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News: January 2001

Sonne Tracklisting

January 30, 2001

A guy who goes by Herzeleid in the Fan Area forum posted the Sonne single tracklisting. It has not been confirmed yet, but he is usually correct.

  1. Sonne - 4:32
  2. Adios - 3:48
  3. Clawfinger (K.O. Remix) - 4:10
  4. Clawfinger (T.K.O. Remix) - 5:49
  5. Sonne (Instrumental) - 4:31

Catalog Number: 587940-2

Thanks to: Herzeleid.

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Sonne on TV

January 30, 2001

The Sonne video has been released to music televistion stations and has started to be played. The video is on N1 rotation (26 - 30 times per week) on VIVA 1, Powerplay rotation (30 times per week) on VIVA 2, and Powerplay rotation on MTV (18 times per week).

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BDO Headliner

January 30, 2001

Now that Limp Bizkit has left the Big Day Out tour, Rammstein are the headliners.

Mutter Promo Scans

January 29, 2001

I got a copy of the Mutter 4-Song Sampler today.
Cover Scan - Back Scan - CD Scan

Something interesting caught my attention. I had seen it before on scans from the Sonne promo, but there is an odd barcode-like design on the case. My best guess is that is is a DNA sequencing gel. This would fit with the current "test-tube baby" theme, such as the DNA strand on the Mutter and Sonne promo covers, the unborn baby on the French flier, and the lyrics to Mutter (fathered in haste and without sperm...). If you have any other ideas about what it could be, e-mail me.

Additions to the Discography

January 29, 2001

Both the Mutter 4-Song Sampler and the Sonne radio promo have been added to the discography section.

Rammstein Webcast

January 28, 2001

About an hour behind schedule, due to Limp Bizkit not playing, Rammstein came on and played their set. Apparently their management only would allow for two songs to be aired (as reported by a chat room moderator). Rammstein and Links 2 3 4 were the first two songs, so those were the ones that were broadcast. The two tracks are now up in the audio section under bootlegs.

Sonne Video on Rammstein.com

January 28, 2001

For those of you who subscribe to the Rammstein news letter at Rammstein, a letter was sent out yesterday with the login and password for the Sonne video. If you did not get the letter or were not signed up, I guess you will have to wait until they take off the password to view it.

And yes, the track used in the video is different from the MP3 that is floating around from the Sonne and Mutter promos. It is unknown if the video is the final mix of the song or if it is just a video mix.

Sonne Video Finished

January 26, 2001

Snow WhiteAt 5 pm (German time) the "Sonne" video was OKed by Rammstein and the Fan Area proceeded to put it online. For those in the Fan Area, it is viewable now. Everyone else who is signed up for the official Rammstein newsletter will have to wait for the next issue, which will include a password so you can watch it as well.

The video is a take off of Snow White, just as previously reported. The filming is great and ranks right up there with "Du riechst so gut '98".

Big Day Out Webcast

January 26, 2001

In case you do not remember, the Big Day Out webcast of the Melbourne show will be on tomorrow. Rammstein will be going on at 8 pm, Melbourne time. That should be 1 am (Saturday night / Sunday morning) here on the west coast of the United States. That would be 4 am for the east coast. For the time in your area, try this site.

They will be broadcasting the whole show, so you can tune in earlier if you want. To view it, go here. When the concert starts, that page will be where you will watch it. Currently you can go there to make sure your computer is set up correctly for the viewing.

Mutter French Flier

January 25, 2001

Mutter FlierHere is a scan of a flier that was given out at the Marilyn Manson show in Paris, France.

"It says : New album 'Mutter' out on 2nd of April (in France). In my opinion, the picture could be (or not!!) the picture for the album." (thanks to Mutie).

Some people have speculated that perhaps the song Mutter is about an aborted child or a test tube baby. This picture looks like an unborn child to me, so perhaps they are correct.

Sonne Video Delayed

January 25, 2001

The Sonne video was supposed to have been available for the fan area on the 23rd and today for newsletter subscribers...but it has been delayed. The video is not finished, and they are not sure if it will be done by the 29th either, the day it was supposed to be released to music video stations. I'll let you know if I get any more information on this.

An E-mail I Got

January 25, 2001

It seems Rammstein's management does not want me posting some things that I have been posting here in the news. I don't see what the problem is. I post the news as I get it.

