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News: April 2000

Fan Rehearsal Reviews

April 21, 2000

2 reviews have now come in. They are up in the Reviews section under the Fan Rehersal. If you went please send me one!

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CD and single dates

April 21, 2000

New news as to a more exact time frame for new Rammstein material. A single should be out at the end of august, and the full album in the middle of November.

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Lyrics to "Rein Raus"

April 21, 2000

And some lyrics from the song "Rein Raus" as reported by Alex Becker:

"I can remember some lyrics from one of the new songs.
The working title was Rein raus

Ich bin Dein Reiter,
Du bist mein Ross.
Ich bin Dein Schlüssel,
Du bist mein Schloß.
Rein raus, rein raus, rein raus "

Rammstein Fan Rehearsal

April 19, 2000

Last Sunday, the 16th, Rammstein had a sort of public rehearsal in which they played a 50 minute set and debuted several new songs. From what I hear the songs are as were expected, tighter and heavier then Sehnsucht (more like Herzeleid). Till doesn't seem to have eased up on the content of his lyrics either. I hope to have reviews up soon (if you went please write me one!). The actual fanclub meeting is scheduled tentatively in fall with the release of the new CD. Here is the setlist from the concert (not confirmed!):

  1. 5/4 (instrumental)
  2. Rein raus
  3. Adios
  4. Klitschko
  5. Spieluhr
  6. Mutter
  7. Sandmann
  8. Links
  9. Zwitter
  10. Punk
  11. Ohne dich

If these are the names of the songs they could just be working titles as well.

Herzeleid Chat

April 17, 2000

Lookie there. Herzeleid.com has chat! Get on in and talk with your fellow Rammsteiners.

Rammstein music video up

April 15, 2000

As promised, the video to the song Rammstein is now up. As an extra little treat, so is the video for Du Hast, finally in RealMedia format.

Oliver turns 29

April 11, 2000

And now, happy birthday to Oliver Riedel, he turns 29 today

By the way...Anyone wanna mirror my site? You'll need about 400mb free as well as a good connection. Let me know...Also, I got the video to Rammstein (the song), it'll be up soon.

I'm 17...woo hoo

April 6, 2000

Happy birthday to me...I am now 17. Anyways, I updated the FAQ, so check it out

April Fools

April 2, 2000

And with that...April Fool's day comes to an end. The press release about Rammstein breaking up was written by me about 24 hours ago. Some of you got it. Some of you didn't. What matters is that I never saw anyone that was glad that they supposedly broke up. Everyone was remorseful, which shows you are all true fans, though some more gullible than others. My apologies to those of you who were not able to realize the joke. I assure you I won't do this again, save for perhaps next April Fool's. =)


The original post:

Guys, this is truly a sad day. A just received an official press release regarding the group. It seems that the new album will not be coming out whatsoever, and a new one may never come out.

March 31, 2000

"The members of Rammstein have decided to call it quits after over 5 years of working and playing together. They have come to a point where they feel they can no longer work together without compromising their music and their friendships. They express great sympathy for their fans, as their new album has been abandoned and is now no longer scheduled for release. They wish to make it clear that this was a group decision, brought about by the years of relentless touring and the recent growing importance of personal and family relationships. A farewell performance is set for April 16th, in lieu of the fan club meeting that was to take place. Heartfelt thanks goes out to their fans for their years of continued support"

By the way...There are three new video clips up in the video section. They are the three clips on the second cd of the limited edition Live Aus Berlin: Tier, Wilder Wein, and Asche Zu Asche.


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