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News: March 2001

Mutter in the charts already

March 31, 2001

Because of pre-orders, Mutter is already at number three in the German album charts. The CD won't even be out for a few days still (three as of today) and the sales should be much higher once it can actually be bought. Stern.de is running a story on it (in German), which also addresses the right/left controversy that constantly surrounds Rammstein.

Thanks to: Khat.

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Mutter reviews

March 31, 2001

A few review of the new cd have been published online and elsewhere. A rather favorable one is at metalreviews.com with a score of 98 out of 100.

Entertainment Weekly had this to say:

"RAMMSTEIN - MUTTER (Republic/Universal) Those scary Teutonic metal men are back, so run for the hills, or to the record store, whichever your instinct. Although missing the cheesy visual excitement of their live show - with its over-the-top pyrotechnics and giant, water-spurting phalluses - Mutter is sternly self-parodic, headbanging horror rock at its finest; its opener, "Mein Herz Brent" is possibly the best "Kashmir" rip ever. Sprechen zi Rammstein? you betcha. B+ - Tom Sinclair"

Thanks to: Joki and El Haney.

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Links zwo drei vier video

March 30, 2001

Links 2 3 4On April 9th you'll be able to see the new video on rammstein.com, but you'll need to be subscribed to the newsletter to get the access information.

It is already available for members of the fan area. The video is animated, but not like a cartoon (more like with real objects). It is about an ant colony which rocks out to Rammstein. They get attacked by three large beetles, organize their own attack, and defeat them.

Rammstein is only in the video shortly. While the ants are listening to Links 234, they are shown performing the song live on a screen.


March 30, 2001

One date in London has been added for June 10th.

Concert reviews

March 28, 2001

I just added a bunch of Big Day Out concert reviews. There are 28 total in its section (Which is 225k alone). I'll probably break it up into more than just one page, but for now it is all together. I also added 1 review for June 18, 1999 in the North American '99 section.

Amazon.com interview

March 28, 2001

Well, this is a little old (like 2 weeks) but I forgot to post it. Amazon.com interviewed Paul for Mutter. It is all in German. I am not going to translate it, but if you speak German or just want to try to read it, go ahead.

Thanks to: HAS.

Mutter text complete - update

March 27, 2001

Now the lyrics are 100% complete. I was sent the lyrics straight from Mutter's booklet (Just small changes). I updated the translations as well.

Thanks to: HAS, Khat, Domazi, ltschada, and Turin2.

German radio show

March 27, 2001

Tomorrow, from 8:00 pm until 2:30 am (eastern standard time), Stephen (from www.Eifersucht.net) will be doing a radio show on 90.7 fm WCLH in northeastern Pennsylvania. It will mainly focus on Rammstein, but will have other bands as well.

Part three online

March 26, 2001

The final section of Herzeleid.com's interview with Richard is online. Some topics brought up are motherhood, touring, and Herzeleid.com.

I'd like to thank my good friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) for making this possible, as well as translating and writing the whole thing! I hope you all enjoyed reading Richard's answers because I know I sure did.

If we can get clearance, the interview will be up in audio form as well.

Part two online

March 23, 2001

The next part of the interview with Richard is online. Here he talks about Jürgen Engler's involvement in Tier, the Das Modell video, the state of German television and more.

Ten days left

March 23, 2001

There are only ten days left until the international release date for Mutter, although North American fans will have to wait one more day. If you haven't yet, pre-order it online or go pre-order it at your local store.

Rammstein to support AC/DC

March 23, 2001

On June 12, 2001, Rammstein will play with AC/DC in Prague at the Strahov Stadium.

Part one online

March 21, 2001

Check out part one of Herzeleid.com's exclusive interview with Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein where he discsuses his problems in the stock market among other things.

Interview Completed

March 20, 2001

The interview is done and I will have it up as soon as I get the full transcript.

Some of the questions answered are:

  • What will the new stage show be like?
  • Why does Richard live in a one room apartment with his wife?
  • Does he know about Herzeleid.com?
  • David Lynch - out of the question?


  • Details about the animated video and the release of Links 234.
  • Talk about Sonne vs. Links 234.
  • Current state of the US tour plans.

And much more, including a handwritten greeting especially for the fans at Herzeleid.com! Everything should be up in a few days so check back soon!

Questions sent in

March 17, 2001

The questions have been sent in to my friend. If all goes well, the interview will take place in a few days and will be posted shortly thereafter.

Interview Update

March 14, 2001

We'll have guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein instead of Oliver Riedel.

An Exclusive Interview with Oliver Riedel

March 13, 2001

For details, check the forums.

Mother's Day Flashcard

March 13, 2001

Those of you who subscribed to Rammstein's newsletter should have recieved an e-mail today with a link to download a promotional program for Mutter. It is very well done and has the pictures I had posted previously, samples of every track from the cd, and more!

Mutter Discography Updated

March 13, 2001

The track times for the new CD were listed in the Flashcard, so they were added to the discography page for Mutter.

Daniel and Geo Fuchs' Actual Photographs

March 9, 2001

Warning: Those who are easily grossed out should not look at the page or the pictures.

On daniel-geo-fuchs.de pictures that were used for Mutter have been posted. There is a close up of the baby's face that is used for the Mutter cover and a zoomed out picture showing a large tumor on the baby. It turns out that the fingers on the Sonne CD and inside cover are from this baby, as can be seen on the zoomed out picture. Also on the site is a picture of a head cut in half that is almost exactly like the picture that is on the Link 2 3 4 promo single's cover (and will probably be used on the actual single too). It appears that it is the same picture, except that Christoph's head has been substituted for the one in the original, at least right of the face.

Thanks to: Thisisforever.

Mutter Postcard

March 9, 2001

Mutter Postcard Front
Mutter Postcard Back

There is a new promo postcard out now announcing Mutter's North American release. It will probably be sent out to anyone who has given their address to Rammstein's record company at one time or another in America/Canada.

Thanks to: Thisisforever.

Rammstein auf dem Autobahn

March 7, 2001

Rammstein PartyThere will be a Rammstein promo party where you can hear the whole Mutter CD in Denmark on the 16th. The event is at the Autobahn (a club) at Gl. Kongevej 51, Kopenhagen between 9 and 12 pm. They will be playing the European equivalent of Keno for German prizes. Rammstein will not be there.

Thanks to: Preben.

Links 2 3 4 Promo CD

March 7, 2001

The information for the 1 track Links 2 3 4 radio single has been added to the discography section.

Thanks to: Eric.

Concert Reviews

March 7, 2001

Due to school and other things, I haven't been able to spend as much time on this page as I'd like to. Many of you have sent me concert reviews from the recent shows. They will be up soon! I have nearly 30!

Opinion Section

March 4, 2001

I added a new section today that is similar to the forums (it is based on the same script). In the opinion section you can discuss the meanings behind the various songs and music videos that Rammstein have made with other visitors. Hopefully those of you who are totally confused will find some help here. Be careful though and take the posts as the author's opinion and not fact.


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