They also want me to take down my Audio samples for all of the CDs. I don't see the problem with this because I was under the impression that 30 second clips were legal - I mean, Amazon.com does it. Perhaps I am wrong though.

I am waiting for them to reply to the e-mail I sent back. Depending on what I get, I may be taking some things down. I guess I have to do what they tell me, so just be aware of what is going on.

Mutter Tracklisting

January 22, 2001

Although not confirmed, an anonymous Herzeleid.com visitor has sent me what appears to be the tracklisting to Mutter. Due to certain specifics I believe it to be true or at least probable.

  • Mein Herz brennt (My heart burns)
  • Links 2 3 4 (Left 2 3 4)
  • Sonne (Sun)
  • Ich will (I want)
  • Feuer frei (Fire free)
  • Mutter (Mother)
  • Spieluhr (Musical clock)
  • Rein raus (In out)
  • Adios (Adios or Goodbye)
  • Nebel (Fog)
  • Zwitter (Hermaphrodite)
  • Pastor (Pastor or Minister)

Mein Herz Brennt was previously known as Sandmann, Links 2 3 4 will be the second single, Sonne will be the first single, and Pastor will not be on the album but it will be a B-side on Links 2 3 4.

Remember, this has not been confirmed.

Sonne Video

January 22, 2001

The same person said, "The video for Sonne has been shot on the 13th of January in the Parkstudios in Postdam, near Berlin. It is a Jörn Heitmann film for DoRo Productions. The story of the video is a parody of Snowy White (she is a kind of sado-maso queen !!), and the dwarves are the members of Rammstein. The final result could be very funny."

Flake had said in the Fan Area Chat, "the next video will be for the song Sonne and it will be an older German fairytale." I guess we will find out if this is true tomorrow when the Fan Area members will get to view the video.

Mutter and Adios Lyrics

January 21, 2001

Lyrics and translations have now been posted in the lyrics section.

Mutter 4 Track Promo on Napster

January 21, 2001

As expected, all four MP3s are on Napster already. (Note: I am not telling you to download them or that it is okay to download them, I am just stating the facts). Interestingly, Links 2 3 4 on the CD is different from the one that was released by Rammstein.com. It seems they were not fully finished when they released it. There is a different ending, a vocal effect was added to Till's voice in some parts, and a few other things. No word yet on if Links 2 3 4 will be the actual name on Mutter yet though.

Rammstein's Tour Begins

January 19, 2001

Yesterday, the 18th, Rammstein began their current tour in Auckland, New Zealand. By now, the first Big Day Out festival (with Rammstein) is over as well. I have received a scan of a ticket for the first show and the first two reviews of the first two shows. I expect some more reviews, pictures, and hopefully bootlegs to come in soon.

Did you go see Rammstein? Please write up a review for the Concerts section and send it in along with any pictures or audio/video recordings of the show you may have.

Thanks to: Jacob Pearson.

Links Possibly to Be the First US Single

January 19, 2001

Although Rammstein has not said it on their website, apparently their US publicist says that Links will be the first single to be released in the US. This is subject to change as the first single hasn't even been official released yet, but only time will tell.

Thanks to: Tina.

Mutter 4 Track Promotional CD

January 19, 2001

A new CD is being sent to Radio stations that contains:

  1. Links 2 3 4 (3:42)
  2. Mutter (4:28)
  3. Sonne (4:32)
  4. Adios (3:51)

So this adds two more tracks that are out there, which I expect will show up in MP3 form anytime. Oddly, "Links" is being shown as "Links 2 3 4" so perhaps that will be the actual name of the track.

Mutter Release Date

January 19, 2001

The Mutter release date has been confirmed to be April 3rd in the US (and April 2nd in Germany, perhaps all of Europe), the first Tuesday in the month. This confirms what record stores have been saying, and the date that is listed on a new Mutter promotional CD.

Thanks to: Tina.


January 12, 2001

Another Berlin date has been added for 5/18.

More on Sonne

January 12, 2001

Sonne has been leaked as an MP3. Yes, I have heard it. Yes, it is amazing. Do what you want with that information, but do not e-mail me asking for it. There is 30 second sample up in the Audio section now though.

