portland
Sat, July 7 2001 - Moore Theatre, Seattle
Sun, July 8 2001 - Big Easy, Boise
Tue, July 10 2001 - Filmore Auditorium, Denver
Wed, July 11 2001 - Uptown Theatre, Kansas City
Thu, July 12 2001 - The Pageant, St. Louis
Sun, July 15 2001 - Metropolis, Montreal
Mon, July 16 2001 - Docks Concert Hall, Toronto
Wed, July 18 2001 - Hammerstein Ballroom, New York
Sat, July 21 2001 - The Odeon, Cleveland
Sun, July 22 2001 - Clutch Cargo, Pontiac
Tue, July 24 2001 - First Avenue, Minneapolis

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New forums soon/now

May 30, 2001

I just set up some new forums for the site that include some much needed features. Some of those are float-to-top (if a thread is replied to, it is listed at the top again instead of fading into oblivion) and member registration. Some time tomorrow I will switch over, but if you want to get a head start, check them out at http://forums.herzeleid.com.

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New dates

May 30, 2001

07/05/01 - Warfield, San Fransico, CA
07/06/01 - Roseland Theater, Portland, OR
07/15/01 - Metropolis, Montreal, Canada
07/22/01 - Clutch Cargo's , Pontiac, MI

Thanks to: Betsy, Tevla, Pierre-Étienne, Jana, and Alexander.

New dates

May 29, 2001

Two more US tourdates:
07/03/01 - House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV
07/11/01 - Uptown Theatre , Kansas City, MO

Thanks to: JDPeifer and Schweinehund.

Stuttgart Review

May 29, 2001

NinjaNate69 sent in a great review of yesterday's show in Stuttgart. A very interesting point is that they actually played Stripped. Perhaps they aren't forgetting all of the older material and will actually rotate through some of it.

Update: Apparently Till has tendonitis. The coat for Rammstein is too heavy and painful right now so they will be playing Stripped instead of Rammstein until it gets better. Thanks to Robert Müller at wilder-engel.de.


May 26, 2001

Six new concert reviews for the new tour have been added to the Concerts section. Check them out, the new stage show is quite different.

FAQ section update

May 26, 2001

The FAQ section has been updated with LOTS of new answers to many more frequently asked questions. Please read through it and enlighten yourself.

Mutter tour pictures

May 26, 2001

Conny.at has quite a few high quality pictures from the Stadthalle show.

Thanks to: Peter Pauer.

Pulse! Magazine

May 26, 2001

Pulse! magazine is running a story on the band entitled "Tutons of Fun". You can pick up the magazine in Tower Records (it has been out for a while) or read it online.

Thanks to: e_onfire.

Musik Express

May 24, 2001

A new article from the magazine Musik Express has just been added.

Thanks to: Susie Hermansen.

Another unconfirmed date

May 24, 2001

July 4th - Palace Theatre, Hollywood, CA

If you live in California, please try to get a hold of some one at the Palace Theatre and try to get some more information about this show. Let me know if you are successful.

Note: when I say "unconfirmed" I mean "Rammstein's management has not confirmed it" so therefore there is a chance of it not happening or changing.

Thanks to: Betsy.

Hamburg setlist

May 24, 2001

Check out this setlist from the Hamburg show on 5/15. It includes what effects go on during the songs (Most likely so the security people can get out of the way).

Thanks to: Bestsy and Debi.

Rammsteinshop.de open

May 23, 2001

The official site's store is now open for business. Head on over to http://www.rammsteinshop.de and check out what they have.

Thanks to: Betsy.

FAQ updated

May 23, 2001

I updated it with information about rare/confused songs and the different editions of Mutter. I advise you to make sure you read it before asking me questions about those and other subjects.

Links 234 DVD

May 23, 2001

As previously reported, the Links 234 DVD will be coming out on the 28th. Rammstein sent out a newsletter today saying that it will contain the following:

Apart from the single tracks of "Links 2 3 4" the DVD features yet unreleased pictures from the "Mutter" series. Moreover the "Links 2 3 4" video as well as a documentation of the "making of the video".

