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News: June 2000

Herzeleid Radio

June 24, 2000

Ever wondered if there were any other good German bands out there? Sick of the crap on MTV and your local radio stations? Check out HerzeleidRadio. Streaming 24/7 from right here featuring many of the best German rock bands out there, and more. Just click 'Radio' on the menu. Currently the playlist is over 10 1/2 hours long!

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All multimedia at Free-forums.com

June 18, 2000

All audio and video are now being hosted and served by our friends at Free-Forums.

Herzeleid.com and all the files here should be much faster!

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Rammstein confirmed for Fuji Rock Festival

June 10, 2000

Rammstein have confirmed that they will be at the Fuji Rock Festival at the Naeba Ski Resort in Japan on July 30th. They will play at 2:30 PM in the Red Marquee. The line up also includes Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Foo Fighters, Patty Smith, and more.

Rammstein to finish album Sunday

June 10, 2000

Rammstein will finish recording the new album on Sunday. It is being done at the Miraval Studio in the south of France. Mixing will begin sometime after July 19th.

No Aqua and Rammstein collaboration

June 10, 2000

Fortunately for us, MTV News is often inaccurate. The Rammstein/Aqua collaboration is completely false.

Aqua and Rammstein collaborating?

June 6, 2000

Very interesting news today. It seems the singer of Aqua and Rammstein have collaborated together or something. Here is my translation of the news that was posted at MTV Germany:

Aqua & Rammstein - Collaborate!
The Pop world has already seen the unusual collaborations - but this may be the strangest:
Lene "Barbie Girl " Nystrom of Aqua collaborates with the Industrial Rockers of Rammstein. It is reported that the Rammstein guitarist, Richard Kruspe, had planned the project - and Lene came right in!
Said Lene, " I love it to surprise people again and again with new things."
Her Aqua band colleague, Rene, seems to support Lene's project despite Rammstein's reputation.
"Rammstein are not really Devil worshipers. They are very trashy but don't take it so seriously."

Hopefully more information will arise soon. If it does, you'll see it here.

Thanks to: Metelfrogg.

New host for bootlegs

June 6, 2000

I was approached today by the administrator of Free-Forums.com and offered 300mb of free hosting on a fast connection. I accepted and now Am Anfang War Das Feuer, Propheten Der Apokalypse, Live At The Max, Verbrannte Erde, and the Demos are now on their server. You should notice a MUCH faster speed on those files now and hopefully this will take off much of the load on Herzeleid.com. Just click the Audio section and take a look.

A big thank you to the guys at Free-forums.com! They are an online forums community offering free domains and hosting, so check them out!

Thanks to: Free-forums.com.

Two music videos up at Rammstein.com

June 4, 2000

Two music videos are up at Rammstein's official site. "Seemann" and "Du riechst so gut", soon they will have them all up. Only downside is they are only streaming so if you have a bad connection they will be choppy and low quality.


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