Lyrics (thanks to Robert) and my translation are up in the lyrics section.

The Sonne video will be released for television on January 29th. The band will be filming it most of this weekend before leaving Monday for New Zealand (thanks to Phil). Fan Area members will get a sneak preview on the 23rd, and anyone who is signed up for the official Rammstein newsletter will be able to see it on the 25th.

I have been told by several local CD stores (Sam Goody, Warehouse) that Mutter is due out on April 3rd. This has not been confirmed by Rammstein's management so we can not know for sure yet, although at least one other person's local Tower Records says the same date.


January 10, 2001

Rammstein have just confirmed that the new single, Sonne, will be released February 12th. The single will only be released in Europe, so everyone elsewhere will need to import it.

For those in the fan area, on the 23rd of this month there will be a sneak preview of the music video.

I have just received a full scan (thanks to Joki) of the promotional single for Sonne. The CD has only one track listed (Sonne) and it is 4 minutes and 32 seconds long.

I can't make out all of the credits, but Richard is STILL listed as Richard Kruspe.

If you have a copy, please contact me.

Big Day Out Webcast

January 9, 2001

"We are gonna go live from Melbourne on the 28th and we are gonna provide 28k, 56k, high quality Audio Only, and full Broadband delivery...for 12hours." (from the news section on the official BDO site)

Rammstein will be going on at 8 pm, Melbourne time. From what I can tell, that should be 1 am (Saturday night / Sunday morning) here on the west coast of the United States. That would be 4 am for the east coast. For the time in your area, try this site.

I will attempt to record the broadcast. I do not know whether it will be done with RealMedia, Windows Media, or something else...so I won't know if it is possible until I find out. If I can, I will post it here on this site.

Bootlegs and Reviews

January 7, 2001

If anyone attends one of the shows that are coming up, PLEASE send in a review or a bootleg if possible!

Sehnsucht Double CD and a Asche zu Asche EP

January 3, 2001

Alex Becker writes, "in January when Rammstein has done the Australia tour, there will be 2 limited tour edition out. One double Sehnsucht CD, side one normal Sehnsucht album, and on side 2 a live concert from Australia. And there will also be a 6 track Asche zu Asche EP out, but I don't know yet the content."

While this hasn't been confirmed, Alex hasn't been wrong in the past. He gave me the track listing to Live Aus Berlin before Rammstein released it. Amazon.co.uk apparently has it listed now as being out, being called "Sehnsucht Plus Bonus-Australia".

Also, thanks to Matt Kerr for pointing out that Amazon.co.uk has the Asche zu Asche EP listed already. They are calling it "Asche Zu Asche - Australia", so perhaps this will contain live material from Australia as well. Amazon.co.uk also is listing the CD as due out on February 5th, 2001

Big Day Out Compilation

January 3, 2001

There apparently has been a double CD released of all of the bands on the Big Day Out tour, Rammstein included. Engel, from Live Aus Berlin, is on it (thanks to Phil Melmoth). I do not have any other information on it, so if anyone has it or knows anything more about it, please contact me.

Rammstein Remixing a Marilyn Manson Track

January 3, 2001

Although not confirmed by Rammstein's management, they are said to have remixed the song "The Fight Song" for Marilyn Manson's upcoming single for the track. This information is not on the official Marilyn Manson site either yet, so until it is confirmed, treat this as a rumor. The track listing supposedly is as follows:

CD single:

  1. "The Fight Song" (Clean Edit)
  2. "The Fight Song " (Rammstein remix)


  1. "The Fight Song" (Clean Edit)
  2. "The Fight Song " (Rammstein remix)
  3. "The Fight Song (Disturbed remix)
  4. Enhanced track: Uncensored "Disposable Teens" Video

CDM2 (limited edition-one run only):

  1. "The Fight Song" (Album Version)
  2. "Disposable Teens (Remix)
  3. Live track
  4. Enhanced track: "Autopsy" video

Release date: February 12th, 2001

Source: SeemsLikeSalvationNews

Links Tablature

January 3, 2001

Two guitar tabs for Links are up in the tablature section. If you sent me a tab that is not there, send it again please. If you think you can do a better job of tabbing Links or any song, or want to tab a song that has not been tabbed yet, please do and send it to me.


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