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News: May 2000

Bootlegs back online and streaming

May 29, 2000

All bootlegs are back online! Both for download as well as streaming. As long as you have Real Player 8 beta or higher and anything higher than a 28.8 modem you can now listen to all the shows and the demos with out downloading a thing! Just go to the page of the show you want and it will auto-play.

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Bootlegs will return soon

May 27, 2000

I received an e-mail from the Fan Team yesterday regarding the bootlegs and videos. After giving it some thought they have seen things my way. The bootlegs do not take money from Rammstein's record sales, but instead keep fans busy in the off-time between albums, keeping the music fresh and new. When they are purchased at places such as Ebay.com it is often for high amounts of money, that Rammstein receives none of. Rather than allowing others to profit off of them it is better to give them away.

So, they decided to allow me to put all of my bootlegs back up as well as give me a link from the official site stating that these bootlegs can be obtained here for free (which will soon be in place). This permission is exclusively for me, not for all you other webmasters out there. Check with them if you still want to offer bootlegs, but until you do, you must take them down.

As to the music videos, they will be putting them on the official site next month in a streaming format so you cannot download them, but you can at least watch them. Since they are doing that there is no need for me to put have the music videos on here any longer, so they don't want me to. The only reason I had them on here to begin with is because very few people, including myself, ever got to see them. But now since everyone will be able to I am fine with them not being on my site.

I will relink all the bootlegs within a few days, I am waiting on a reply to an e-mail I sent them. I will also have them available in a streaming format for those of you who do not want to spend hours upon hours waiting for their modems to download the mp3s.

If anyone out there can provide me with about 500mb of space on a fast server please drop me a line. I will desperately need a mirror for the bootlegs if the official site has a link to me.

Try LastPass and make your next password your last. Worried about the Heartbleed bug? Tired of remember a million passwords? This is for you!

Paul speaks about recording

May 16, 2000

More news about the recording process for the new cd. Paul said the following in the logbook in the FanArea,"We are now in the studio, which is very secluded and remotely situated (photos follow shortly) and are recording at last! Schneider has already completed all the drum tracks and the guitars are next. " He goes on to say how he wishes they could have done a few more club shows to test out the material, but they couldn't for a variety of reasons.

Christoph turns 34

May 11, 2000

Happy birthday from herzeleid.com, Christoph! Today he turns 34 years old.

No more bootlegs

May 9, 2000

Say goodbye to the bootlegs and music videos for now. I got a e-mail from the running of the Fan Area of Rammstein.com asking me to remove them.

New bootlegs

May 8, 2000

Added several new bootlegs..Am Anfang War Das Feuer, Kemper Arena, and I replaced Bizarre Sehnsucht with a better copy called Phopheten Der Apokalypse.

Rammstein now in the studio and recording

May 7, 2000

"The equipment was loaded last Friday and in the evening the truck headed south. Rammstein followed on Sunday and have started recording the new album."

The above was posted on 5/5/00 in the Memeber-News in the Fanarea of Rammstein.com. That means they have been in there since April 30th.

HerzeleidMail back up

May 4, 2000

HerzeleidMail is back and is reachable by http://mail.herzeleid.com. From there you can sign up, access your e-mail through the web, and get help with your account.


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