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News: April 2001

Universal Access: Rammstein

April 28, 2001

The special aired last night on MTV2, entitled Universal Access: Rammstein. Basically it was a small band history with clips of interviews and Live aus Berlin footage. They showed some of the rather old interview that is on the Live aus Berlin DVD, a small portion of the making of "Sonne" documentary, and the "Sonne" and "Links 234" videos.

There was a supposed "fan" and "industry insider" who talked about the band. Ignore everything he said please. No, Flake is not pronounced "Flaw-kay" and no, "Links 234" is not "Links two three four".

If you missed it, it will be reran several times next month: May 1st at 12 pm, May 10th at 2:30 am, May 12th at 9:30 am, and May 21st at 12 am. All times are in Eastern Standard Time.

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MTV2 Special

April 27, 2001

Rammstein.com's Fan Area is reporting that there will be a Rammstein special on MTV2 tomorrow/tonight (Saturday the 28th) at 1 am. MTV2 is ran on eastern time, so be sure to be watching at the appropriate time for your area. Pacific - 10 pm (27th), Mountain - 11 pm (27th), Central - 12 am (28th), Eastern - 1 am (28th).

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April 27, 2001

Rammstein.com is doing a contest to win 10 tour posters and 30 autographed Mutter CDs for rating the songs on the new CD.

New wallpapers

April 24, 2001

A few new wallpapers have been added to the downloads section.


April 22, 2001

Herzeleid.com (and other sites I host) have been up and down this weekend (more down than up though). Around 5:00pm on Friday the DSL connection suddenly stopped working. It was getting around 200 CRC errors per second. Earlier today it went down to around 20 per second and it seems to be working. Some one is coming out tomorrow to take a look at it...don't be suprised if it goes down again.

Links 234 single and DVD

April 18, 2001

Finally, some news about the next single. For Germany at least, the single will be released May 14th and a Links 234 DVD will be released two weeks later on the 28th. The DVD will contain the making of the video, a photo gallery, and the normal songs from the single.

If the DVD is coded for region 2 (Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland) and is not released especially for anywhere else, no one outside of those areas will be able to play the DVD without either having no region code on their DVD player, or having their code set to 2. Even then, the DVD will be in PAL format (and US TVs and DVD players use NTSC) so you could still get screwed. Computer DVD players aren't affected by the PAL/NTSC problem though.

We'll have to wait and see what happens...

Thanks to: Alex.

New pictures

April 18, 2001

About 25 new pictures have been added to the gallery. Most are in the group section, but at least one has been added to all of them.

Kerrang quotes Herzeleid.com

April 17, 2001

The magazine known as Kerrang! has used a few quotes from Herzeleid.com's interview with Richard in their newest issue (April 14th, 2001). Take a look at the article.

The second paragraph is all taken from the Herzeleid.com interview, but gives no credit. Yes, they do mention Herzeleid.com later, but the way it was written comes across as if the second paragraph is not from Herzeleid.com. Every quote from Richard is from here.

Thanks to: David Corcoran.

More charts

April 14, 2001

Mutter is currently 12th in the Norwegian charts and 2nd in Mexico.

Thanks to: Rune and e_onfire.

More charts

April 13, 2001

Mutter is number 10 in Australia, and 14 in Canada.

Thanks to: LordoftheFunkyCurl and Roland.

Mutter in the charts

April 12, 2001

The new cd debuted at number one in the German charts, and number 77 in the American Billboard charts.

Billboard artist of the day

April 12, 2001

Rammstein was featured as the artist of the day at Billboard.com two days ago. It is an interview with Richard Kruspe-Bernstein, but doesn't really contain anything new. As for the mention of touring with Pantera, it does not look like that will be happening.

Clawfinger to support Rammstein

April 10, 2001

For 15 of the upcoming Rammstein shows in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, Clawfinger will be opening. Who will be opening for them on other dates is not known yet.

Thanks to: Seeman12.

Links 234 video

April 9, 2001

For those who are subscribed to the Rammstein news letter, the username and password have been sent out so you can view the new Links 234 video online.

Thanks to: Seeman12.


April 4, 2001

The lyrics and my translation are up for this extra track. This song rules.

Thanks to: Robert, Alex, and Berni.

Video contest

April 4, 2001

There is a contest for some thing labeled as a Rammstein home video. The Rammstein newsletter sent out a link to it, so you should have gotten it if you are signed up.

Another Mutter review

April 4, 2001

Rolling Stone did a review of the album. They gave it three and a half stars out of five.

Thanks to: Seeman12.

Mutter released in the US

April 3, 2001

Those of you who live in the US should go to the store today and pick up the new CD, or order it online. I know I am heading to Best Buy to get it as soon as I get off school later today!

New poll

April 2, 2001

Finally, I changed the poll that has been running since august when I designed the new site. For those who have already have Mutter, you can now vote for your favorite song.

As for the old poll, in the end, Sehnsucht was the chosen as the favorite CD with 2276 votes (33%). Live aus Berlin came in second with 2141 votes (31%), Herzeleid came in third with 2124 votes (31%), and the other category came in fourth with only 360 votes (5%). I imagine Mutter could steal quite a few of those votes now though.

Bonus CD at Best Buy with Mutter

April 2, 2001

Your purchase of Mutter will rock even harder with the inclusion of an enhanced CD exclusive to Best Buy and BestBuy.com. With your purchase, you'll also get an additional CD attached to the Mutter jewel case with the bonus track "Helleluja" and the music video of "Sonne," a cool track on Mutter.

From what I know, "Helleluja" is the song that was previously called "Pastor" or they simply have the name wrong (especially because their whole track listing is messed up). Either way, I'd recommend going to Best Buy on Tuesday, if you live in the US, and picking up this special edition. If you do not live near one, you can still order it online. For more information, visit Bestbuy.com.

April fools

April 2, 2001

Yes, yesterday's post was not true and was written by me. Mutter has been released as planned worldwide and will be released on tuesday in the United States. If you don't believe me, check your calendar. There is no April 31st, and the track title was a bit of a hint. "Nur dreißig" means "Only thirty."

I'm the most reliable source for Rammstein news 364 days of the year (or 365 on leap years!).

The original news post: Mutter delay

A contact at Universal Records notified me that shipments of Mutter have been recalled due to a manufacturing mistake and will not be available as planned. The album will be re-released on Tuesday, April 31st. In an effort to make up for this delay, the band will be including the previously unreleased track "Nur dreißig." At the fan meeting last April, Rammstein played this instrumental track, but at the time it was called "5/4."


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