No mention of a release outside of Europe.

Concert reviews and pictures

May 23, 2001

A few concert reviews and pictures have been sent in. They should be posted soon.

Another unconfirmed date

May 19, 2001

July 1st - Journal Pavillion, Albuquerque, NM.

Thanks to: Skyler.

New unconfirmed dates

May 15, 2001

Dates seem to be popping up for the summer in the USA. Apparently all are festival shows, with Staind being the common thread so far.

June 29th - Verizon Wireless Amplitheater, Selma, TX
June 30th - Smirnoff Music Center, Dallas, TX.
July 14th - Meadowbrook Farm, Gilford, NH.

Remember, these are not confirmed. If you hear of any other dates, please contact me.

Thanks to: Wolfgang, e_onfire, Aja, and Jennifer.

Links 234 Released

May 14, 2001

As of today, the Links 234 single can be bought in the stores in Europe. I have no idea how wide spread the distribution is or when (if ever) it will be available in America. If anyone has the single and can scan it, please contact me.

E-mail lost...

May 14, 2001

Outlook Express decided that it wanted to delete my 300mb of saved e-mail. If you have sent me anything that I have no posted yet, chances are I no longer have it so please send it again.

Bootleg MP3s back, new bootleg video

May 11, 2001

Thanks to Per Hedbor and Linköping University in Sweden, the bootlegs are back online in MP3 form. They should be faster than ever (they are on a 100 megabit connection). Some new shows have been added in MPEG and RealVideo format - 5 songs from the Big Day Out in Sydney, Du hast from the MTV Europe Music Awards in 1998, and Engel from the Hultsfred festival in 1997.

If you have any bootlegs you wouldn't mind having on this site (especially from the new tour!), please contact me.

Japanese Mutter

May 8, 2001

I got a copy of the Japanese edition of Mutter today, and have added it to the discography. As previously reported, it does contain Hallelujah. It is on the end of Nebel, after 2 minutes of silence. The CD contans a special booklet with all of the lyrics translated into Japanese.

No, it does not help the Halleluja/Hallelujah situation. On the front there is a sticker that reads "HIDDEN TRACK: HALLELUJAH", but on the Japanese translation booklet it says "Halleluja" towards the bottom in small print.

Concert reviews and dates

May 7, 2001

Please be sure to send in your concert reviews for the upcoming shows. Betsy Königsberg has sent a great review for the first show.
Also, the concert dates have been updated to include four new shows.

Links 234 promo single scans and info

May 7, 2001

Thanks to Torsten, I have scans of the promotional Links 234 single. The final edition should be almost identical and will be out the 14th, with a DVD following on the 28th.

Links 2 3 4 Cover Links 2 3 4 CD

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Links 234 - 3:36
  2. Halleluja - 3:45
  3. Links 234 (Clawfinger Geradeaus Remix) - 4:28
  4. Links 234 (Westbam Technoelectric Mix) - 5:57
  5. Links 234 (Westbam Hard Rock Cafe Bonus Mix) - 3:43

I don't know why, but here it is "Halleluja", yet on the Mutter 2 CD edition from Best Buy it was "Hallelujah"

The discography has been updated with this CD.

Rammstein at the Knaack club

May 2, 2001

Rammstein have begun to play a few promotional concerts for members of the fan area (they are listed in the Concerts section). Check out the setlist.

Some songs have different names, so you need to think about them to know what they are. They are: 5/4, Mein Herz brennt, Links 234, Feuer frei!, Rein raus, Adios, Mutter, Spieluhr, Zwitter, Weißes Fleisch, Sehnsucht, Asche zu Asche, Du hast, Nebel, <Pause for Encore>, Sonne, and Ich will. The set was closed with Flake singing a Ramones cover song as a tribute to Joey Ramone.

I imagine the setlist will change from concert to concert, but this will probably be the basic setlist for the shows they will play on this tour.

If you see a Rammstein concert, don't forget to send in a review!

Thanks to: Anne Becker.


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